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You may place an ad for parts cameras (up through 1980's) or individual parts only. Let's not clutter this forum up with ads for readily available components. Advertising of fully operational cameras is only allowed if it is in such ratty shape it is offered as a parts donor. No eBay-like or commercial ads. Remember we are endeavoring to help each other in the "Tinkerers Plight." Let's not get overly commercial. The Swap Zone is moderated daily. Off-topic or inappropriate ads are removed without notification. Favorite Classics can not be held responsible for transactions made from this page. We are supplying the ad webspace...nothing more! You are free to contact the lister by email directly. Don't use the moderator as a mediator.

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Canonet ql 19 Film winderPauld109-12-13  02:23 pm
Wanted please: Petri Racer/Auto Rapid battery compartment lidMsiegel09-10-13  03:54 am
Need Canon rangefinder partsCtdogs09-09-13  12:39 pm
Wanted: Rolleiflex 2.8 C spool knobNovembersierra09-03-13  02:58 am
WTB: Rolleiflex Automat K4B shutter guardHanskerensky17 08-08-13  12:51 pm
Wanted - Rolleicord auxiliary shutter releaseBrcamera08-08-13  07:51 am
Wanted - Olympus Lens elementsWestcoastpete07-20-13  12:28 am
Wanted/Swap Xenotar 2.8 front elementNovembersierra07-17-13  01:11 pm
Super Paxette Automatic LightmeterPushticat07-11-13  06:17 pm
Olympus 35 LE Battery CapElwrongo07-08-13  05:09 am
Olympus 35RC strap lug neededWaynemel06-21-13  04:27 pm
Any one happen to have a top cover for a Canonet GIII 17Hi_country_flash06-07-13  10:19 pm
Super Tak 50mm/1.4 parts & lens availableJon_goodman06-04-13  04:58 am
LF Afga Optima Sensor partsWaynemel05-14-13  11:23 am
Front lens element Rokkor PF 58mm f1.4Waynemel05-14-13  11:22 am
Super Rokkor 45mm f/2.8 front element groupDxqcanada05-11-13  08:24 am
Needed: Pentax K1000 Exposure Counter CapBrcamera05-07-13  09:46 am
Wanted: Canon Vi-T top coverHollenbj05-06-13  04:11 pm
Yashica LM TLR PARTS NEEDEDZombicams05-05-13  08:33 am
Asahi Pentax MX film advance lever trim pieceJdvores04-27-13  12:17 pm
Minolta SRT Cocking/film advance leverBrcamera04-22-13  04:11 pm
Wanted: Shutter for Nikon FA, FE2 or FM2nTronds_6304-21-13  01:31 am
Wanted: Yashica 124G taking lens or taking lens rear groupTronds_6304-18-13  01:03 am
Leica IIF / IIIF or probably any II or III eyepieceDxqcanada04-17-13  02:34 pm
Voigtlander VF 101 lens faceplate wanted.Tronds_6304-16-13  12:25 pm
Voigtland Vito B door lockZombicams04-10-13  04:06 pm
Paxette plate from winder lever mechanismTawnyman04-08-13  01:55 am
Yashica D nameplate wantedZombicams11 03-26-13  05:55 pm
Wanted Canon U20 Unit for 533g SpeedliteFiftyfifty03-20-13  05:19 am
Nikon FG Aperture ring neededAerowoof03-13-13  10:37 am
Nikon F Nameplate for Non Metered Prism FinderAlapan03-09-13  04:59 pm
