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  1. How many members have a photography related occupation?
  2. Weekend Photography Plans: What are you up to?
  3. Those with meterless rangefinders: how do you set your exposure?
  4. Why do you use a MF camera? Why not?
  5. Confession, or Group Therapy?
  6. How many lines/mm will your New Year's Resolution be ?
  7. Love/hate reading RFF?
  8. Spouses Attitude Toward Photography
  9. How many M cameras get used infrequently?
  10. Self shot with camera in mirror?
  11. How Addicted to Buying Gear Are You?
  12. What do you do with your slides?
  13. What will Nikon release in March, the F's 50th anniversary?
  14. how would you name your dog?
  15. Black or Chrome Aux. VF (Poll)
  16. How has site performance been for you at RFF since the upgrade?
  17. When is the perfect time to sell film cameras?
  18. Guess: Which camera has the brightest viewfinder?
  19. Does anyone else take woeful photos? (all the time)
  20. Black and White filters
  21. Do you develop your own B & W films
  22. 90mm Lens for Portraits
  23. Which LEICA 90mm lens for travel?
  24. the RF Culture
  25. the RF counter Culture
  26. The RF Counter counter culture
  27. Bean Counter Culture
  28. With RED DOT or Without?
  29. Hood or No Hood?
  30. Are we geeks?
  31. Have you ever backed out of a sale?
  32. Konica 50/1.2 or the new Nokton 50/1.1?
  33. Leica 35mm f1.4 pre ASPH or........
  34. Your experience with ZM lenses
  35. Is that a CAMERA in your pocket?
  36. If you could have an exploded view of any M-mount rangefinder, which would it be?
  37. bokeh backlash?
  38. What's the Best UNDER $50 Ebay Rangefinder?
  39. Old camera & new lens or old lens & new camera?
  40. Grip or no grip?
  41. Film: Color or B & W or both when you travel?
  42. Used R-D1 or New E-P1
  43. Books on the Philosophy of Photography
  44. help me out
  45. Currently the BEST Camera Company?
  46. Will you open yet another M9 thread?
  47. steel-grey or black?
  48. Did your Ebay camera Work out of the Box?
  49. Comparing Apples to Oranges here?
  50. How many
  51. Changing Iso
  52. Urges
  53. Have We Seen The Last Release of a Serious Film Camera?
  54. Top Five "Evil" SLRs of All Time
  55. SLR Conker knockout (round one)
  56. Righty or Lefty?
  57. Public art ... valid or a waste of taxpayer's money?
  58. Digital; or Autofocus?
  59. Which RF camera members use?
  60. Which RF camera members use? (Second List)
  61. What helped you grow the most?
  62. How many 35mm rolls in a portrait shoot?
  63. How many rolls of 120 in a portrait shoot?
  64. How many sheets do you use in LF for a portrit session?
  65. How many raw files in a portrait shoot?
  66. What beverage do you serve during a portrait session?
  67. Which size Daguerreotype do you use for your portrait sessions
  68. Do you bulk load your own film?
  69. Ergonomics of EVFs.
  70. What will Kodak's final film be?
  71. Mix of film and digital (2010 update)
  72. The Leica-M Poll of Polls.
  73. How Many Rolls of Undeveloped Film Do Have Lying Around?
  74. tintype v. daguerreotype
  75. What films do you use?
  76. What is in your "Buy List"?
  77. Do you use accessory finders?
  78. Canon 50 1.2 or Nokton 50 1.1, Wide Open
  79. Which Lowlight Lens
  80. Which P&S?
  81. Which Voigtlander "M" mount lenses do you own?
  82. T3 Gadget Awards - Camera of the Year - The RFF Vote
  83. Photo Op
  84. Which M 28mm Lens?
  85. Ok only color or B/w?
  86. your images vs your gear...a poll
  87. About latest AE M mount cameras...
  88. Film by the Roll, 5-pack, Brick or Can ?
  89. Attitudes towards exposure
  90. How many 50mm lens do you own?
  91. your oldest regularly used digital camera
  92. About image quality...
  93. Where you live and what you photograph
  94. Another common question - 100 ISO B&W
  95. Is Bokeh an overated property of an image?
  96. Would you trade your film camera with a digital one?
  97. 1/3 clickstops, bane or boon?
  98. How Many of Your 35mm Shots are Vertical?
  99. Minolta G-ROKKOR 28mm 3.5 or Color skopar 28mm 3.5
  100. LensWork magazine
  101. What gets you a slower shutter speed?
  102. Landscape photography: Opinions on format and shortest focal length
  103. Please help me pick the best image...
  104. How many keepers per roll of film
  105. How many keepers per roll of film
  106. Image quality and street photography
  107. "exceeds your limit of daily uploads"???
  108. Left or Right eye shooter?
  109. Is B+W film for Pros or just Hobbyists
  110. Which company has the best looking cameras?
  111. Your average photography output in a week
  112. Which to black paint: M2 or M3?
  113. What kind of Photography RFF members Deal?
  114. Fountain pen, someone?
  115. Fuji GF670W or X100
  116. How often are you using darkroom?
  117. What's your workflow?
  118. Are rangefinders a personal aptitude?
  119. Flash poll
  120. Black oe silver
  121. Changing Poll Thread Behaviour
  122. Which setup for a trip to Africa ?
  123. Poll: M9 Reliability - Please share your experience
  124. Poll for Eyeglass Wearers
  125. Aperture Preferred Poll
  126. Rolls shot, but never processed ...
  127. Guilt and Photography
  128. do you use protective filters with your lens?
