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Viktor Sebastian
08-09-2011, 14:14
I posted this video yesterday, however, the main thread has been deleted so I thought I would share the video again.

It is from a TedxAmesterdam Talk and it is by dutch photographer Hans Aarsman who has some great thoughts on the meaning of photographic images.


Hans Aarsmans talk at TEDxAmsterdam was titled From pretty to ugly and back again; mysterious ways of beauty in photography and the audience judged it one of the highlights of the day. Surprising, insightful and at times hilarious, Aarsman shows different concepts of beauty in photography, and suggests that the only real photographic beauty is to be found in pictures that were made without such a goal in mind.

Hans Aarsman is a former photographer, who worked as a photo journalist at a Dutch newspaper and published a series of books. In 1989 he published the book Hollandse Taferelen (Dutch scenes). He published three more photo books before he left photography. He now writes about photography, a.o. for the Dutch daily newspaper the Volkskrant

08-09-2011, 14:46
Thanks Sebben, that was hilarious - and food for thought.

Greetings, Ljós

08-09-2011, 18:53
That was an interesting video. Thanks for posting it.

08-09-2011, 19:22
Food for thought indeed, thanks for posting.