Focusin Screen Needed for Minolta XG-MBrcamera03-09-13  11:28 am
Looking for...Zorki 5 or 6 front rangefinder window bezelHollenbj03-09-13  10:35 am
Need focus screen for canon ae-1 programAerowoof02-28-13  04:31 pm
I just need a little screw -- Bessa RBrcamera02-28-13  02:10 pm
Petri XV shutter parts wantedWaynemel02-28-13  09:08 am
For sale Rollei waist level finderNovembersierra02-26-13  04:57 am
WANTED Rolleicord Vb front panel Novembersierra02-22-13  04:59 am
Any Leica M parts out there?Eskimogus02-17-13  01:22 pm
Zeiss Ikonta 521/16Brcamera02-12-13  08:57 am
LF Petri 35 battery capWaynemel02-08-13  01:54 pm
WTB: Prontor shutter SVS partsBrcamera02-06-13  04:51 pm
Wanted: pressure plate for Zeiss Nettar 515/16Fredtheoyster02-06-13  02:44 am
Fuji AX-3 battery doorBrcamera01-29-13  01:40 pm
Would like a good used blue dipped cap froma minolta xBrcamera01-22-13  02:08 pm
Folding Contessa Rewind ButtonNick_merritt01-14-13  01:35 pm
Canon 110 ED battery holderFrancis_in_vt01-03-13  01:35 pm
Canon AE-1 ProgramArfd01-03-13  03:57 am
Tamron 80-210mm Model 103AArfd01-03-13  03:48 am
Some Canonet QL17 GIII parts wantedSantaji01-03-13  02:08 am
Zeiss-Ikon Super Ikonta A 531Jeffk12-29-12  02:47 pm
Lens cap for Zorki-10Zanxion7212-20-12  10:47 pm
Wanted: F-1, F-1n , motor drive battery cap G3bill12-19-12  09:36 pm
Need battery door cover for nikon fmBrcamera12-19-12  06:22 pm
Wanted Werra 1 focussing index, depth of scale ringAdrian12-17-12  02:43 pm
No.1a Pocket Kodak viewfinder partWaynemel12-12-12  04:25 am
Contaflex Super Tessar front element wantedWalkersj12-02-12  12:04 pm
Petri Racer partsWaynemel11-30-12  04:42 pm
Yashica TLR Lens Cover For TradeCactus11-27-12  04:48 am
Wanted Iskra ShutterMilosdevino11-09-12  04:13 am
Zeiss Ikon Maximar A Connealy11-07-12  10:36 am
CanonF1NStarshipengineer11-06-12  08:16 pm
Battery door coverBrcamera11-05-12  10:52 am
Yashica or Yashicamat nameplate / badge wantedMikevernon11-05-12  10:21 am
Wanted Rollei XF 35 / Voigtländer VF135 Battery CapHanskerensky11-03-12  12:04 pm
Wanted: Jupiter 9 M42 parts or Broken lensMrjeroul10-29-12  05:25 am
Free Retina 1aIsmaelg10-23-12  11:18 am
Wanted: Mamiya 220 80mm f/2.8 aperture switchBrcamera10-22-12  10:53 am
Olympus Wide-SChrisplatt10-18-12  04:12 pm
Petri Color 35Chrisplatt10-18-12  04:11 pm
Wanted: Zeiss Super Ikonta C 531/2 for partsRay_man10-16-12  12:50 pm
Argus Minca/Delco 828Connealy10-14-12  06:28 pm
Wanted: Yashica mat 124 non G caseLuck0010-06-12  10:09 am
Wanted: Yashica/contax 28mmM_currie09-30-12  06:03 am
Yashica 124 mat no G need taken lensLuck0009-25-12  10:29 pm
Screw needed - Nikon TC-201Hollenbj09-25-12  12:17 pm
Door strut for No.3 FPKMarty09-20-12  04:08 pm
Pentax Spotmatic Parts NeededMrfusion09-13-12  01:15 pm
Need white dome for Minolta Autometer IIIFFinnegan08-26-12  03:18 am
Argus C-3 CaseOne90guy12 08-20-12  03:13 pm
