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  1. Film Vs Digital - Just for Fun
  2. giving up...
  3. Film is Dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  4. Why doesn't digital capture capture me?
  5. There is hope for the younger generation of photographers.
  6. A really tough decision....
  7. Contax g2 gone
  8. Where do you stand?
  9. Do you Shoot Film or Digital?
  10. Film vs Digital
  11. How "giallos" and a sound byte taught me to embrace digital...
  12. What is film-photography to you?
  13. Digital Imaging- show your early work.
  14. Traditional Printing vs Scanning & Printing
  15. the digital blues - moving files to a larger drive
  16. Kodak: "There is a very real resurgence for film"
  17. Has digital.... ???
  18. Elliott Erwitt: Digital Photography makes you sloppy :)
  19. why film is superior to digital
  20. Nikon Coolscan Color Problems
  21. 2nd thoughts about the "retro" design look
  22. What would HC Bresson Do?
  23. I hate my new D700 gear; ergo, I really do hate digital
  24. Moving to digital
  25. if I could afford an M9....
  26. A Younger Generation and Photography
  27. Young people turning to film
  28. How did you make peace with Digital B&W?
  29. Portra 400 is here, where are the scanners?
  30. B&W Film... it's making a comeback, and it's classic!
  31. why i hate digital.
  32. What do I get to compliment my FM2?
  33. which is which?
  34. Nikon D7000 Unboxing - Humor
  35. Film or digital - Be the judge
  36. Am I crazy?
  37. Digital--and loving it
  38. Passing of an era
  39. Actually... Kodachrome Sucked
  40. Why I still shoot film...
  41. Kodak Q4 Earnings
  42. Am I a film snob?
  43. RF aesthetic - picture of the year...
  44. Obsessing Over the New Fuji X100? Why Not Just Get a "Real" Fixed Lens RF
  45. At what point does digital photography become "Computer Art"?
  46. New Portra 160 announced, replacing NC and VC
  47. Am I the only one? Digital M then back to a Film M
  48. Wall St. Journal: Why Analog is Often Better Than Digital
  49. Incontrovertible and scientific proof that film is dead.
  50. A comment on RAW and post-processing...
  51. Why doesn't it "click" for me?
  52. Samsung NX series (NX100 in particular)
  53. Digital is dead?
  54. The Joys of Film
  55. Film and digital in the studio
  56. So what's the deal with film?
  57. Film vs Digital
  58. Report from London & Copenhagen.
  59. Cheep Film Users Anonymous
  60. Cheap UK developing
  61. Digital Film for your Analog Camera?
  62. cheapest way to shoot film?
  63. Do you hate digital?
  64. Who can appreciate work in both mediums?
  65. Came back to film, possibly for 3 days.
  66. thread resurrection : Option to mark photo as 'analogue' and also...
  67. Which Film Scanner?
  68. It's official; Film is Cool
  69. How long can photographic film hold on?
  70. I've said it before: film sucks and I love it.
  71. Film Shooter Published on Digicam Website
  72. Do You Suffer From Digititis?
  73. Art Festival Photography Rant...
  74. "Three retro-futuristic digital cameras"
  75. Talk about film...
  76. Best skin tones out of the camera/film
  77. Film photography and Digital imaging : two different things?
  78. Streamline Film Workflow "Digital Age"
  79. Everything old is new again
  80. Film keeps killing me
  81. All things being equal, which would you choose?
  82. Heads up! Film on sale $1 at Walgreens
  83. Wally Pfister on Film
  84. For Those Who Think Kodak Has Given Up
  85. Velvia Rocks
  86. Tri-x vs D40/Making digital look like film
  87. A friendly observation regarding digital & film M bodies
  88. "I'm as mad as hell, ...
  89. Why do you shoot film? Why do you shoot digital? IN ONE WORD EACH...
  90. Finally! Best of both worlds...
  91. An aid to finding stolen digital cameras
  92. Digital is great for low light scenes
  93. Hey! Where Did All These Spots Come From?!
  94. Sell my X100 and go film only?
  95. Image quality comparison of scanned slide or color negative film vs digital
  96. Pointless debate
  97. New Luminous Landscape 8x10 comparison
  98. what really stops me from going digital
  99. Scanned film or budget DSLR?
  100. Pop Photo Cover photo taken with what?
  101. Why shooting film will make you a better street photographer
  102. What our teacher said about film photography
  103. Who Else Is In Love With Plus-X?
  104. Contact sheets..
  105. Sometimes, I wonder why I bother with film !
  106. Software for a film/neg scanner.
  107. More on Kodak
  108. allrite, I give some...
  109. Any good relatively portable film scanner?
  110. Leica's view on film
  111. Major Dilema
  112. B&W film vs. Dig Processing
  113. Efke 100 - is it worth flattening it?
  114. Going all film? Am I crazy?
  115. Digital Movies Overtake Film
  116. Leica M - a failed experiment?
  117. Post your film freezer shots!
  118. A surprisingly good film/digital comparison at "OnLandscape"
  119. One supplier is selling 5000 films per week in UK
  120. Why do I prefer film?
  121. Gotta love the "digital revolution"
  122. Can they made an universal body with adapter to use old MF lens?
  123. OK. So I'm converted...
  124. Are you and your photography stuck in the past?
  125. Kodak phases out digital businesses, keeps film alive
  126. thinking of making the switch..
