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  1. This Asian website might be of interest to lens aficionados
  2. Is this a coated lens?
  3. Stiff focusing Ring
  4. Xenon, Leitz and Schneider
  5. I'm in a lens quandary and need a push.
  6. To tab or not to tab, that is the question
  7. 135mm RF lenses - used a lot?
  8. Getting around myopia...
  9. Lens compatibility: ZF to ZK
  10. 35mm lenses are cool
  11. New camera No lens
  12. filter adapters and flare
  13. ???price for 50 cron DR???
  14. Care to outbid me?
  15. Image size calculation
  16. Zeiss TF or FT coated lens...
  17. lenses finder film size conversion table...
  18. LTM lens test of 50mm lenses w/ MAX 800
  19. Scrolling framelines, too hard to create?
  20. moving from 50 to 35mm as fav
  21. 75mm too long for every day use?
  22. ZM 28mm vs. Elmarit 28mm. Am I crazy?
  23. this feeling...
  24. Ektar vs Planar T*
  25. CV 25mm Color Skopar vs Zeiss ZF 25mm, anyone??
  26. Favorite Fast Screwmount Lens <$1000
  27. Forget about rendition...
  28. 35mm: Summicron-M vs. Nokton 1.4?
  29. 35mm Hexanon or Summicron?
  30. Canon RF 50/f1.2 disassembly thread?
  31. Robot-Leica adapter?
  32. 28mm competition: VC 1.9 vs Hexanon
  33. So show me a REALLY DISTINCTIVE 28mm M/LTM
  34. ANGENIEUX - Why so expensive?
  35. question for the optics / lens gurus
  36. Haze... What is it?
  37. Looking for mates to Summar 50/2
  38. Why coating on the front element?
  39. Future of the 50 lens
  40. What is the good Humidity (RH%) for RF camera, and Lens.
  41. Fast 35: canon 1.5 or Nokton 1.4?
  42. Zx
  43. Lens gurus: is this bulls**t?
  44. Ring lens m42/m39
  45. Built my first hybrid lens!
  46. lens barrel won't focus to infinity mark
  47. Conversion A 2x filter
  48. Will this affect image quality?
  49. Focal Length Comparison Tool
  50. NY Times article about old lenses on digital cameras
  51. Leica grabs bragging rights with `fastest' lens
  52. is f2 fast enough?
  53. is it possible to fix this mess?
  54. 40 mm lens okay for portraits?
  55. Focal Length Distance Equivalency?
  56. slr lenses (nikon 50mm 1.2 for eg) on m mount camera???
  57. still trying to get my nikon lenses on my r-d1
  58. Help with lens evaluation please.
  59. CV 35mm f1.7 Ultron VS Zeiss 35mm f2 ZM
  60. Is there a Perfect Lens for RF?
  61. Summicrons F-value?
  62. Tony Lovell's Homemade 914mm f3.2 lens
  63. Rub marks, but will not affect images !
  64. Why no 28/1.4's?
  65. Yeah, but will it fit on my Leica?
  66. A question about stars
  67. A 1969 test of four fast lenses, including Nikkor and Noctilux
  68. Low contrast lenses and high contrast film?
  69. Low Contrast Lenses:
  70. Saving a lens
  71. What is a 28mm lens good for?
  72. An excellent, small but slow 50 lens?
  73. Laser accessory range/distance finder
  74. Best every day lens
  75. It's just a scratch...
  76. Canon Lens Production video
  77. 12mm Helier - loose/rattling
  78. Would this affect image quality? (rear element chip)
  79. Determining Focal Length
  80. Best old classics or new one little like old?
  81. How to spend $1000 on glass
  82. Value of Summilux - M 1:1.4 / 50mm Asph LHSA Special Edition
  83. Worst ever seen Lens.
  84. UN-coated LTM 50s?
  85. Which 90mm - purchasing artistic ability...
  86. Tomorrow's Miracle Lens Today! (Zunow f/1.1, circa 1958)
  87. The golden ratio and angle of views on lens
  88. A question for Zeiss lovers
  89. Are those expensive UV filters worth it?
  90. Best filters for a particular situation?
  91. Why so few fast ultra-wides/teles?
  92. filters; yes, or no?