NEED LEICA M2 Rangefinder assemblyLanshan7508-16-12  11:56 pm
Wanted: Ultimate Exakta Repair bookPeterwitrigs08-11-12  02:00 am
Wanted: bad lens from Universal MercuryFinnegan08-08-12  06:34 pm
Pentax ME Super parts needeBrcamera08-05-12  06:28 pm
Yashica CC/GX and Canonet QL17 parts availableHollenbj13 07-30-12  11:25 am
WTB Nikon FA Standard BackBr1078lum07-19-12  05:15 pm
Sekonic L-518 Digipro X-1Paul_ron07-17-12  08:29 pm
WTB: Rewind release button for Contax 159mmGreg84ae07-16-12  05:32 pm
Looking for a copal sv shutterLuck0006-26-12  10:27 pm
Yashica mat 124 non G copal sv shutter screwLuck0006-25-12  10:33 am
Looking for Yashica-Mat Parts (Or TLR parts)Darioluna06-11-12  06:48 pm
Nikon EM rewind knob.Darioluna06-11-12  06:46 pm
Wanted: Yashicamat wind leverBrcamera06-11-12  12:44 pm
Canon 7s Shutter NeededThomas106-08-12  03:15 pm
Prontor-SV Blade Pusher SpringBr1078lum06-07-12  04:48 am
Wanted. Rolleiflex 3.5E or 2.8E partsMikevernon05-31-12  02:52 pm
Need Rolleicord V Focus knob or similarEskimogus05-29-12  02:06 pm
Nikon FA Top Cover/PlatesNikonguy05-24-12  12:51 pm
Canon 7s MeterHollenbj05-23-12  04:33 pm
Ksx super remote shutter release wantedFinnegan05-15-12  12:10 pm
Available: Canon QL-17 G-III. Mostly there.Hollenbj04-30-12  09:49 am
Yashica Lynx 5000 wantedChris_sherlock04-27-12  10:48 pm
Wanted: Velio Shutter BladesTwitowski04-24-12  03:53 pm
WANTED Yashica TLR front name plateRiley10304-20-12  07:19 pm
Nova-Anastimat Center ElementBr1078lum04-20-12  05:31 pm
WTB: Rolleiflex broken camerasEskimogus04-18-12  06:25 pm
Topcon RE Super parts wantedWaynemel04-16-12  05:18 pm
PURMABarnum04-11-12  09:36 am
Some Yashica GSN and Mg-1 parts if anyone needs them.One90guy04-08-12  06:38 pm
WTB Canon QL17 Giii Canonet light meter or parts assy.Hollenbj04-06-12  04:14 pm
Need Canon IIF (or compatible) slow speed assmbly.Hollenbj04-05-12  09:33 am
I need some Ciro-Flex parts!E2732m04-04-12  09:23 pm
Nikkor 50 1.4 front elementHollenbj04-04-12  09:05 am
Super Baldina (Early Version)Andrewbecker9303-25-12  06:40 pm
Pentax Takumar SMC 1.4 50mm lensGrebmohr03-21-12  09:52 am
Wanted: Canon FD 50mm 1.4 (UK/IRL)Jasond03-19-12  12:10 pm
Petri 7s PartsSteelmanintexas03-17-12  12:25 pm
Canonet 17 - NEED 2 SCREWS for bottom plate Mharmon03-08-12  04:31 am
Wanted. Medium format TLR or SLR for spares.Mikevernon03-03-12  03:51 pm
WTB. Screw for Mamiya C33Mikevernon03-03-12  03:41 pm
WTB: Yashica Mat 124 taking lensJirkain03-02-12  03:33 am
WTS: Sears KS-2This_is_nascar02-27-12  11:20 am
WTB: Viewfinder window for Yashica MG-1One90guy02-25-12  05:21 pm
LF Original Olympus Stylus Infinity film door windowWaynemel02-19-12  07:32 pm
WTB- ROLLEIFLEX AUTOMAT PLATE (Early)Eskimogus02-02-12  08:05 pm
WTB - Lens cap and hood for Canonet QL17Br1078lum02-02-12  12:50 pm
Want a Leica M, Dead or Alive. Eskimogus01-31-12  11:34 am
Wanted cameras sold @ BX/PX in VietnamJayd01-31-12  08:12 am
