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35 MM Rangefinder cameras.Br1078lum09-03-13  05:57 am
FED 3Br1078lum08-31-13  06:14 pm
Voigtlander Brilliant and languageDaniel_c08-28-13  07:30 am
Film only or digital as well ?Jeffk16 08-26-13  05:52 am
Unmarked vintage geared Cine lensLars08-15-13  01:06 pm
Help identifying Corfield camera!!Simongabriel08-12-13  06:32 am
Ansco Buster Brown 2A and Kodak Autographic 2AFallisphoto08-08-13  04:44 pm
Foth FlexHein07-30-13  02:41 am
Topcon Unirex QuestionCactus07-22-13  05:24 pm
Some questions about my Rolleidoscop John_s07-21-13  12:32 pm
Pentax SF10 back on the roadHanskerensky07-11-13  01:11 pm
Some General Information for Checking a Contaflex or Rollei TLRBr1078lum10 07-03-13  05:42 pm
Worst Day EverDenny10 06-28-13  05:35 pm
"Made in Ryukyu"Subajogu06-25-13  07:08 pm
I'm a user, not a collector... or am I?Hanskerensky105 06-22-13  01:17 pm
Seagull 203 not workingOne90guy06-19-13  08:24 pm
Contax IIA I hope!Br1078lum06-19-13  03:50 pm
Your vintage dream camera. If you could have one,...Biloraguy68 06-12-13  10:16 am
Polaroid Instant CamerasBiloraguy06-11-13  09:24 pm
Collector / User - Is there any differance?Biloraguy11 06-10-13  10:33 am
Film is dyingBiloraguy60 06-10-13  10:24 am
Mystery NotchesBiloraguy06-10-13  10:20 am
Rolleiflex questionBiloraguy06-10-13  10:15 am
An old man's lamentBiloraguy24 06-10-13  09:51 am
Which camera bag do you use & why?Raymond3929 06-01-13  01:39 am
Text on Gauthier shutter Diaphragma Scale Hanskerensky05-25-13  05:47 am
Long term storageGlenn05-22-13  07:41 am
Mystery: what lens could that be on a Minolta CLE?Overexposed05-19-13  05:28 am
Ikoblitz Flash inquiryMsteen131404-19-13  05:01 pm
Vintage Mini TripodGlenn04-15-13  06:58 am
Bronica or Mamiya?Paul_ron04-08-13  08:06 pm
Film isn't dying.it's being killed!Neuberger03-31-13  01:50 am
Offer - German photo camera ROLAND (Ser. No. S 995) made in 1930s&#...K111103-20-13  09:31 pm
Selling outK111114 03-20-13  09:29 pm
Older Canon lens date codesMeade03-18-13  06:16 am
Mystery camera accessoryWaynemel03-15-13  08:57 am
Hektor 135mm using with Visoflex ICarlos_paula03-11-13  12:43 pm
Yashica TLR -- D or 635?Fallisphoto03-03-13  08:20 am
Russian lens for Leica IIIGlenn01-23-13  06:46 am
Trimming film leader for Leica useBr1078lum10 01-07-13  07:23 pm
Kodak Pony II back on the roadNannasin2801-06-13  11:28 pm
Recommended sellers on Ebay?G3bill12-26-12  10:27 pm
Prismaplus lensesBr1078lum12-21-12  06:17 pm
Old plate camerasThe_pirate12-20-12  01:14 pm
Kodak 80mm Rodenstock QuestionCactus12-17-12  06:31 pm
Agfa StandardMsiegel12-17-12  09:48 am
Any Dacora super dignette 1:2.8/45mm pronto lk users?Finnegan11-12-12  10:35 am
Argus C3 back on the streetMr_flibble11-05-12  03:47 am
Ciro-flex Model F TRLDesert_skorpion11-03-12  08:31 pm
Canon AF35MLBr1078lum11-03-12  05:11 pm
Yashica/contax to eos rebel 2000Leesobing10-09-12  09:59 pm
Funny anecdote about an old camera and smokeFinnegan10-02-12  02:49 pm
110 film lives againFinnegan09-23-12  05:13 pm
Voigtlander Bessa T gripMsteen131409-14-12  11:52 am
Bell & Howell Angenieux LensMndean09-10-12  07:16 pm
Kodak Patent DatesMonkey4309-09-12  06:34 pm
Voigtlander FolderHarry_bee10 09-02-12  07:02 am
620 vs. 120Brianshaw11 08-28-12  12:19 pm
Kodak Target Brownie Six-20Monkey4308-21-12  04:49 pm
Battery Adapter for Canon GIII QL17Lanshan7508-16-12  11:51 pm
1925 Kodak Box Brownie 2 (f) Camera Review & Teardown video :o)...Marty08-10-12  08:21 pm
The End of Kodak?Jamilh23 07-31-12  05:28 am
Rollei 2000 F for saleJamilh07-31-12  05:25 am
The incomparable Contax / Kiev story - but which is valid today ?Deeslexia07-29-12  01:04 pm
My camera is in Munich GermanyGemgemhk07-27-12  05:33 am
Praktina Spring WinderGlenn07-16-12  03:13 am
Can you identify this Polaroid Land back?Paul_ron07-03-12  02:17 pm
Contax DMihaibesliu06-29-12  02:19 am
Bike Crash FollowupGlenn06-28-12  11:33 am
Finding out the age of a dial set Compur shutterGlenn06-23-12  06:51 am
CameraGlenn06-03-12  05:48 am
Hasselblad Lens AdapterBrianshaw05-18-12  09:22 am
Canon Demi-17Barnum04-24-12  05:37 am
Camera case for vintage equipmentThol04-22-12  04:39 am
I'm newThol04-22-12  04:36 am
Canon Lens FD 50 mm f1.8Thol04-21-12  08:47 pm
Yashica Lynx 5000Railcrew04-07-12  11:53 am
122 to 120 film camera conversionFinnegan03-29-12  08:56 am
QuestionBarnum03-25-12  02:02 pm
Cameras of the Vietnam warSteelmanintexas11 03-17-12  01:36 pm
Why are so many Leicas sold without lenses?Chris_sherlock03-15-12  09:20 pm
Bought lens on ebay need to kno if it works on my SR-T 101M_currie03-06-12  04:44 pm
Dirty lens - What should a seller do?Thol16 03-02-12  04:59 am
The Fujica ST605IIThol03-02-12  04:01 am
No more as-is dept. at KEH Paul_ron02-21-12  06:24 pm
Bell and Howell multimotion autoload 469A projectorBrcamera02-05-12  07:31 am
DKL Retina to c/y adapterMsteen131402-01-12  11:03 am
Does anybody know what happened to Jon Goodman?Paul_ron01-31-12  02:31 pm
Agfa Karat 3.5 - film processingAlexb01-28-12  02:20 pm
Kyoritsu Camera tester Arrowin EF 8000Hanskerensky01-27-12  10:55 am
Screw attachment for Camera to head.Mike_rgb01-16-12  08:17 pm
Horseman 985Cactus01-12-12  04:23 pm
Is this Kodak No 1A Pocket folding missing a lens?Ddupree7912 01-06-12  04:20 pm
I have a camera to value.Neuberger01-04-12  07:35 am
Voigtlander Vitessa NPeborgh01-04-12  03:17 am
Kodak Series IV filters?Finnegan12-25-11  10:03 am
Ensign SELFIX 820Copernicus13 12-20-11  09:02 am
Whatist ?Hderhut12-06-11  10:10 pm
March 1960Cactus12-06-11  03:18 pm
Slide film helpThuggins10 11-29-11  08:43 pm
Olympus om-4tThuggins11-29-11  08:34 pm
WTB: Fujifilm GA645W lens hoodMichalis_dk11-29-11  06:49 am
Cameras as jewellery !Jimmyh33 11-05-11  07:59 pm
Please help identify inherited cameras please !Dgmaley11 10-28-11  12:01 pm
M42 to Retina Schneider DKL Voigtländer mountMsteen131410-25-11  09:24 am
Canter-35 35mm CameraStarboogie10-05-11  07:31 am
Good Camera Store ??Edward820 09-10-11  07:51 pm
Why bother messing with those old cameras?Stereopost07-18-11  06:12 pm
Calling all Russian camera experts!Glenn12 07-16-11  05:02 am
APS Camera Battery /Camera problems.Xenus00112 07-07-11  05:42 pm
Voigtlander Ultramatic vs Ultramatic CSThomas_mann06-27-11  03:50 pm
AppreciationOld_school06-24-11  03:10 am
Nice to look at!Br1078lum06-15-11  11:54 am
Polaroid instant film lives again.Kerne06-11-11  04:56 pm
Anyone heard of Alvatori cameras?Hanskerensky06-10-11  11:19 pm
Cavalier camerasM_currie06-06-11  05:42 am
Fujinon z 75-150mm f4.5 m42 fit lensFoto_gaga05-26-11  10:26 am
Hi I am newNickkhun2305-24-11  06:41 pm
Need help identifying 4x5 press cameraKerne05-22-11  07:11 pm
Contaflex I Users!Br1078lum05-16-11  12:01 pm
Does anyone have any info on a Ricohflex Model T?Leesobing05-03-11  10:52 pm
Help identifying Polaroid backs pleaseBrianshaw05-03-11  05:47 pm
Canon FTb: which is more durable, early or late?Cooltouch04-21-11  02:49 pm
RolleicopiGlenn04-20-11  12:17 pm
I'm back!Finnegan04-01-11  02:56 pm
My own retro Kodak Brownie Vecta designMarty03-30-11  05:52 pm
Polaroid land camera 80a and 1961 10 second filmM_currie03-26-11  05:28 am
Beware eBay sharksLikaleica150 03-03-11  03:36 am
Braun Paxette IdentificationSteve_s03-01-11  11:38 pm
Mystery lens - Mamiya / Sekor CURichard1karash02-28-11  09:17 pm
Help Identifying Agfa JsoletteDenny02-21-11  04:29 pm
SCAMBarnum02-18-11  11:24 am
Summar lens with strange aperturesM_currie02-11-11  07:40 pm
Minolta PE &QF lensesCamtom02-10-11  10:12 am
110 film develop & print.Silversurfer02-07-11  01:55 pm
Chrome Age CameraCanuck_curt01-29-11  08:45 am
Freshened up 1947 TOKO Mighty miniature "SPY" cameraClay11 01-26-11  11:18 am
Industar-26m on Zorki 1Karl01-21-11  03:18 pm
Another mystery itemWaynemel01-21-11  02:57 pm
Christmas greetingsBeautywendy01-18-11  12:27 am
Thank you!Beautywendy01-18-11  12:21 am
Bell and Howell lensPsurfer01-05-11  05:12 pm
What does Kodak 64415 fit?Br1078lum12-29-10  09:57 am
Brain PickingBenlin91012-09-10  11:10 pm
Praktica Leesobing12-08-10  07:59 pm
The pride of my (and likely anyone else's for that matter) collecti...Rachely47612-08-10  05:28 pm
What size is the Iskra?Rachely47612 12-08-10  05:25 pm
Date of production for my Canonet QL17Francis_otto11-30-10  11:50 am
Creating your own camera from parts.Norman29 11-10-10  04:39 pm
Bayonet 1 Do Rollei Filters fit Yashica et al? - NO!Reborn711-04-10  04:33 am
Kodak senior six 16Rlc10-26-10  06:31 pm
What is this part?Mareklew10-25-10  09:10 am
What is B.L. setting on Mamiya 35 (Sears Tower 41)Ismaelg10-22-10  04:36 am
Canon F-1Puderse10-04-10  05:23 am
Bower-X Folding CameraChiccolini10-01-10  12:38 pm
Voightlander BrillantHarry_bee09-26-10  11:38 am
Rodenstock-Iloca-Heligon questionMsteen131409-25-10  05:25 am
NEW MEMBERAthurart0912 09-21-10  07:05 pm
Nikkor AIS 35-70 35-70 MacroDavid_ritchie09-20-10  03:34 am
CHINON CSRlc09-19-10  10:53 am
My New Collector's Web Site - What do you think?Gyurmi09-15-10  06:14 am
The story of my Mintolta XG-1Blua09-10-10  02:37 pm
Just picked up a Canonet 28Leesobing09-07-10  09:32 pm
MINOLTA 16Leesobing09-05-10  10:41 pm
Do anyone what is Exakta varioplanGlenn09-05-10  02:34 pm
Canon -VS-Minolta have a chance to pick upBobehud09-03-10  06:21 pm
Modell P56LWideloads09-02-10  06:02 am
AN odd item i picked in a trade what is a KOPIL self timerFoto_gaga08-30-10  03:57 pm
Kodak 3A Folding Hawk Eye Model 3Adrian08-25-10  07:27 am
Damping grease, replacement ?Spdtwn38 08-22-10  07:46 pm
Any one know anything about this camera?Bill_alexander08-20-10  08:50 am
Poilaroid SX-70Nicoledc10908-17-10  11:29 pm
The 17th Korean Air photo travel Contest Clay08-16-10  05:23 pm
Lens Cleaning ?Glenn08-08-10  08:14 am
Best Retina ?Chiccolini08-06-10  08:05 am
PhotoBoricua.com shuts downIsmaelg08-05-10  05:26 pm
Ever seen a Polaroid Land Camera with misprint on front?Clay08-05-10  10:23 am
Old geezers, old camerasEdward830 07-29-10  04:29 pm
Jerry-rigged Agfa Karat cartridgesTraquair07-28-10  07:47 am
Your view on brand of lens for topcon super dGlenn14 07-27-10  03:55 pm
Lenses for Landscape photosJayd07-24-10  10:08 am
Another Retina questionJayd07-24-10  09:54 am
Retina Reflex Lens mountJayd07-24-10  09:26 am
Left handed camera ?Clay11 07-15-10  07:46 am
AND SHE SCORES!!!!Ismaelg06-22-10  03:30 am
Minox filmRetina06-04-10  09:50 pm
Camera swap meets in the Bay Area?Rlc06-03-10  01:35 pm
Question about Pentacon 35mmShutterbug205-30-10  10:21 pm
Minolta md zoom rokkor 50-135mm f3.5Gyurmi05-30-10  05:21 am
I'd like to ID this view cameraDaryl05-24-10  04:03 pm
Contaflex I OpinionsVerduzcor05-23-10  09:03 am
Another mystery item!Waynemel05-17-10  03:04 pm
Blurry photosDenny14 05-10-10  09:30 am
GRAPHIC 35 JETRlc05-09-10  09:43 am
Petri SLR camerasGez19 05-09-10  04:53 am
Minolta XD 11 w/200mm lens and Yashica TL Electro XDenny05-08-10  12:39 pm
Asanuma lensMikeguyver05-08-10  03:46 am
Need help researching this Sears Tower Automatic 127Foto_gaga04-26-10  03:19 pm
PrimoHanskerensky04-25-10  11:37 am
Aires 35-IIIL: Nice camera, but lousy userM_currie04-23-10  06:38 am
Using a Camera can Overcome Shyness??Francis_otto11 04-22-10  11:20 am
I have a minolta xg7 i need some helpWaynemel04-15-10  06:33 pm
Konica FT-1 remote shutter Leesobing03-29-10  07:49 pm
Pentax KA and Ricoh KR compatabilityLeesobing03-27-10  12:35 am
How many films taken by PENTAX MZ5??Leesobing03-27-10  12:22 am
Praktica LT1000-MTL3Leesobing03-27-10  12:03 am
Do you have a Minute 16 camera - help.David_nebenzahl03-04-10  04:27 pm
Zeiss Ikon Contaflex I questionChiccolini03-03-10  04:11 am
Name the TLRs in the logoJack_croswell03-02-10  12:26 pm
RARE Nikon SS-F2 has surfacedSpudpotatohead17 02-25-10  10:41 am
[Gloat] Nice vintage light meter (Bertram Chrolon)Sevo02-09-10  09:42 am
Freshened up monster: Polaroid Instant Land Camera J66Ismaelg02-06-10  04:35 am
Voigtlander lensesEstudleon11 01-27-10  05:51 am
U.K. camera museum/collection.Karl01-26-10  08:04 am
Braun PaxettesDavid_nebenzahl01-22-10  09:14 pm
Ihagee Parvola 127Tom_cheshire01-22-10  05:12 pm
Mystery AccessoriesDavid_nebenzahl01-22-10  12:38 am
Mamiya Six (II?)Folder Film Loading Clues RequestedGeowelch01-19-10  01:27 pm
AARRGGHH!! I just destroyed 87 years of a cameraIsmaelg01-16-10  06:01 pm
Does this site work for you?Peter_johnson31 01-16-10  10:51 am
Instructions on the Kodak Pony 135 Model CJecicapapa01-13-10  07:34 pm
Newbie with an old Minolta and telephoto quesJecicapapa01-13-10  07:33 pm
Merry Christmas!Jecicapapa01-13-10  07:31 pm
Minolta xe-1Jecicapapa01-13-10  07:30 pm
Prewar Bessa RFMsiegel01-13-10  02:26 am
Certo Dollina IIIJecicapapa01-12-10  07:11 pm
What is this part on the Kodak Pony 135 model C?Ismaelg12-02-09  09:40 am
Praktica MTL3Moris11-30-09  07:59 am
Kiev 4 rewind spoolAford11-29-09  03:18 pm
Electric lensesMoris12 11-24-09  06:12 am
Fujica DriveHarry_bee11-17-09  01:40 pm
Hello from Puerto RicoTom_cheshire11-16-09  02:29 pm
Minolta XD, loose spring in viewfinder-yikes!Rfl42111-16-09  07:53 am
Miranda Sensorex II viewfindersWaynemel11-10-09  05:18 am
The Big QuestionPaul_ron22 11-04-09  11:43 am
Has anyone heard of this one?Rlc10-22-09  12:53 pm
Vintage Kodak Tourist II CameraChiccolini10-12-09  10:48 am
Camera ageGez10-12-09  04:33 am
Yashica MAT 124 GGlenn10-11-09  05:40 am
Minolta flash meter lllTom_cheshire10-10-09  07:02 am
Miranda "B" SLRChaffinch10-08-09  05:23 pm
Picked up another SLR, have a lens question.Ohm10-02-09  10:13 am
{FWD)HISTORY REAL RIVER S201Harryrag10-01-09  09:41 pm
Adaptall mount available in FL or FD breechlock?Ronnies09-29-09  01:27 am
Are you a "new member" too? LOLHanskerensky10 09-13-09  08:51 am
Film-based camera exasperationFredster17 09-06-09  06:44 pm
Questions on old Hansa Japanese stuffChiccolini13 09-01-09  01:56 pm
Do you remember Shutterbug Ads and the others?Tom_cheshire10 09-01-09  01:43 pm
Good, Reliable Repair ServicePetercat08-28-09  05:02 am
Where to sellPetercat13 08-28-09  04:53 am
Pax Golden ViewGman66608-26-09  07:48 pm
Test ReportsM_currie08-26-09  05:52 am
35mm film before 135 cartsRaj08-25-09  04:34 pm
Old lenses on New CamerasWim_abbeloos08-24-09  02:28 am
Local camera collectors museumMsiegel08-13-09  08:44 am
Polaroid film website is goneTom_cheshire08-08-09  11:58 am
