View Full Version : The Oly SP has arrived!

08-26-2004, 21:43
It may not be a Conon P but it's here! (Sorry Joe, I couldn't resist it)

Looks real good, Kris' description was if anything too conservative.
RF/VF is nice and clear and contrasty, but not a patch on the Bessa (pun intended)
Feels good in the hands, nice and solid, good engineering. But nowhere near the quality of the IIIf - but then, not much is, and you wouldn't expect it to be. (this is the bad bad part of succumbing to leicas or contaxs - nothing else feels as good afterwards. If only I could win the lottery...)

Now to go to KYPhoto and download a manual, then stick some film in it......


Rich Silfver
08-26-2004, 21:55
Congratulations Tim! It's a great camera and I hope you'll like it as much as I do.

It's also much more reliable than those Canon cameras when shipped :) (Sorry Joe... also couldn't resist it ;) )

back alley
08-26-2004, 22:02
see joe down
see others kick joe
see joe cry

yeah yeah yeah

i have always liked oly quality, be it a stylus, om or rc and they make lenses that are sharper than they 'should' be.
use it, enjoy it and as usual, show us some pics!


Rich Silfver
08-26-2004, 22:11
Joe, it's all meant in a friendly spirit :)

And hey, look at it from the bright side - by now - thanks to the efficiency of the postal service - some needing child in lower Bulgaria might be enjoying your Canon P more than you ever could have imagined possible :)

There might even been a mix up in packages and there's a nice Bulgarian fruit cake making its way to Canada as we speak :)


back alley
08-26-2004, 22:19
Joe, it's all meant in a friendly spirit

and that's how it's taken.
if i thought you guys were serious i'd arrange for a large unfriendly italian goomba to drop by for a chat.

i do wish that camera would show though, i hate the idea of it being lost out there without me.