View Full Version : Challenge: PP Portra 400 to look like Ektar 100 or Velvia 50

04-06-2011, 19:36
On other threads I'm told how easy it is to make the New Portra 400 look like Ektar 100. Well, I'm forced to shoot Portra for the speed, but unless I'm shooting portraits, I don't like the look. So, show me and tell me how to make Portra 400 look like Ektar 100, or even Velvia 50.

Challenge: Show and tell me how you did it..thanks.

I'm not sure where this thread goes, but this seems as good of a place as any.

04-06-2011, 19:49
Okay, I'm on it... It may take a while, as I have to shoot, develop and scan.

04-06-2011, 20:16
You do a great service to mankind... and probably womankind..

04-16-2011, 13:13
So, you are saying that I should, for example, shoot at EI 800 and do a +1 push when developing the Portra 400 and that will both increase contrast and saturation.

Roger Hicks
04-16-2011, 13:16
Anyone who tells you they can make an ISO 400 film look like a completely different ISO 100 or ISO 50 film is likely to have a somewhat relaxed definition of 'look like'.



04-16-2011, 13:22
Yes, we had that conversation before and it is absolutely true. Just trying to shoot the Carnival Parade in S.F. with a 300mm lens without going digital. Lots of colors to be seen, good music and great food. The use of the words "looks like" should be "best effort to look like".

04-18-2011, 11:46
Or EI 1600 +2

04-19-2011, 18:08
throw on a polarizer for good measure. or one of those crazy color enhancement filters from tiffen. heck, double stack them :cool:

jan normandale
04-19-2011, 19:02
convert them all to BW in PS that should work

04-19-2011, 19:15
convert them all to BW in PS that should work


But seriously, is 400x on the table?