  127. Future of Kodak and Film Generally
  128. Kodak Exits E6 Market
  129. Mailorder Film Processing - FTP delivery?
  130. Film Cameras = More Fun, More New Friends than DIGITAL?
  131. Keanu Reeves on film vs digital
  132. Just received a depressing email.
  133. "Mr. Digital" strikes again
  134. Hollywood on Film v. Digital
  135. Cropped Sensors and Equivalent Focal Length: the same as 35mm?
  136. Prime lenses on dSLRs?
  137. Any reluctant digital users here (M8 indecision!)
  138. Why don't you just switch to digital?
  139. Scanning my negs. UK options please
  140. what if film photography was invented after digital?
  141. Just fell in love all over again
  142. Why I switched to film...a joyous moment.
  143. Almost Forgot
  144. Futurama: Just take the Damn Picture!
  145. Fuji discontinues APS
  146. Why I Still Shoot Film
  147. What would it take for you to try Film?
  148. I think I’m film-phobic
  149. Film to make me say ‘wow” film
  150. Resolution of Film Versus Digital
  151. The difficult choice
  152. What alternative to portra400 for snapshot
  153. Digital latitude: improving?
  154. Which is "greener"?
  155. When did digital get "good enough"?
  156. Why should I use my film cameras instead of digital ?
  157. Transition from Digital to Film - Tips
  158. Film can break your heart
  159. Yes, the paper is in the box. See?
  160. Film cameras vs digital
  161. Sick of film
  162. Film and digital: The Big Picture (literally).
  163. Another One Bites the Dust
  164. Things digital cannot do...
  165. Fujis on the trading block
  166. Internal v external visulisation
  167. "There is not really a technical reason to shoot film." Stefan Daniel from Leica
  168. A roll for a fortune. Damn!
  169. PopPhoto article on 'Film Lives'
  170. scanned film vs. digital: ask for advice
  171. Poll: Listening to Music, Film Photographer vs. Digital Photographer:
  172. Still no reasonably priced digital rangefinders.
  173. Check me on this thought
  174. This is why I like film: GRAIN and MIST
  175. Encouraging News Re: Film Production
  176. Fuji X100 vs medium format
  177. one thing I miss...
  178. NIKON Photo Contest - *** no Film Allowed!!??
  179. black and white digital
  180. What would make me switch to digital
  181. How much film do you use?
  182. Does it make sense to go MF or M9?
  183. New impossible project (Iphone instant lab)
  184. Megapixels in leaps and bounds
  185. Color negative film: the incredible shrinking selection
  186. Pentax K-5 IIs during first snow here in PA.
  187. Bleak Outlook for Film? Yet Another Prognostication
  188. Has digital made photography too easy?
  189. BW: M9 vs. Film at high EI
  190. Great film but cheap?
  191. Is process important to you in photography?
  192. Film vs Digital, a cartoon
  193. Which scanner should I buy?
  194. Missing using film...
  195. What I miss the most about the film era
  196. Homage to Koadachrome
  197. Biggest surprise of returning to your film M?
  198. Not again a digital vs. film rant please.....
  199. Shooting with film at high ISO - 6400!
  200. thinking of leaving DSLR for film
  201. Every morning I put new Film in my Camera.
  202. Ilford HP5 Plus pushed to 1600
  203. Here's why I shoot film not digital
  204. Hasselblad V & Digital Backs
  205. Too cool...film photography is cheap!
  206. Velvia 100F?
  207. Which is cheaper for the next five years?
  208. Here we go again: film vs. digital
  209. Ease of accessibility in the film format: does it matter?
  210. Rollfilm availability in the Toronto area
  211. More sex appeal: film or digital?
  212. Ansel Adams Embraced Digital Technology
  213. Embracing digital
  214. Only Digital at my Costco.
  215. The Permanence of Film
  216. Oh gee, digital cameras make me poor!
  217. Is 24 X 36 Obsolete?
  218. Ilford UK
  219. Audio Cassettes are Returning! How about Film?
  220. DigitalRev's 10 Reasons to Learn on Film
  221. Put all my digital gear up for sale...!
  222. End of a flirt: I'm back to film
  223. Old School I Am I Guess
  224. lasers can damage digital sensors
  225. Is it just me or do digital "photographers" complain a lot?
  226. New Canon 75meg in Testing
  227. Digital sensor pixel size
  228. digital vs film color
  229. Tactility and Endurance
  230. a dilemma, silly one at best
  231. Quick Thoughts: M6 TTL vs. 5DmII
  232. Which digital RF for Voigtländer L39 lenses??
  233. Moving from film to digital ! Wich camera ?
  234. Going fully analog
  235. ‘Long Live Film’ Documentary Explores Love for Analog Photography
  236. Why I'm still with film
  237. A little analog humor, care of Kodak
  238. Film vs Digital - Midsomer Murders
  239. Film seems to cure my GAS
  240. Keeping things in technological perspective
  241. New Star Wars to be shot on Kodak film
  242. If it wasn't for digital ...
  243. Persistence with technique
  244. Agfa Copex Rapid vs. 5DmkII (and vs. Efke25)
  245. Another great reason for using film!
  246. Interesting Conversation
  247. Two notes about film vs digital.
  248. Film or digital for travel photography?
  249. Paramount Stops Major Releases on FILM
  250. Ralph Gibson: Why would you ditch film in your 76th year?