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Zorki-3Barnum09-07-13  10:41 am
Helios-44-2 Hard aperture preset ring.Zanxion7208-31-13  10:18 pm
FED 3Barnum08-30-13  09:41 am
Minolta XD 5 film advance lever jammed?Stefanie28508-20-13  07:00 am
Painted Stereo Brownie BellowsMarty07-17-13  05:56 pm
Yashica Mat-124 meter springJoespix07-15-13  07:13 am
CORONETAdrian06-07-13  12:53 pm
CORONETBarnum06-05-13  01:54 am
Camera Covering Kits...Jon_goodman06-04-13  04:39 am
Looking for original screw off Zeiss Ikonta 522/24Zombicams05-17-13  03:20 pm
Leica Paint ???Overexposed13 05-16-13  05:29 pm
Close to mint?Hollenbj12 05-15-13  11:30 am
Minox 35 EL - refinishingFinnegan05-05-13  08:26 am
Covering Cameras With Other Stuff...Hollenbj49 05-03-13  09:29 am
Voightlander vito cdJuli04-29-13  05:24 am
Leatherette removal on a Zorki 4Fallisphoto12 04-26-13  04:44 pm
S'Ikonta 530 (early)Barnum04-22-13  10:31 am
Smokers camerasFallisphoto04-19-13  07:20 am
Movie camera restoration anyone?Arfd16 03-30-13  03:30 am
Makinon lens 28 80mm rebuildOutsider03-18-13  07:02 pm
Everready case repairFallisphoto03-02-13  12:55 pm
Preparing Aluminum Body for PaintFallisphoto02-26-13  12:54 pm
Leather removal from No. 3A Kodak - how?Fallisphoto02-16-13  12:58 pm
Canon AE-1 LeatherFallisphoto02-16-13  12:40 pm
Zeiss Ikon Contina - I need all the help I can getAnat11 02-13-13  10:53 am
Old leather covering restorationMarty25 02-02-13  08:55 am
Cleaning Mirrors — safe method found.Newworld01-22-13  06:57 pm
How to remove/restore white covered rubberIsmaelg01-01-13  05:50 am
Cleaning body and outside (no glass) Zeiss LensFallisphoto12-13-12  09:20 pm
Help me identify and restore this old Italian cameraBr1078lum12-13-12  04:56 pm
Weston Meter restore? Selinium? 1940?G3bill12-10-12  08:53 pm
Tips needed for filling engravingsFallisphoto21 12-09-12  09:47 am
LEICA HANDGRIP M (14405) restorationLpig12-09-12  03:17 am
Polaroid land camera 95B Br1078lum12-06-12  05:42 pm
Kodak Retina type 118 repaintMr_flibble11-19-12  12:38 am
A tale of three Bullseye handlesMarty11-16-12  03:04 pm
Argus C3 shutter speed dial alignmentMr_flibble10-14-12  11:19 pm
Cleaning metal parts in Argus C3?Fallisphoto10-10-12  03:59 pm
Olympus OM10 focus screen dirt "behind it"Mindseye10-03-12  10:18 am
KERSHAWBarnum09-26-12  06:40 am
Thornton-PickardBarnum09-21-12  09:21 am
Wrinkle black paint touchupBr1078lum09-15-12  05:25 pm
That classic Agfa covering (Robusti?)Denverdad09-14-12  12:24 pm
Vintage camera restorationMarty16 08-28-12  08:39 pm
Which glue for aluminium logo on vulcanite?Lpig08-25-12  03:30 am
Looking for Kodak 35 partsHollenbj10 08-14-12  10:08 am
Electro 35 Chrome Finish Light ScratchesFinnegan08-08-12  06:40 pm
Discussion on leather options (lambskin or not?)David2208-03-12  07:45 am
Sanderson JuniorBarnum07-31-12  10:08 am
Where can I get this clip?Graywolf22 07-21-12  01:42 pm
Sanderson JuniorBarnum07-19-12  10:13 am
Removing rubbing alcohol residuePaul_ron07-16-12  09:05 pm
Silver Camera FinishsFallisphoto07-11-12  12:18 pm
Instant glue as lens restorer?Fallisphoto12 06-27-12  06:48 am
Getting tacks out of cardboard box cameras?Fallisphoto06-27-12  06:37 am
NEED HELP: Leitz Xenon 50mm f/1.5Eskimogus06-07-12  01:17 pm
Replacing Super Ikonta markingsGauntlet7106-07-12  09:20 am
Olympus 35rd film advance leverSean106-02-12  11:54 am