  129. Leica M3 vs Konica Hexar AF
  130. How many good street shots do you get in one year?
  131. How long have you been doing photography for? (dated 20/02/11)
  132. This is how I prefer to do my street shooting...
  133. What is your career background?
  134. quiet/silent shutter, Leica vs Leaf ??
  135. The ultimate Poll: Digital and/or Film?
  136. Birthday Honesty
  137. quick count - 50 - over or under
  138. Average age of an RFF member...
  139. How old are you mentally?
  140. Average zodiacal sign of an RFF member?
  141. Would you trust...
  142. (Your) Most Beautiful Camera
  143. The laws of Murphy
  144. how many cameras do you use regularly?
  145. Is it OK to plug your blog or Flickr here?
  146. Just - one - camera - POLL
  147. What does your average RFF member drink?
  148. Is high ISO the new HDR
  149. What car do you drive your camera around in and is it a he or a she?
  150. Are you right or left handed?
  151. Street Photography poll...
  152. What was your very own first camera?
  153. "Does that camera have f-stops?"
  154. Gear Insurance
  155. Do you perceive yourself differently in a photograph than you do in a mirror?
  156. RFF Gallery: What do you use it for?
  157. Worst camera you ever owned?
  158. Do you shoot B+W or Colour?
  159. What percentage price increase would it take before you reconsider using film?
  160. M9/M8 autoreview?
  161. Are you right or left eye dominant?
  162. What genre of photography interests you most
  163. Who Like or Hates Wristwatches?
  164. Who likes or hates Two Options Only Polls?
  165. Which one looks cooler?
  166. How long does it take you to finish a roll?
  167. Do you charge the shutter immediately after each shot?
  168. poll: how well do you know joe or...what's your best guess?
  169. rangefinder realistic slowest hand held shutter speed?
  170. What's your most frequently used PAPER size?
  171. Quick portrait of RFF shooting preferences (2011)
  172. X-RAY Paranoia - Fact or Fiction
  173. X-Ray Paranoia - Fact or Fiction follow up poll
  174. How many tripods do you own?
  175. What about a Fuji with M-mount?
  176. Your prefered film speed
  177. How Many Cameras Do You Have Film In Right Now?
  178. Do you "sell out" ?
  179. How often do you use a light meter
  180. Are photographers more like Jedi's or Cowboy's?
  181. What is your favorite 120 format?
  182. Preferred focusing screen type
  183. Do you think you have a GAS problem?
  184. 24 - 200's
  185. Favorite Olympus compact? XA and Stylus/mju series
  186. your 35/50 preferences
  187. Most common non-researched question on RFF?
  188. Favorite color negetive film?
  189. If Henri Cartier-Bresson was alive today would he shoot film or digital?
  190. If Picasso were alive today, would he use paint or Photoshop?
  191. If Stanley Spencer were alive today ...
  192. *Amateurs Only* - How many framed prints did you make this year?
  193. B&W for London
  194. Leica M9 vs Holga! Which is Best? What IS Best?
  195. Separate Film Forums for Different Manufacturers?
  196. Gas
  197. What is a portrait lens for FF or 135?
  198. Where do we stand on film/digital?
  199. Fuji X-Pro or Leica M8
  200. Will there be a new Contax?
  201. [poll] CV Lens Poll - What've you got? (up to 40mm)
  202. CV Lens Popularity Poll - What've you got? (50mm-90mm)
  203. Fujifilm XP1?
  204. what would you do?
  205. Do you post images here at RFF ... if not why not?
  206. Which is your most used focal length on Full Format 35mm cameras
  207. re: Only One, Help with Decision
  208. Opinions on Photoshelter?
  209. Questions for film users
  210. How do rate your printing skills, wet or dry
  211. Vote - Who is going to buy M9M?
  212. How often do you sell photographic equipment.
  213. As photograhers, which type of TV do you want/own?
  214. What type of display monitor do you use ?
  215. Are rangefinder relevant to your photography?
  216. What do The Rolling Stones and Film have in common?
  217. Which do you prefer?
  218. Konica 35mm f2 M-Hexanon or combination of CV 35mm f1.4 and Zeiss 35mm f2.8 C-Biogon
  219. Do you stage pictures, or do you just shoot what you see?
  220. glass half full or half empty person?
  221. With the recent Kodak news, are you stocking up on film?
  222. film or digital and age
  223. How do you use your rangefinder?
  224. Did you think you would spend this much $$$?
  225. Majority of RFF picks Obama.
  226. Election Poll
  227. I am curious about your trip gear
  228. Less is more/More is more?
  229. The longest Survivor: 120 or 135 format?
  230. Collapsible 50mm lenses: LTM, M, or both.
  231. If you can have one 50mm, which would you choose (all collapsible)
  232. Do you also use a DSLR?
  233. What lenses do you use besides 35 or 50?
  234. What Did You Shoot on New Years Eve??
  235. What is your favorite B&W emulsion?
  236. Ratings in Gallery? Yes or No ?
  237. New Gallery - Thumbnail size
  238. Nikon F or Zeiss Super Ikonta A
  239. Digital M With A Advance Lever Anyone?
  240. Do you care about boxes/instructions?
  241. Do you hang your own photos on your wall?
  242. For what format(s) do you still use film for?
  243. Is Street Photography Dead?
  244. Polling the price of the Coolpix A
  245. Poll: How close to box speed do you shoot color negative film?
  246. Which type of gear do you use the most?
  247. When buying a lens, what do you value the most?
  248. What do you do with lots of expired film?
  249. Equipment Options for Italy trip
  250. Photography website background color