View Full Version : W/NW Delta 400 Pushed

04-08-2011, 19:01
When I finish off my next couple rolls of tri-x it'll be time to experiment with something new (I plan to shoot at least 5 rolls of every 400 speed film I can get my hands on and than maybe buy a 100ft of my favourite). Next up will probably be delta 400.

I shoot everything around 1600 rather than the 400 it says on the box. I'm curious what others have got pushing this film (I've heard its less forgiving than its hp5+ counterpart).

So post your shots of delta 400 shot above 400! (and if you want to put words in you can mention your developer).

P.s. don't know if this should go in film or W/NW but I'm mostly just looking for images so I put it here.