Looking for film advance lever for Nikon FG or FG20Brcamera01-22-12  11:26 am
FS: 100mm/3.5 Carl Zeiss Tessar in Graflex Compur Shutter - Parts o...Hgolds5501-21-12  01:43 pm
Looking for a dead Cosina CX-2Kongzi01-19-12  04:27 am
Wanted: Ball-bearing shuttersBrcamera01-18-12  08:20 pm
I need the Screw on for my German SLICK Tripod.Mike_rgb01-16-12  08:26 pm
I need this part for the head on my Monopod.Brcamera01-14-12  04:21 pm
Need replacement prism for Agfaflex or Colorflex or AmbiflexBr1078lum01-05-12  06:26 pm
Wanted: Olympus Mju back door or film cassette window.Tronds_6301-05-12  02:48 pm
Need battery cover -> Konica Big MiniBrcamera01-04-12  04:15 pm
Nikon F2 Eyelevel Finder prism wantedCooltouch01-03-12  08:28 pm
WTB Matchmatic partOne90guy12-28-11  06:27 am
Wanted: Autocord LMX name plate and focus lever.Tronds_6312-21-11  01:45 pm
Nikon FTN meter ASA dialBrcamera12-13-11  05:32 pm
Agfa Isolette film wind knobEricsoldcameras12-13-11  02:32 pm
Wanted middle element for Canon 300mm F4 FDBojan12-13-11  01:27 pm
Wanted: Pentax MX SE screenGz7312-11-11  12:10 pm
Wanted: Asahiflex nameplateKees_sc12-10-11  06:39 am
Agfa Isolette III rangefinder parts neededAlcino_barbanera12-07-11  07:55 am
I need a "Yahsica Mat" plateFallisphoto12-06-11  09:00 am
WTB: Brass Large Format lenseEskimogus12-02-11  11:38 am
Trade or $$ for parts: Yashica FX-1M_currie12-01-11  07:09 pm
Wanted: Foot for 1931 Voigtlander InosFallisphoto12-01-11  12:28 pm
WTB: Fujifilm GA645W lens hoodMichalis_dk11-29-11  06:52 am
Will Trade: Electro 35 GS top plate for GT bottom plateNparsons1311-26-11  08:23 pm
Wanted: Canon Demi S or EE17 parts or brokenNico11-11-11  06:06 am
Need Rolleiflex Automat PartsEskimogus11-08-11  06:39 pm
Trade bronica model cMotouno11-06-11  08:09 pm
Agfa Isolette parts neededFallisphoto11-01-11  01:28 pm
Canonet Film Rewind KnobJac52611-01-11  11:46 am
Wanted: Minoltina meterColby10-30-11  04:49 am
Olympus Stylus MJU II (Infinity Epic) battery doorWaynemel10-24-11  03:51 am
Zeiss Contaflex take-up spoolSteve_s10-21-11  11:10 pm
WTB: Kiev 4 partsBarnum10-19-11  10:09 am
Leica CL Take Up spool needed!Eskimogus10-13-11  04:23 pm
Available: Canonet GIII QL 1.7 for partsBrianshaw10-01-11  12:49 pm
Need Rolleiflex f/3.5 ? Screws for spool that hold roll filmEskimogus09-21-11  07:53 am
Kowa H parts neededWaynemel09-20-11  03:38 am
Ross Ensign 820 XPRESS 105MM F3.8 Samuel09-17-11  02:39 am
Wanted - AE1 Program, battery doorKevininsky09-15-11  04:54 pm
Part for Ikonta 521Br1078lum09-13-11  09:03 am
Wanted..Canon F1..prism release buttonBrcamera09-12-11  07:22 am
Super Ikonta 'A' vew finder bitsSamuel09-08-11  12:50 pm
Need c3 Matchmatic rf mechanismOne90guy09-07-11  01:23 pm
Yashica GSN parts availableNparsons1309-06-11  03:30 pm
For Trade: Miranda T "Orion Camera Co." ModelEskimogus09-01-11  10:43 pm
Ikonta C 521/2Br1078lum08-22-11  05:43 pm
Ricoh Diacord L advance knob needed.Mihkel08-19-11  03:32 pm
