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05-11-2012, 13:27
Just want to know ...

1. Is this already being done and I just donít know where it is?
2. Is it something a few might be interested in?
3. If so, where do we put it? In Gallery? In a Forum? (IMO, In Gallery for photo projects.)

Add your thoughts, ideas, evaluation. Feel free to tell me to ďGo BloĒ and Iíll limp back to my chair in the corner.

I found this an interesting thread (http://www.rangefinderforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=80572&highlight=story) some time ago.

The idea of others sharing the story or thought inspired by a photograph IMHO, can not only be entertaining, but maybe at the same time, thought provoking and encouraging toward the improvement of our photographic skills and proficiency. Or at least motivate us to take more photographs that tell a story.

So to tweak AusDLKís idea a little to steer away from loooong rambling wordy posts (as mine generally are), maybe we could start a photo gallery project where one would copy one of their uploaded interesting photographs into it, without a caption, and others would add a comment of their own CAPTION to your photo. Caption only, not a full story. Add not their critique of the photo, but only what caption they would write under that photo if they saw it in a newspaper.

Talk to me.

gb hill
05-11-2012, 13:59
Perhaps in the W/NW forum. Might work.