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Jupiter 3 adjustment for LeicaDavid_nebenzahl12-31-09  06:02 pm
Contaflex I front lens elementRick_oleson12-31-09  03:18 pm
Agfa ambiflexSterio12-30-09  07:51 am
CONTAX C/Z 35-70mm 3.4 reassemblyGianma12-30-09  06:06 am
Yashica Mat 124G: Focusing arm stuckPaguru12-30-09  01:16 am
Can somebody direct me in disassembling Sonnar 150 for Rollei 6000 Monopix12-29-09  02:35 pm
Soligor 180mm f3.5 with oily bladesC317212-29-09  05:07 am
Mamiya C 180mm Lens repair (cleaning)David_nebenzahl25 12-28-09  11:51 am
Fun with a Minolta SRT-101David_nebenzahl12-27-09  10:14 pm
Yashica electro 35 gx non working light meterRhino12-26-09  11:24 am
Fd 50mm lens, strange fluid on diaphragmExtrabroker12-26-09  01:39 am
How to fix Leica M5 self timer loose, no response?Agno312-25-09  03:31 pm
Konica Auto S2 ProblemsWaynemel16 12-24-09  04:28 pm
Yashica electro 35G with rock hard focusing ring?Monopix10 12-24-09  01:27 pm
Konica Auto S2 mystery partWaynemel12-23-09  02:07 pm
Yashica A Focusing Knob Cap AdviceElwrongo12-23-09  06:41 am
Yashica GX not winding on correctlyLachlan12-22-09  04:27 pm
OM2n jammedEzio12-22-09  12:14 pm
Basic info needed: how (Zorki) shutters workDavid_nebenzahl12-21-09  08:02 pm
Help needed with disassembling a Sonnar 150mm for HasselbladHrndnvalery12-21-09  06:21 pm
1950's kodak brownie 2 videocameraWalsbro12-21-09  05:28 am
Yashica Lynx 14 taper pinHarryrag12-21-09  02:20 am
Olympus om1 shutter button wont pop back up.Frankencamera12-20-09  09:38 pm
Argus C3 broken partM_currie12-20-09  07:31 am
Yashica FX3 mirror: How to keep in place?Ismaelg12-19-09  06:21 pm
Is the Yashica TL Electro X affected by the pad of death?Monopix12-19-09  09:21 am
ARGUS C2?Brandon12-19-09  12:27 am
Zorki-3M lens mount problemsDavid_nebenzahl12-18-09  11:59 pm
Yashica FR - electronicsDirbel12-18-09  12:48 am
Nikon F2 Manufacturer YearsTreecheung12-17-09  08:49 pm
How to access shutter mechanism on beau brownie? first post!Spacecake8412-17-09  12:38 pm
Yashica-Mat Counter Adjustment...Bliorg12-17-09  07:31 am
Kodascope Model BKaraperry12-16-09  07:21 pm
Problem with shutter curtains speeds?Aphototaker15 12-15-09  08:36 am
Yashica Mat 124 taking lens fungusCooltouch12-14-09  02:46 pm
Prontor Slow SpeedRick_oleson12-13-09  11:39 am
Yashica Electro 35 GSN metering problemMonopix12-13-09  06:04 am
DACORRA Dignette 300LIgmarsvenvat12-13-09  01:19 am
Minolta x370 wont fireMikeb12-12-09  01:56 pm
Canon LTM rangefinder shutter curtain repair?Prasanna12 12-10-09  05:57 pm
Canon FTbn Dead Meter and Grungy Focusing ScreenGez12-10-09  01:06 pm
Canon Pellix mirror replacementAlanstarkie200112-10-09  11:21 am
Canonet 28 stuck ASAMonopix12-10-09  09:00 am
Yashica Lynx 5000 CDS cellDan_mitchell12-10-09  07:41 am
Zorki help neededPrasanna12-10-09  03:58 am