Wanted: Olympus Pen half-frame cameraMndean12 08-14-11  10:19 am
Leica speed dialKrg08-07-11  11:14 pm
TOP PLATEBarnum08-07-11  03:07 am
Leitz Summarit front element WANTEDRobertro08-04-11  06:10 pm
FS: Nikon 50/2 Hgolds5507-21-11  05:49 pm
Olympus Pen F Rewind Shaft and KnobMr_tomcat12307-20-11  11:57 pm
Need rubber focus ring for Nikon 50mm F1.4 AISNgocrebel07-15-11  11:02 am
Nikon F (FTn) body with meter - needs workNgocrebel07-12-11  02:58 pm
Need front glass for Nikon 180mm F2.8 ED AISNgocrebel07-12-11  02:51 pm
Need back door for Ricoh 35Xenus00107-07-11  05:45 pm
Mamiya 645 strap fastenerSdanahey07-06-11  12:09 pm
Nikon F2 DE-1 prism glass neededCooltouch07-04-11  02:36 pm
645 strap and fastenerSdanahey07-02-11  04:25 pm
Mamiya 645 neck strap fastenerFrancis_in_vt07-02-11  03:40 pm
Schneider kreuznach xenar 1:4,5/150 wanted rear lensV12nut06-27-11  10:49 am
WTB/WTT Minolta Autocord shutter Gtyler506-23-11  12:41 pm
Angenieux 25mm f0.95 Lens Parts NeededCmtpixr06-21-11  10:57 am
Argus C3 matchmatic light meterDavid_ritchie06-09-11  12:16 pm
Minolta MiniflexSdedalus06-08-11  05:25 pm
Wanted - #0 shutterSdedalus06-08-11  05:20 pm
Wanted Kodak ASA flash terminal coverTunashoes06-08-11  05:18 am
Contaflex I and Minolta Hi Matic EWaynemel06-04-11  07:23 pm
Rear lens element for Minolta Hi-matic EKerne06-04-11  06:36 pm
Wanted: 58mm lens retaining ring for Pentax A70-210Ismaelg06-02-11  05:27 am
OlympusBarnum05-22-11  03:24 am
Wanted: New Canonet QL17-L BlackSangetsu18 05-14-11  05:45 pm
Looking for Kowa H partsWaynemel05-13-11  03:44 am
FS: Nikon N2000 Bottom PlateHgolds5505-12-11  09:55 am
Wanted_Olympus Pen FT for partsStandreww_warhola05-04-11  07:05 am
Mamiya C3 depth of field panelPaul_ron05-04-11  05:20 am
Want£ºrolleiflex 2.8F whiteface panel£¨mint or spare£©Chiccolini05-03-11  08:36 am
Has anybody got a box of Voigtlander bits..?Rover9004-22-11  08:06 am
Replacement Robot II Film Cassettes NeededHeywood04-12-11  11:01 am
Coronet 3DBarnum04-08-11  07:44 am
Ricoh KR10 Super, almost working - give awayWojtek04-08-11  01:06 am
2 Konica C35 cameras and Yashica T3 for partsWojtek04-08-11  01:04 am
AGFA FLEXILETTEBarnum03-23-11  10:57 am
Contax 167MT Top Cover wantedTrooper03-16-11  11:29 am
Rolleicord winder (film counter)Brcamera03-14-11  02:57 pm
Viewfinder for 16 on 120 formatGraham_austin03-13-11  06:36 am
Kodak 620 Duo bodyGraham_austin03-09-11  01:14 am
Voigtlander Vito CSR battery compartment cap neededRon_g03-06-11  02:32 am
Need Timer Button for RolleiflexBrcamera03-05-11  10:09 pm
Wanted: Pentax 6x7 battery boxBrcamera03-05-11  09:47 pm
Need Wind lever Cover Screw for Pentax Me SuperBrcamera03-05-11  01:35 pm
Viewing mirror,Rollicord.Hanskerensky10 02-25-11  02:25 pm
Off topic requestKarl02-24-11  06:35 am
Wanted: Yashica Electro 35 GL front groupBr1078lum02-20-11  06:12 pm
Nikkormat FTn Battery Cover: SeekingBrcamera02-20-11  11:02 am
Wanted: Parts for Pentax H3V/SV and Mamiya?Sekor 1000 DTLElwrongo02-20-11  07:27 am
Still needed: Speed bushing for Pentax H3V/SVScottyguitar02-19-11  07:07 pm
Wanted: Kodak Retina Reflex IV partWaynemel02-19-11  01:25 pm
Wanted - Junker Yashica ML 50mm f/1.4 LensLgdavis02-18-11  09:53 am
Argus C3 shutter speed escapement wanted!Alandove02-17-11  09:48 am
Zeiss 440 finder prismBr1078lum02-16-11  09:21 pm
Rolleicord 11 viewing box assemblySilversurfer02-10-11  12:41 pm
Wanted: Robot II Cassets and accessoriesZaks90v802-09-11  04:52 am
WANTED: Minolta Autocord dialMichalis_dk01-31-11  03:30 am
Any Canon FD 1.2 lens partBeautywendy01-18-11  01:04 am
Wanted:Advance knobs Agfa Solinette and folding Ikonta 35Beautywendy01-18-11  01:02 am
Olympus 35 RCBeautywendy01-18-11  12:48 am
Battery cover Nikon PhotomicBr1078lum01-15-11  09:50 am
Fixers for sale - Classic RF 35'sEleitz01-15-11  06:25 am
Wanted Bessamatic Synchro Compur X Spring #824Ron_g11 01-11-11  01:48 pm
Yashica GSN top cover or glassNparsons1312-30-10  08:09 am
Wanted: Olympus 35 RC strap hardwareCrookedchris12-21-10  07:58 am
Wanted KMZ turret viewfinder prismWalkersj12-10-10  07:13 am
DE/EU - offered - Kiev 4A for parts or repairMareklew12-07-10  10:04 am
Leica summicron front lens and Contarex Super mirrorCrexclient12-06-10  01:04 pm
Pentax Stuff Magkelly11-29-10  10:28 pm
Canon A1Neelie11-18-10  09:59 pm
Rolleicord Va Frame CounterRonnies11-10-10  12:43 pm
Yashica TLR flash shoeJpartsch11-09-10  09:41 am
WTB: Zorki 2C bottom plate with latchConnealy11-03-10  09:30 pm
Canon A1Brcamera10-30-10  09:23 pm
Advance lever for Minolta XE-7Rlc10-23-10  07:36 am
Lens hood "pin" for an 8.5cm Nikkor RF lensDanonroute6610-16-10  02:35 pm
Nikon rabbit earsRbrian10-14-10  10:32 am
WTB: Rewind knob for Canon F-1NGez10-14-10  10:14 am
Foldex 30 film pressure plateMikeguyver10-09-10  04:00 am
WTB: 75mmf3.5 Tessar or Xenar lens setSdnk200110-05-10  11:06 am
Need lens boards to fit Koni-OmegaRlc10-03-10  03:56 pm
ZENIT TTL and other ZENIT parts availableRlc09-30-10  10:53 am
Microcord mk1Gazolba09-26-10  02:37 pm
Canon demi S viewfinder Nico09-24-10  02:31 pm
Argus C4 Shutter LeverFrancis_in_vt09-21-10  01:20 pm
Agfa Solinette advance knobFredtheoyster09-19-10  07:25 am
Leica MC MeterExtrabroker09-15-10  05:28 pm
Asahi Pentax clip on meterWaynemel09-13-10  03:45 am
N & T cassettes for Robot 2 cameraSilversurfer09-10-10  11:25 am
Yashica A partsZippie09-09-10  01:06 am
2 Yashica TL electro X'sCtdogs09-03-10  09:58 am
Yashica Mat name plate and winder trimLogandiana09-02-10  10:52 am
Wanted: Owners Manual for Minolta Auto Meter lllfChiccolini08-30-10  03:52 pm
Olympus OM-G Parts AvailableTylerwebb08-08-10  05:59 pm
WTB Yashica Electro 35 GSN partsRobertro08-05-10  11:25 am
Olympus Pen EED or Pen D lens assyRobertro08-05-10  11:20 am
CMR Shutter Tester ProbeDavid_ritchie08-01-10  07:30 am
Wanted: Self-Timer lever: Revueflex TChaffinch07-31-10  05:25 pm
DIGITAL CAMERA VILLAGE. is a certified wholesaler of various brand...Edward807-30-10  06:38 pm
Wanted Minolta SR-7 PartsZuikopath07-30-10  03:34 pm
Kalimar Six Sixty TLR - WANTED!Mr_crabbs07-26-10  05:40 am
Kalimar Six Sixty TLR Mr_crabbs07-26-10  05:37 am
Busch Pressman 4x5 Lens BoardF8nbthere07-25-10  08:10 am
Wanted: Aperture blades for Nikkor 24mm f2.8Robertro07-18-10  04:47 pm
Need a canon 514-xls (super 8) gear, and FTb Battery coverNico07-17-10  11:26 am
Wanted: Compur-Rapid Slow speed escapement module Tom_cheshire07-09-10  03:21 pm
Rolleiflex part... WANTEDRon_g06-27-10  07:52 am
Contax 139 parts wantedMonopix06-27-10  01:04 am
Wanted - Praktica rewind ass'y.Jed06-24-10  10:39 pm
Mamiyaflex or Mamiya C3 name plate + vulcanitePaul_ron06-13-10  05:28 am
Junker RB67 Pro-S revolving back for parts? Paul_ron06-13-10  05:23 am
Leningrad 2 and GE PR3 exposure meter wantedJayd06-11-10  06:10 am
Mount from collapsible LTM industar/FED lens wantedGeorgeboosh06-11-10  04:40 am
Wanted - Contessa Tessar lens elementDmh06-10-10  02:46 pm
Broken Leningrad Rangefinder camera wanted. Georgeboosh06-06-10  07:05 am
Roleicord III Wanted - Parts / RepairTurnergande06-05-10  07:03 pm
WANTED G-III CanonetChiccolini06-05-10  08:36 am
Canon Canonet parts availableCanonet_giii06-05-10  06:57 am
Escapement module of the post-war synchro-compur shutterKi706-03-10  02:04 pm
Nikon FG parts wantedHovaness06-02-10  05:07 pm
Olympus spare parts for OM 707Robertro05-28-10  08:35 am
Ricoh 500G of 35ZFWaynemel05-26-10  03:00 pm
Minolta XK Camera/AccessoriesRhughes05-24-10  03:06 pm
FS: Minolta XG9Gdaleo105-22-10  03:30 pm
Yashica FX-D BATTERY DOOR?Monopix05-22-10  01:59 am
Need winding crank for old Rolleiflex StandardKi705-21-10  02:30 pm
Need body caps for 8mm movie cam. (readChiccolini05-20-10  03:12 am
Needed Battery cover for Rollei 35Hoovie91804-30-10  10:42 am
Wanted: Cocking lever for Argus C3Msiegel15 04-29-10  06:00 am
Need lens mount for Graflex NoritaChiccolini04-18-10  03:31 pm
Wanted: Pentax ES battery coverDsides04-17-10  05:45 am
FS 2 RB67 120 film backs, $40ea+shPaul_ron04-17-10  05:36 am
Diaphragm blades Seikosha David_nebenzahl04-04-10  11:26 am
WANTED: OM-4T capMichalis_dk04-04-10  01:01 am
Wanted Epsilon Shutter or partsMilosdevino04-03-10  03:44 pm
Anyone need a Canon AE-1P manual?David_nebenzahl04-02-10  05:42 pm
Need Pentax K1000 frame counter dial coverKimmiecab04-01-10  04:56 pm
Mamiya 135 4,5 double lens rear glassesKemakeur03-29-10  08:56 am
Werra 1e Black, Viewfinder PrismKemakeur03-29-10  08:46 am
Yashica TL Electro X neg. (-) battery contactRobertboyet03-26-10  11:44 pm
I have a P Angenieux LensJonnrossigmailcom03-25-10  12:23 pm
Rolleicord Va part neededRbeverag03-23-10  01:43 pm
Graphic 22 advance knob wantedChurch_st_photo03-22-10  05:53 am