Unknown leica HELP ID pleaseGlenn07-30-09  01:09 am
Ricoh Singlex TLS CameraDgillette407-28-09  01:50 pm
Canon DemiMsiegel07-13-09  08:05 am
Kodak retina III C TYPE 028 or 021 ?Chiccolini07-11-09  07:44 pm
Leg pullBarnum07-10-09  08:22 am
Yashica Atoron owners?Chiccolini07-05-09  04:10 pm
Petri 7sOhm07-02-09  10:26 am
Yashica 8 (Questions)Chiccolini06-27-09  04:33 pm
Rick Oleson shoutoutAdrian06-27-09  08:57 am
Look what I found :-)...Leesobing06-25-09  08:19 pm
PictureBarnum06-22-09  08:53 am
Great find!Barnum06-22-09  08:38 am
"New" Kiev Fredster06-17-09  10:05 pm
Do you read Camera Shopper (buy/sell/swap)?Chiccolini06-16-09  01:14 pm
Mamiya 645Glenn06-14-09  11:21 am
I'm not a collector - but an inheritorKevinc06-08-09  09:50 pm
How old is too old (film)?Dgillette405-26-09  03:42 pm
220 film in Foldex 30 Jayd05-25-09  04:37 pm
Anyone heard of Deitz LensesTom_cheshire05-24-09  06:01 pm
Easier or harder to find old cameras?Barnum10 05-24-09  10:22 am
Any use to anyone?Shutterbug205-23-09  11:03 am
MPPBarnum05-23-09  06:36 am
Looking for a compact 35mm classic Puderse16 05-14-09  05:46 am
Cosina SLR Camera Model CT-7Leesobing05-13-09  05:07 am
Need help identifying cameraSevo05-06-09  05:25 pm
Help on camera infoMarty05-06-09  12:37 pm
Olympus 35 RC family portraitNorman12 05-01-09  02:12 pm
Yashica 635 lens questions...Glenn04-30-09  06:16 am
Agfa FlexiletteBarnum04-29-09  09:25 am
Argoflex seventyfiveStepheng04-19-09  11:22 am
My ever growing collectionOhm04-17-09  06:38 pm
Konica Auto S -- alternative battery coverFallisphoto04-12-09  11:28 am
Found Mamiya with Film in it !Marty12 04-08-09  03:00 pm
Rolleiflex 'old standard'Fred_the_oyster04-08-09  11:56 am
Unknown Screw Mount - Identify?Leesobing11 04-05-09  09:32 pm
I'm selling my Pentax K1000, anyone interested?Leesobing03-29-09  03:56 am
Kodak Retina IV with Zoom LensEstudleon03-28-09  08:13 am
Is asny have use Rllei Flash e19BLeesobing03-28-09  07:58 am
Medium Format advice?Paul_ron03-18-09  06:00 pm
My Canon SLR collection growsOhm03-18-09  03:29 pm
Bushnell 28mm 1:2.8 wide-ange lens I found for $10 at a pawn shop!Turnergande03-13-09  06:34 pm
Bronica SQAJames_stan03-06-09  04:10 pm
Vintage Lens and Cameras for SaleMudpie03-06-09  03:30 pm
Canon T50 electricsColinrose702-20-09  05:56 pm
Zorki CNorman02-12-09  01:07 pm
16 mm film for kiev vegaPetercat02-12-09  11:40 am
Zenit 6 with Rubin-1 first soviet zoom lensGlenn02-11-09  10:02 am
Camera ID? "Superior Flash"Connealy02-10-09  07:27 pm
Yashica TL Electro XBill_alexander02-08-09  11:25 am
F M RichardBarnum02-04-09  11:05 am
Yachica MinisterBill_alexander02-01-09  11:10 am
Sears ks superShutterbug201-31-09  12:43 pm
AvimoBarnum01-28-09  10:30 am
Stereo PhotographyRonny01-22-09  12:09 pm
ADRIANBarnum01-12-09  10:16 am
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