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  1. Return of the Foveon - well, Fuji's version, anyway...
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  83. Merrill FW
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  138. Sigma and Foveon resource (usage tips) and information thread.
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  140. Sigma mirrorless????
  141. What is the real quality build of Sigma products?
  142. Eb*y grip for DP Merrill ??
  143. Merrill prices have risen by $100 here in Oz.
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  185. Let's see those Quattro shots :D
  186. Sigma foveon spp 6.2 available
  187. From foveon speak to maybe Olympus speak :)
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  190. End of An Era For SONY? No More CCD?
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  193. Spp 6.3 just released for Merrill and Quattro cameras
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  195. FW update for dp2 and 3 Quattro.
  196. DP Merrills Rising in Value?
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  207. Thinking of adding a DP1M to my 2 and 3.
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