  93. What is that diagonal formula ?
  94. Leica glow AND nice bokeh AND micro-contrast 3D. Is it a unicorn?
  95. Faster wides in LTM
  96. What Filters?
  97. Tilt-shift on rangefinders, or alternatives
  98. Voigtlander 35 f/1.2 or Pre ASPH Leica 35 f/1.4
  99. couple of very old photos from Japan
  100. resilvering Accura brightline finder
  101. Best 'portrait' 50mm lens
  102. In 2009 I want a . . . .
  103. collimative question
  104. Shutter release built into the lens?
  105. List of Sonnar Lenses
  106. Jupiter 1.5
  107. viewfinder images of different cameras
  108. Image Quality: Print v. Scan?
  109. UV Filter: Can It Be A Cheapo One ?
  110. More 'versus' : 50 Nokton, DR Summicron
  111. Zuiko 42/1.7 from SP adapted to M?
  112. What is the difference, really, between f/1.2 and f/1.4 ?
  113. I'm trying to understand Color
  114. Hyperfocal Focusing: Do's and don'ts?
  115. Cleaning lenses - breath
  116. Brutally sharp in a budget?
  117. looking through a lens element
  118. Treatment for fungus?
  119. ND filters
  120. heresy: using a lens pen on a scratched lens?
  121. Is this a Lens Defect at the rear?
  122. Could you please Identify lens?
  123. 28mm viewfinders
  124. Next generation mirrors and the implication of new wide angles
  125. which lens 45mm clamp-on size
  126. Sonnar Lens Design Appeal?
  127. Apperture ring wiggle - how normal?
  128. Who Still Uses a Fish-Eye Lens?
  129. What makes a lens's focal length?
  130. Infra-red filter
  131. 50mm lens
  132. Single element, uncoated, fixed aperture 50?
  133. Which 135mm on an M6?
  134. Testing four RF 50mm lenses
  135. Compare CV 50/1.5 and Canon 50/1.4?
  136. Bigger is not better: a rant about lens manufacturers
  137. Really odd bokeh on 24
  138. hyperfocal infinity mark
  139. How do you feel about 24mm (84 diagonal)?
  140. UV/IR filter and classic b&w ?
  141. Voigtlander 1.5/50 Nokton vs. Jupiter 3
  142. Leica diopter
  143. How should I test a lens?
  144. SLR Lenses and RF Lenses: Differences?
  145. Eye-borg - Next Level In Camera Tech
  146. question re. megaperls mag for rd1
  147. Lenses that were modified to be LTM
  148. Canon 50mm f1.4 (Not sure if posting in right forum)
  149. Zeiss Contax 45/2 Planar vs. Pentax 43/1.9 Limited
  150. Unusual lens mount - what might it fit?
  151. One for Brian Sweeney!
  152. 35mm Ultron
  153. Converting S mount to LTM
  154. 60mm lens?
  155. The Ground Glass & The Focusing Screen
  156. J-12 for street photography
  157. Looking for CV 12 or 15mm lense in NJ/NY
  158. Sharpest 135mm
  159. 50/f2.0 Heliar compared to 50/f1.5 Nokton
  160. hand holding polarizer
  161. A small, light and fast 85mm
  162. Is it easy to adjust the apeture ring on a summicron?
  163. What are the symtoms of a lens that is out of alignment?
  164. Does 50/1.4 DOF = 100/2.8 DOF?
  165. What are the (subtle) difference?
  166. Hasselblad Planar vs. Rolleiflex Planar
  167. flash , polaroid back,digital camera
  168. Triplet VS. Tessar on a 2 1/4 folder (??)
  169. Small nick in lens
  170. How do you clean your lens and filter?
  171. wipe marks; what is the effect?
