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07-22-2011, 03:25
Over the years I have gradually amassed a number of cameras. I enjoy the hunt, enjoy using them, attending to them and frankly, owning them. While I can afford it I will continue and when I can't I will sell. Fine.

The problem arises with those that have more value. Leicas I either service myself or if they are something a bit special I send them out to be done. My sense is that Leicas should be kept functional. Chances are that a future purchaser may actually enjoy using them.

Welta, Balda, Edinex, Karat, Finetta, Photavit, Lordomat, Fed, Paxette etc etc are all recent DIY projects

When it comes to things like Super Nettels and Contax I, I am far from sure what to do. In the past I have made examples of each function but I am really not sure whether they are worth the expense of sending out. Certainly they have quite considerable value but would a future purchaser actually use them? Occasionally I do, but it is a bit of a struggle. And the value of these cameras when non functional is still quite high.

So the question is is it worth spending money on a Contax I or similar...what would you do?


07-22-2011, 04:48
I spend last year ~200€ in the repair of my Super Nettel.
Never regreted this. A joy to use and my sunday-stroll-camera... :rolleyes:

Roger Hicks
07-22-2011, 05:53
I don't think I'd ever spend serious money on repairing a camera I wasn't going to use much, unless I was sure I'd see my money back or it was something very valuable with a cosmetic flaw. Contraiwise, like Haempe, if I want to use a high quality old camera, yes, I'd rather have a professional repair than a DIY job. I don't think it is a common or old debate, actually, but it must be something that many of us have thought about.

In fact, when I've had Contaxes, which I've always bought in (more or less) working order, I've been inclined to sell 'em quick while they're still in working order...



07-25-2011, 00:13
As Haempe says, the Super Nettel is a wonderful camera.

To answer my own question, I should take note of what Roger says. If the camera in question is worth spending money on, then send it out. If not, then don't.

'Worth' in this context is represented by something that either is quite uncommon or in particularly good cosmetic condition fo its age.

Maybe...but why is it so difficult to decide?