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  1. How much to charge for photoshoot?
  2. How much to charge for a shoot??
  3. how much to charge for photo
  4. Leica M8 issues:'a tad more focused'
  5. Someone wants to buy a photo from me ... how much should I charge?
  6. Photography and Existentialism
  7. Sharp is the only correct
  8. Imitation
  9. "Just snappin' some pics?": What street photography is for me
  10. Pictures with a punch
  11. About the value of snapshots
  12. Conceptual Photography
  13. Anthropomorphizing Cameras - Do you find it odd?
  14. Cold and Dark
  15. "If you're going to steal..."
  16. hyper reality
  17. Is it art if no one sees it?
  18. How popular are we?
  19. Picture a day for 8 years of aging - living life faster
  20. Are photographs becoming less valuable?
  21. why are photjournalists anonymous?
  22. What you want, what you need, what you like, what you can afford
  23. Thoughts on the work of others.
  24. Children, do they stop you shooting?
  25. Mastery with long focus lenses
  26. Ansel Adams...
  27. Does this study apply to expensive lenses? Are you all suckers?
  28. Viewing Conditions
  29. Vignetting Shminetting - What's The Big Deal?
  30. Goyaesqe or Out of Focus?
  31. Who Paints ?
  32. Contacts - Henri Cartier Bresson
  33. Film-vs-Digital Debate is over!!!
  34. "Just plain Love" - Henri Catrier Bresson
  35. Hcb
  36. Henri Cartier-Bressn vs Helmut Newton
  37. HCB - The Impassioned Eye
  38. cameras are tools...really?
  39. New Ernie Pyle Death Photo
  40. POLAROID quits the Polaroid Film Business
  41. Henri Cartier-Bresson Doc, availabe/streamed on Netflix.
  42. photography satisfies in many ways
  43. Magnum photo of the week
  44. B&W or color for the streets?
  45. Where are our social dissidents?
  46. Does Camera Choice Affect Aesthetics?
  47. Hyper Focal Distance Technique - do you use it?
  48. what passes as art
  49. Can you photograph emotion?
  50. Encouraging street photography
  51. Gas Free! Why My Camera Collection is Far Better Than Yours...
  52. Bert Hardy photos
  53. The Empty Mind -- film vs. digital
  54. How I overcome self-consciousness
  55. Garry Winogrand documentary
  56. So, talking about swiped photos
  57. The gear wars have started....
  58. Project overseas - film or digital
  59. Have You Ever Shot Someone N'ked?
  60. Robert Frank article - Vanity Fair
  61. Int'l Asc. of Patriotic Street Photographers
  62. I'm not motivated to do street photography
  63. I wanted to learn to make holliday pictures.
  64. What do you charge for a 4x6 color print?
  65. camouflage
  66. Why 35mm in the age of digital
  67. Uninhibited street photographer
  68. Things you cannot photograph
  69. How close to shoot?
  70. what if they made a lens and no one wanted it?
  71. How long should equipment last?
  72. Some thoughts on film and digital approach
  73. The ethics of digital to B&W conversion
  74. Not "touching" photos
  75. A Personal Street Photography Manifesto
  76. Why rangefinder and not SLR?
  77. GAS and Buddhism
  78. Morality, integrity and capability
  79. Ira Glass talks about artistic maturation - vid clip
  80. Which do you think is greener?
  81. satisfaction?
  82. "Note by Note" a movie to see.
  83. Digital, the future, and the delete button.
  84. BRAVO channel May special
  85. The Flickr photo; it's a "style" ???
  86. The Good, The Bad, And Quickly It Gets Ugly
  87. Was HCB Really "All That"???
  88. "Be" In The Moment
  89. You are poor. Are you a better artist?
  90. Do you have a style?
  91. Autistic or Artisitc ? A shared sense of balance / proportion ?
  92. 1968: Josef Koudelka and 1968, summer of hate
  93. Is digital boring to you?
  94. "sex sells" - approved ?
  95. [OT] photog and ethics: winning answer on yahoo answers
  96. I'm Not A Photographer by merkley????
  97. Robert Frank speaking about "The Americans"
  98. B&W Photography, Zone System and you
  99. Stephen Shore Interview
  100. Equipment reviews
  101. What is the "next movement" in Photogrpahy?
  102. In Honor of Cornell Capa
  103. enjoy the view?
  104. how do you know if you're any good?
  105. love the machine
  106. comments by Todd Papageorge
  107. Mastery - an alternate theory
  108. A fear of white....
  109. part 2 - how do you know if you have vision?
  110. About TRADITIONAL
  111. What are your photographic aspirations?
  112. Philip Jones Griffiths - this is the "drive."
  113. Class time with Winogrand
  114. life is short
  115. Needing some of those Positive Vibes... ;)
  116. Eliminating Autistic dee-stractions ?
  117. Comment on "why film"
  118. Bruce Davidson interview
  119. maybe stealthy isn't where it's it?
  120. Robert Frank article in Vanity Fair
  121. Can an "eye" for photography be learned?
  122. unfortunate history
  123. Does one need to be technically inclined?
  124. Invading personal space
  125. Cheap Trix #1
  126. Tyler Hicks in Afghanistan... film...
  127. My Wife Doesn’t Understand Film (Me)
  128. Jerk with a telephoto
  129. What does your other think about you photographing the opposite sex.
  130. A defense of gear lust
  131. here we go..add to this please :)
  132. New Fuji Social Networking Site
  133. How do you hold your camera?
  134. A picture that has always bothered me
  135. Photos as gifts of appreciation
  136. Joe Wigfall
  137. How much do i sell my photos for at new art gallery?
  138. A thousand words worth a picture?
  139. Did someone get a bargain, and do you ...
  140. Is there no end?
  141. Well Something Happened
  142. Are YOU satisfied with YOUR images?
  143. Does the size/complexity of equipment get in the way of street shooting?
  144. Could your hobby land you in deep ****?
  145. Do you have a style...?
  146. How do you prepare for a journey?
  147. HDR - too much?
  148. Do you every feel like a tourist at home?
  149. 39th frame frame-what happened
  150. NYT All the missiles fired
  151. Illegal "Street" Photography
  152. Quotidian Polaroid
  153. "Reality" To Order
  154. NYT returns to Photoshop
  155. A good week ...
  156. NYT Use your Graflex
  157. Thinking of taking the one camera, one lens plunge.
  158. Is street photography difficult?
  159. Fine art photography
  160. What makes an image 'original'
  161. "...an age of cospicuous documentation."
  162. Manufacturers and critical consumers
  163. What I've finally realized about "street" photography
  164. We are doomed
  165. No comment from me
  166. Cropping
  167. Reflections on photographing strangers
  168. TLS article about (bad) photos, hi-tech and W.Eggleston
  169. An interesting idea
  170. Evolution of press cameras
  171. Evil zooms....
  172. Why do I need a 90mm lens on my RF?
  173. Persistence pays off
  174. Goat Meat, LDMU, and The Real Reason Film Will Always Be More Fun Than Digital
  175. 35mm or 50mm?
  176. And Then the Rain Came
  177. self imposed computer ban?
  178. Well, sometimes...
  179. The Value Of Archiving Your Images
  180. Winogrand's idea
  181. The death of portrait
  182. A very interesting commentary on using film
  183. Street photography during difficult times
  184. analyzing a photograph
  185. Do I really have anything to say?
  186. Vintage Visuals
  187. Would that I could...
  188. Popular shows vilify street photographers
  189. How do you ask people if you can take their picture?
  190. Chicken or egg? - RFF and you
  191. Thoughts, notes, quotes, and approaches that have helped your photography.
  192. Is digital capture easier than film?
  193. Critiques versus comments
  194. Airlines-- carry on changes, again.
  195. photography is like golf
  196. Who shot the marlboro man?
  197. RF gearhead = gearhead generally?
  198. Digital Dark Age: a thought-provoking article
  199. Film and the human experience
  200. Getting a HUGE turnout for a Photography Exhibition
  201. Life beyond rangefinder cameras........
  202. Is imperfection more stimulative ?
  203. Thank you again.
  204. How many people here want to be a "bum"
  205. What you want and what you need: How to tell?
  206. Patron saint of photographers
  207. Has anyone read the Eggleston review in the New Yorker
  208. Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold
  209. Thom's predictions - OT (mostly digital)
  210. PHOTOGRAPHY Doesn't Need Me - I Need PHOTOGRAPHY
  211. How many of your digital cameras have failed?
  212. Photographing children
  213. Useless Info Dept. What do Konica, Yachica, and Leica Have in Common?
  214. Shooting Soviets
  215. A photography lesson from a person who is not passionate about photography. . .
  216. How Relevant Are We?
  217. Why do we love old things so much?
  218. B&W or Color.... and Why?
  219. What do photographs tell us about the photographer?
  220. Great portfolio...
  221. What's in a name?
  222. What would you photograph if you could photograph anything?
  223. Photographing Brunel's Britain
  224. When does reason come in?
  225. Copyright
  226. “What is it about this world that demands an image?”
  227. What's the Story...
  228. Interview With Reza (with pix)
  229. Woke up a couple of oldies today
  230. Is a certain type of person drawn to a fully manual camera?
  231. More like poetry or narrative?
  232. So Your Kitchen Is Tiny. So What?
  233. I am a racist!
  234. Year in Pictures 2008
  235. Are Wet Prints Printed Personally by the Photog Worth More? I think so.
  236. Late Night NYT
  237. Tripods and Resolutions
  238. Too many cameras. Ever have this experience?
  239. Ready to Go Digital!
  240. "No Photography" - Security Guard at Retail Center
  241. How did your photography develop?
  242. Why Rangefinders?
  243. New Flickr Group
  244. Free to starving student of photography
  245. Would you give up rangefinder photography without BW wet prints?
  246. Film: The Real Raw
  247. Vision?
  248. Composing P/S style
  249. I can't take good photos with my RF.
  250. Feeling off