How do I remove the rear element of my lens?Mikevernon06-02-12  08:32 am
Repair recommendation neededFinnegan05-19-12  05:50 pm
Disassembling a Hi-Matic 9?Hollenbj05-10-12  11:04 am
Bottom leatherette on a Vito IIGlenn05-02-12  02:52 am
Argus C3 viewfinder lens adhesiveOne90guy04-05-12  10:00 am
Mercury II Repair and RestorationMsiegel03-29-12  01:12 am
FlexiletteBarnum03-21-12  11:07 am
Agfa Super Solinette, focus isueBr1078lum03-14-12  06:27 pm
Pony Premo No.6 viewfinder cleansingJohn_flinn03-10-12  07:12 pm
Source of composite leatherCalafia200303-07-12  02:16 pm
Please Help - Specific Light-Sealing brush wantedGlenn03-02-12  03:21 pm
Restore black paint of leather case Marty01-28-12  07:06 pm
Repainting bronzed edges?Paul_ron01-06-12  06:59 am
Best way to clean painted metal?Mr_flibble01-05-12  11:10 pm
1904 Kodak No. 2 Folding Brownie model AFallisphoto01-02-12  03:47 pm
AGFABarnum12-27-11  08:07 am
Weston Master IIIBarnum26 11-22-11  08:29 am
Restoring brass depth of field platesFallisphoto12 11-09-11  06:50 pm
How to glue the leather skin.Fallisphoto26 10-14-11  08:23 am
Restoring old camera leatherFallisphoto10-14-11  08:17 am
Tip and a question about restoring leather camera coveringsFallisphoto10-14-11  08:10 am
Need Leica CL Take-up spoolEskimogus10-13-11  04:22 pm
Vintage Tripod for Exakta setupFallisphoto10-01-11  07:04 am
Pliobond - UK equivalent?Big_mac_9023 09-21-11  06:20 am
Leitz Hektor 5cm f/2.5 HELP!Old_school09-02-11  07:14 pm
No.1A Speed KodakEskimogus09-01-11  02:08 pm
ICA Maximar 207 - help neededMusuoka08-17-11  06:14 pm
Ever made a single pleat/fold bellows?Brcamera08-09-11  08:35 pm
Remove black marker from Olympus XALucadomi08-04-11  07:18 pm
Zeiss Ikonta C 521/2Br1078lum08-02-11  05:37 pm
Liquid chrome?Cooltouch07-04-11  02:29 pm
Elmar black 90 mmJmel07-04-11  11:41 am
Angenieux 25mm f0.95 Lens Parts NeededCmtpixr06-21-11  11:03 am
Minolta Miniflex restorationSdedalus06-13-11  07:03 pm
Glue that looks like shellac but is not?Janierik05-10-11  09:04 am
Bellows light leak/pin hole repairBeamascope12 04-29-11  05:29 pm
Lens polishing?Janierik03-10-11  11:05 pm
Rollicord II, to paint or not to paint ?Karl16 03-09-11  06:16 am
SlrmirrorreplacementIsmaelg10 03-06-11  04:33 pm
Minolta High-matic EsWaynemel16 03-04-11  10:15 am
MIRANDA G PARTSHantti02-28-11  12:25 pm
Restoration of old rolled up photoKarl02-24-11  06:23 am
Flash unit "glass" yellowingSevo02-23-11  01:44 am
AGFA IsoletteFallisphoto02-22-11  05:46 pm
Recovering MaterialFallisphoto02-22-11  05:35 pm
Ensign 820Arnaldo02-16-11  09:25 pm
Agfa Super Isolette advance/film reminder dial replacementT6nn02-10-11  03:31 pm
Lens restoration: Rexatar m42 mount 200mm f3.3Chiccolini11 12-21-10  04:36 pm
Restoration Benson Victor Street CameraFoto_gaga18 12-15-10  04:33 pm
Lens Restoration: Russian Helios 44-2Flybye12-01-10  06:16 am
Camera logo silkscreeningFabio11-29-10  12:42 am
ERC RepairDavid_ritchie11-26-10  06:24 pm
TestingGlenn11-16-10  12:38 pm
Argus A2B Stuck ShutterFoto_gaga11-02-10  08:54 am
Parts for postage only/Argoflex & BrownieEugennmezei10-17-10  04:29 pm
ERC RepairFoto_gaga10-01-10  08:46 am
Folding camera restoration - Replace film holderGlenn09-26-10  06:19 am
Minolta ALHderhut09-25-10  08:23 pm
Advices for a newbie Nico18 08-19-10  06:28 am
Yashica electro 35 strap stickyAphototaker08-18-10  10:43 am
Trading bellowsDidden15 08-06-10  08:00 am