  172. Favorite Focal Length For Landscapes
  173. Diffraction and f stops
  174. uncoated lens best for Infra Red!!
  175. Smallest, lightest Leitz 50mm?
  176. Multi-coat UV/protective filters, Multi-part question
  177. Slow Zuiko lens 1.8
  178. Strange softness with a Russian lens.
  179. Petzval, Hemispherique Rapide, etc?
  180. using filters for bw ?
  181. is it ok to use uv-ir cut filter with 50mm?
  182. The f-stop mystique - a question for optical engineers or the tech-savvy
  183. which focal length for nice portraits
  184. where can i get the new wide heliar 15mm?
  185. Hexar AF lens remounted for M-mount
  186. M-Rokkors vs Zeiss ZMs
  187. a quarter of a stop faster.... difficult or gimmick?
  188. Is a 40mm lens the sweet spot?
  189. Optomet Filters
  190. Enlarging Lenses on a RF...
  191. Lens flare in the new Star Trek movie
  192. another crazy idea
  193. 40/2.8 Rollei Sonnar vs. 35/1.4 Nokton SC
  194. confused: UV filter vs skylight filter?
  195. f-stop question
  196. lightmeter doesn't recognize contrast filter!
  197. why UV filter?
  198. Elmarit 21mm, what is this, issue?
  199. leica 35mm Summicron ASPH black-out
  200. Wide angle lens better on Rf or SLR?
  201. my new Nikkor 35/1.8 threadmount
  202. Opposite of close-up filter?
  203. Using Filters on un-coated lenses - asking for MORE flare ?
  204. Anyone know what a Leitz New York "H" filter is?
  205. Weird Summaron Field Curvature?
  206. How do you envision depth of field with a RF camera?
  207. Sometimes I wonder...
  208. Amazing Bokeh and Resolution from a Helios 103!
  209. Red Dot Glue
  210. Lens from Minolta TC1
  211. Understanding RF magnification
  212. How to figure out your lens focal length using Cheeto's
  213. Glow vs. 3D
  214. Lens Generations, Imitation and Originality
  215. If you're looking for some serious Asian old lens aficionados and images
  216. COOKE AMOTAL ANASTIGMAT 2,5" F", filter size?
  217. Different formats and DOF
  218. Some pages from old old magazines
  219. Which bodies DON'T take collapsible lenses?
  220. Why there isn't an F/1 Sonnar?
  221. Why is contrast good in a lens?
  222. leica mount macro lenses
  223. 50mm AA
  224. Kobalux and VC both 28mm, f3,5 any experiences?
  225. Filters for vintage look
  226. Lenses Vs. Fongus!!! is it possible to be clean
  227. CV, ZM & Canon 50/1.5s
  228. Does the brand of UV filter matter?
  229. Anyone used 7dayshop.com filters?
  230. super wides: 15mm and 18mm M mount lens
  231. Infra red focusing with Apochromatic lenses
  232. Generic ebay cokin filters?
  233. A Ken Rockwell lens and focusing quote
  234. Filter for non-coated lens
  235. Recycling optical elements, lens design 101
  236. convert M mount to LTM?
  237. Question about aperture and depth of field
  238. Shooting in 50mm
  239. Jupiter 37a CLA (135mm)
  240. Kodak Series "N" filters -- what are they good for?
  241. Spiratone Portragon 100mm f/4
  242. Recommend a cheap 35mm & 90mm in M or LTM mount
  243. Interesting Development from Sony
  244. Tell me what UV filter to get for CV35/2.5
  245. Mirrors and Lenses and Cameras Question
  246. Who has had their lens recoated? Help
  247. ? re. using an external finder on the rd1
  248. Flare
  249. Filter compensation- a question
  250. "Ewar" 12/f8 superwideangle