Yashica 635 Lens swap?Chiccolini12-10-09  03:11 am
Yashica Lynx 14 falling partDelvischeng12-09-09  07:17 pm
Yashica Lynx 14 winding problem Reiner12-09-09  12:42 pm
Burke & James 4x5 Press Camera questionCcondon12-09-09  07:29 am
Yashica lynx 14 falling plateHarryrag12-09-09  04:56 am
Shutter in Praktica L seriesPrasanna12-08-09  03:27 pm
Contarex lens repairsMarco196612-08-09  07:53 am
Asahi Pentax SP1000 Shutter not firing, Wind lever stuckTom_cheshire12-07-09  02:33 pm
How to lube Canon AE-1 ProgramAphototaker12-07-09  09:59 am
Prontor Press shutter cleaning IIWimw12-06-09  12:31 pm
AE-1 Program: opening it for the first timeAphototaker12-06-09  06:21 am
Installing Schottky Diode in a Canon F-1 -- details?Lucas14 12-06-09  04:18 am
Pentax mx sync contactsJohn_shriver12-05-09  05:09 pm
Infinity lock for Canon 50 f1.8 LtmJohn_shriver12-05-09  04:55 pm
Pentax MV flash sync doesn't workCooltouch12-05-09  03:19 pm
Cleaning the tar from an EOS shutterCooltouch12-05-09  03:03 pm
Olympus OM-1 with jammed shutterRick_oleson12-05-09  10:38 am
Petri Color 35 lube/infinitySteve_roberts12-04-09  02:51 am
Yashica Lynx 14 DiaphragmHarryrag12-03-09  11:15 pm
fungus removal on Pentax lensFallisphoto12-03-09  07:44 am
Olympus Pen ees-2 focusJvanoort12-03-09  05:03 am
Canon Speedlight Ex430Quensh12-03-09  12:56 am
Ansco Regent RepairPgeobc12-02-09  11:23 pm
Vivitar 70-150mm infinity adjustKiron_kid12-02-09  09:07 pm
Kiron 28-105 F4 Macro focusing issuesKiron_kid12-02-09  09:04 pm
'Tight' OM10Kellyangood12-02-09  11:07 am
Leica R3 filmwinder lever stuckLws11-30-09  12:49 pm
Canonet 28 light meter peggedAndynmorrison11-30-09  02:41 am
CockingleverMoris13 11-29-09  11:07 pm
Bilora Bella 66 b repairNicktk111-29-09  06:28 pm
What is this screw?M_currie11-29-09  05:38 pm
Yashica GSN light leaks & GTN not meteringGez11-29-09  01:28 pm
Petri 35 Color Corrected Super 2.8Mikel11-29-09  10:04 am
Yashica Electro 35 GSNMike_rgb17 11-29-09  03:49 am
Minolta Citizen MVLTheerak11-28-09  03:03 pm
Minolta Autocord Lens disassemblyTheerak11-28-09  02:09 pm
Pentacon F/FM curtain tensions.Steve_s11-28-09  07:44 am
Minolta Spotmeter M: dead?Johnphoto11-27-09  12:33 pm
Olympus 35RDBarnum15 11-27-09  09:19 am
Vivitar 75-205mm "AF" zoom lensRick_oleson11-25-09  05:57 pm
Ricoh 500ME (GX) Loose Lens BarrelElwrongo11-24-09  09:31 pm
Yashica lynx 14 shutterDelvischeng11-23-09  06:05 pm
Pentax me Super Karl11-23-09  04:05 pm
Fujica ST701 Meter "spikes"Waynemel11-23-09  10:43 am
Nikon FA top removalWaynemel11-23-09  10:40 am
Tar on the eblt of a canon eos 630 Tom_cheshire11-23-09  09:07 am
Mark Dapoz's Olympus Site?Dabomb11-22-09  02:21 pm
Can this Canon QL17 G-III be saved?Finnegan11-22-09  02:16 pm
Agfa Ambi Silette repair help!!Dmcrite3311-22-09  03:01 am
Need help - Zeiss Ikonta 521/2Scott11-21-09  12:32 pm
Derlux/GallusMarnix11-21-09  02:47 am
