View Full Version : RD-1 shots with diffirent lenses

08-24-2004, 09:34
Just found this link ( http://ferix.cocolog-nifty.com/range/2004/08/epson_rd1_with__16.html ) on Photo.net.

Check out the other lenses on the right hand side.

08-24-2004, 09:58
hehh great! now try to find digital noise on a photo of sand and foamy water... :)

08-24-2004, 10:43
Pretty nice for a 3000. dollar R2 digicam. I'd like to try one, one day.

08-24-2004, 11:16
Ya, the shots do look good. Now, if only that price would come down a bit to, say, about $1500.

That Guy
08-24-2004, 15:17
Okay, so I'm not a gear junky, but now I want one. :D

Now about that $3000... :(

08-24-2004, 22:07
$3800 on a Spa treatment? Who am I to tell you how to spend your money but I've seen some nice gear on eBay. You could buy that, use it for 4 days and than throw it in the incinerator. :)

At least tell me your wife had a good time!

08-24-2004, 22:18
Wow. you're sure right about dollars and the things they buy...

08-24-2004, 22:35
Richard, no need to apologise for spending money! You and your wife no doubt earned every penny of it.

All this talk of vacationing makes me want to go on a trip! But I still have to wait another 6 weeks or so before I can go. I wanna see my wife and kid again, and enjoy late autumn (or is it early winter) in Mongolia. :)

08-24-2004, 22:54
Originally posted by rsilfverberg
Sometimes it's funny how some dollars are different than other dollars... My wife just spent a few days at a spa (www.postranchinn.com) and some other place up in Napa - total cost for four nights stay with some treatment came to...$3,800.

In MY eyes a camera lasts longer than some spa treatment...but then again I don't wear the pants in the family :)

Don't worry Richard, you are not the only one that face the same problem. As a matter of fact, I remembered that I promised my wife that I will not buy anymore photographic equipment after my last purchase of the PII! But I need a new camera bag, UV filters, lens cleaning equipment, new lens, R3, .................................. :eek: