View Full Version : IIa Rangefinder Not coupled to Lens

Dave Jenkins
12-30-2011, 18:25
The rangefinder on my Retina IIa has lost its connection to the lens. Any advice on how to fix this would be much appreciated.

Chris Sherlock
12-30-2011, 20:38
G'day Dave,

The r/f is probably gummed up with old grease. The focus mechanism pulls the swinging arm out against the return spring when the focus is racked out to a close-focus position. If the mechanism is sticky, the spring lacks enough strength to pull the arm back again once the focus is returned to the infinity position.

You'll need to remove the top cover and then the rangefinder itself to clean away the dried grease and apply something more useful.

You can finds instructions here....


Regards, Chris

Dave Jenkins
12-31-2011, 14:06
Great! Thanks much, Chris.