Glue for a frontplateLpig08-02-10  02:17 pm
How to clean alkaline battery leakage in Nikon F801Puterpro10 07-16-10  08:25 am
OM-1. Changing leatherette with film loadedFarside07-04-10  04:38 am
Fogged GlassMarty07-02-10  11:37 am
RolleicordMareklew07-01-10  12:36 pm
Need advice on restoring Kodak Brownie camerasChiccolini06-25-10  04:06 pm
Foam seals - this old curse againJohn_s06-22-10  12:49 pm
How long do new seals and foam last?Glenn35 05-30-10  04:31 pm
How to spruce up leather and chrome top on Canon FTb and AE-1 ProgramGyurmi05-30-10  07:29 am
Gorilla Glue and Light sealsFallisphoto05-18-10  10:05 am
General metal polishing advice?Fallisphoto05-18-10  09:36 am
"Lubricating" wooden partsMilosdevino14 04-29-10  02:41 am
Unable to restore Vivitar 200mm f/3.5 Nikon mount.Puderse03-19-10  06:02 am
Kodak Petite CoverMirj03-16-10  09:57 am
PETIELUXBarnum03-09-10  07:45 am
Exa ISamtc03-08-10  04:01 pm
Restoring flexible rubber "leatherette"Philacamera02-22-10  09:57 pm
New Canon F-1 AE Power Winder FNIanbuchanan01-28-10  01:58 pm
Replacement leatherette for Aires IIIDavid_nebenzahl01-26-10  10:00 pm
Which paint ?Tom_cheshire01-14-10  04:36 pm
Problems with polishingDavid_nebenzahl01-14-10  11:22 am
Bonding Agent for Recovering CamerasPaul_ron16 01-12-10  01:30 pm
Lenses: how can I replace an old rubber focusing grip?Paul_ron12 01-11-10  01:23 pm
Black paint for lens shade / hoodDavid_nebenzahl11 12-21-09  12:54 pm
Need advise on how to proceed: Premo Jr. No. 1 Model BIsmaelg14 12-09-09  04:17 pm
How to remove musty odor from cameraFallisphoto10 12-03-09  07:55 am
Canon FT Battery CoverGlenn10-22-09  01:47 am
2 small pieces of leatherette patch needed for my leica M3 and leic...Finnegan10-12-09  10:19 am
Tobacco Smoke RemovalChiccolini10-12-09  04:39 am
A chinese diyHarryrag10-01-09  10:01 pm
Mamiya RB67 precut coveringsPaul_ron09-29-09  11:06 am
Vito II rewind knob needed.Connealy09-18-09  11:12 am
Producing a slide from a negHanskerensky09-14-09  07:12 am
Shutter on Thornton Pickard ?Contax_crisis09-12-09  12:27 pm
Zeiss-ikon-nettar 515-2 leatheretteFreegan09-09-09  02:47 pm
Box Camera Mirror ReplacementTom_cheshire11 09-08-09  11:30 am
Securing loose parts in camera?Triggerhappy09-05-09  03:15 am
Mercury II, Brownie target six-16, Kodak dualflex IITom_cheshire11 08-27-09  03:18 pm
Minolta wide strapTom_cheshire08-25-09  02:13 pm
Dent removalTom_cheshire08-25-09  02:00 pm
Yashica Lynx 1000Tom_cheshire08-25-09  12:06 pm
Restoration and value of cameraTom_cheshire08-25-09  07:20 am
Cleaning Minox chrome - how-to?Tom_cheshire08-24-09  07:50 am
Which model is my Kodak monitor?Tom_cheshire08-19-09  07:14 am
Does anyone here repair their ever-ready cases?Tom_cheshire14 07-23-09  04:35 pm
Hasselblad 1000fTom_cheshire07-13-09  06:00 am
Mess Ikonta top plate removalHanskerensky06-16-09  09:27 am
Best approach for dealing with brassing?Tom_cheshire16 05-19-09  09:37 am
Minolta-35 rangefinder type1d sn#10969Mndean05-12-09  08:23 pm
RestorationStudiocarter04-03-09  10:20 am
Pimp My PetriSauli_särkkä10 04-02-09  11:48 am
Premo B restorationPaul_ron03-11-09  01:39 pm
Canonet lens SE 1,9/45 Afrika6101-29-09  10:26 am
Nikon F partsJack_fisher01-27-09  07:07 am
Autographic leatherette replacementDgillette401-15-09  08:23 am
Best Paint for camerasGlenn10 01-09-09  09:42 am
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