Vivitar 75-205 zoom Nikon Ai to swap.Fiftyfifty03-22-10  01:20 am
Parts from Petri 7s 2.8 availableElwrongo03-18-10  09:12 am
Need a film advance lever for a Kodak Retinette 1BChris_sherlock03-16-10  05:49 pm
Argus Argoflex Tiny Screws for Lens RingRlc03-13-10  06:03 am
Need lens for Praktica FXChiccolini03-10-10  04:37 pm
Need a set of lens spanners Ron_g03-06-10  06:37 am
Kalart Rangefinder for Busch Pressman DMotouno03-02-10  11:33 pm
Need lensmount for Koni-OmegaChiccolini03-02-10  10:23 am
Looking for film speed dial for yashica tl electro xEdmond03-01-10  08:09 am
Need self timer arm for Mamiya DSX1000Reedhoppa02-28-10  09:24 pm
Super Paxette "kit" offeredDavid_nebenzahl02-26-10  10:51 am
Spotmatic & SPII parts availableJack_croswell02-26-10  09:29 am
Argus C3 Shutter AssemblyTom_cheshire02-24-10  04:01 pm
Argus C33 WantedJimmy_olsen02-24-10  09:28 am
Film Advance Lever For Argus C33Jimmy_olsen02-24-10  09:12 am
ZENIT 112 BatterycapSilversurfer02-22-10  11:10 am
Practica FX2Silversurfer02-21-10  03:08 pm
Wanted: Battery cover for Konica Auto S2 or S1.6Norman02-19-10  01:20 pm
Need Bracket for a Nissin 4800GT Flash GunRon_g02-13-10  09:04 am
WTB (Wanted): Zeiss PancolarAlpenhause02-12-10  10:36 pm
Seikosha S (for Mamiya Press)Chascanada02-06-10  09:54 am
Olympus RD - Self Timer Lever WantedElwrongo02-02-10  08:14 pm
Wanted: Photo of Zorki 2c bottom plate insideConnealy02-02-10  05:44 am
Pax M4 "kit" offeredDavid_nebenzahl02-01-10  06:32 pm
Kiev-4 parts offeredFred_the_oyster02-01-10  11:12 am
Wanted: battery cover, Olympus OM77AFRobertro12 01-31-10  03:43 pm
Tiny screw for Yashica GXLachlan01-30-10  09:20 pm
Wanted: Pentax ME Super Battery Cap/Cover and Asahi Pentax MX rubbe...Geowelch01-30-10  09:33 am
Wanted: Mamiya Press DarkslideGeowelch01-30-10  09:26 am
Minolta mc/pf 58mm f1.4 front elementDavid_nebenzahl01-29-10  12:44 pm
Vitomatic IIa screw for top plate - WHY?Adrian01-29-10  09:17 am
Graflex graphic viewSandman01-26-10  09:15 pm
Yashica Mat 124Sandman01-26-10  09:13 pm
YASHICA!Sandman01-26-10  09:09 pm
Praktica PL3 to sell!Mafienzo01-23-10  07:52 am
Wanted: Parts for Zeiss Contina 524/24Fred_the_oyster01-19-10  01:23 am
Need junk lens for Mercury or ClarusChiccolini01-13-10  10:03 am
Looking for a rollei xf 35 battery door + rewind knob.Piumach01-13-10  06:28 am
Focusing screen for a AE-1 PROGRAMPeter_johnson01-12-10  05:23 pm
Agfa manual wanted Adrian01-10-10  12:26 pm
Need wind knob for old Rolleiflex Std. TLRLucas01-08-10  02:04 pm
Wanted: Shutter Realease Button (extender) for Rolleicord VbMarcelreimer01-07-10  02:28 am
Wanted. Self timer lever for Ricoh 500 GX or similarMonopix01-06-10  07:22 am
Contax 139 parts or complete cameras wantedAmym01-02-10  07:22 am
Wanted: Repairman for Fujica V2Harryrag10 01-02-10  01:51 am
Wanted: canon ae-1 program split image focusing screenPeter_johnson01-01-10  08:49 pm
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