View Full Version : Developing old film.

01-11-2011, 08:27
I had some catching up to do with regard to developing some films.

I had 2 expired rolls of Tmax 100 (old 5052 from a bulk loader) and one neopan 1600 fresh. Both developed in hc110 (68 degrees) for the times listed on the mass dev, both happen to be 7min but I developed each in their own tanks.

The Tmax came out thin, but the neopan came out spot on. When I looked up thin negatives, posts on photo.net say it's from underexposure or underdevelopment. I'm guessing I should have developed the tmax 100 for slightly longer or used a higher EI? I'm not really sure. I'll have to figure that out. (btw, it was the same camera for both films). Unless you want to tell me something I'm missing ;)

Finally, how do you develop your expired film? What kinds of things do you do to compensate?