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  1. What is the Mini M ?
  2. Which Camera to Take?
  3. Would you buy a Digital Leica CL ?
  4. Are you a videographer too?
  5. Saul Leiter joins in-Public
  6. Is cost/convinience a major factor for your medium choice (film vs digital)?
  7. What is your favorite B&W film developer.
  8. Reducing the subject to an object
  9. Poll: What power should a poster have over their posts
  10. How do you edit your films in 2013?
  11. California Senate Bill 606: No more photographing children W/O written permission
  12. Has using a rangefinder camera changed your photography?
  13. Autofocus or Manual Focus?
  14. x100...wrist or neck strap?
  15. Which 28mm RF Lens?
  16. Was the Nikon DF rumour more exciting than the Sony alpha7 rumour ...
  17. Black Leica II, what coverings?
  18. Should old posts die?
  19. Which mirrorless system for legacy lenses
  20. Which mirrorless system for native lenses?
  21. To watermark or not to watermark for online posting of your images
  22. Do you keep records?
  23. Poll: FF vs APS
  24. Despicable practices
  25. Winter Sucks
  26. What f stop do you use most often?
  27. Do you delete your classified ad(s) after everything is sold?
  28. Which 35 to "dump"?
  29. Leica M5 What's the deal?
  30. Last roll of Neopan 400. Which camera to use?
  31. How do you typically upgrade your Leica gear?
  32. Which Pair: 35/90 or 35/75
  33. What in-thread max. image size do you want?
  34. Leading edge? Trailing edge? Tail section?
  35. Where are you from?
  36. It is time for a poll
  37. Since when have you been on RFF?
  38. How much film do you keep at home?
  39. rff...for pros or amateurs?
  40. How about a fresh age poll for RFFers ...
  41. Projects or whatever catches your attention?
  42. Are you still using hacked lenses?
  43. Which ISO setting would you use more often: low or high?
  44. Cheap lenses that wowed you...
  45. 35mm - Which system ?
  46. Photography projects
  47. Do you currently own a Leica camera?
  48. How do you carry your camera?
  49. How often do you use a Tripod?
  50. Behavioral patterns of rangefinder users
  51. What is your favourite focal .
  52. Which camera did you buy for your wife / husband / girlfriend / boyfriend etc.
  53. Is the Sony RX1R II a Leica Q killer ?
  54. Diffraction (rainbow) filters and other guilty pleasures
  55. Mono-poll
  56. M2/3/4 > M8. When?
  57. The Photographer as Artist
  58. M6 Classic or M5?
  59. Which camera types have you been using most the past six months?
  60. What would you take?
  61. How many B&W emulsions do you use for personal work?
  62. Your Favorite light meter app?
  63. How many different digital cameras have we owned?
  64. US Members: Your favorite shipping option?
  65. On The Walls
  66. Backup Status for Sensor Replacement
  67. Impulse control - How long did you wait?
  68. What sort of people shoot film?
  69. What sort of people shoot film? - The Results
  70. M2 and 28 Elmarit, Accessory finder or No
  71. Leica Sensor Replacement Program
  72. Your Favourite DEFUNCT Lens Maker/Marque? -- 35mm Still Camera (Film) only
  73. Who still prints? Digital-only users
  74. Nikkor 24mm 1:2 OR Nikkor 24mm 1:2.8 -- BUT: Heavily Used!
  75. I think it's time for a new age poll!
  76. Time for a new gender poll too ..
  77. New Improved Age Poll
  78. New, Improved Age Poll!
  79. vertical shooting: which hand up?