Olympus Pen DOlympusrf11-20-09  01:58 pm
Nikon fm3a film advance issueDirbel11-20-09  02:10 am
Yashica GSNEthostech11-18-09  06:35 pm
Regula Mastra V35Chrisbellx11-17-09  05:28 am
Nikon F2 Prism glass interchangeability?Bossman11-15-09  08:04 pm
Pentax K2. Shutter Release mechanismKulmann11-15-09  09:57 am
Konica S2 Auto QueryNickon5111-15-09  03:03 am
Bessa R3A rangefinder adjustment / calibrationImpman7111-14-09  09:45 am
OM-4 shutter speeds/mountMichalis_dk11-11-09  01:08 pm
Yashica FR1 shutter timer stuckMikel11-11-09  12:19 pm
Pics of German made Tower CameraMsiegel11-11-09  03:16 am
Selecting a camera for easy focus screen fiddling.Msiegel24 11-11-09  03:11 am
Chinon slr batteryMsiegel11-11-09  01:19 am
Minolta Auto Winder GMndean11-10-09  09:58 pm
Canon QL17 Lens repair tools ?Mojave_tom11-10-09  07:42 pm
Bessa RF rangefinderEthostech11-10-09  02:04 pm
Contaflex I - Synchro Compur and that darn SpringRick_oleson11-09-09  06:36 pm
Canonet QL19 Rangefinder repairT_merc11-09-09  06:36 pm
Minox 35 - adjusting focusMichalis_dk11-09-09  01:16 am
Panisonic DMC-FS3 lumix cameraTmarie106511-08-09  09:13 pm
German made Tower CameraDmcrite3311-08-09  12:34 pm
Film not wound tightly onto take up spool on Zeiss Ikon Nettar 517/16Rick_oleson11-08-09  08:33 am
Agfa Selectronic S: Rangefinder Adjustment / ManualDave_s11-08-09  07:24 am
Viewfinder cleaning for Voigtlander Perkeo I and Zeiss Ikon Nettar ...Daniirwan11-08-09  07:11 am
Rolleiflex 2.8 D - Film counter will not advance - Has Rolleikin p...Johnmaloof11-06-09  04:03 pm
SRT Meter AdjustmentDenny11-06-09  01:05 pm
Baldamatic II / III Base PlateHai11-06-09  11:49 am
Olympus XA and A11 flash in red. Peterclarke11-06-09  02:21 am
Leicaflex mirror replacementLws11-05-09  02:23 pm
Mamiya C330 Lens HoodJmtgreen2910 11-05-09  08:31 am
Pax lensPixelmatrix11-04-09  03:29 pm
Fujica ST801 marked focusing screen - clean or replace?Glenn11-04-09  06:51 am
Nikon FG, shutter button internals jammed?Ethostech11-04-09  06:48 am
Zeiss 85/1.4 won't open!Ethostech11-04-09  05:55 am
Gossen PilotPuderse11-02-09  05:41 am
Olympus OM-4 'B' timeStefan0n11-02-09  03:47 am
Konica Auto S2: stuck self timerPcollins13 11-01-09  12:20 pm
Yashica Mat 124G finder magnifierJim_metcalfe11-01-09  12:06 pm
Kodamatic Cleaning & Happy Halloween to AllDenny11-01-09  09:02 am
Pentax 110Barnum11-01-09  03:45 am
Mamiya 23 Standard 90mm lens problemGeowelch10-31-09  08:20 am
Praktica FX2 - How to disassemble the shutter speed dial?Onesfist10-31-09  05:54 am
Minolta MC Rokkor f/1.9 55mm taking apartDjamorpheus10-31-09  05:18 am
Nikon FA shooting modes failureRonnies10-30-09  12:22 pm
Minolta Maxxum 7 with cracked bottom plateCalindy10-30-09  10:57 am
Kodak Eastman No 3 Brownie, shutter repairPuderse10-30-09  05:24 am
Canon AE-1 shutter problemWaynemel10-29-09  05:10 pm
Calibrate Gossen LunaliteMug10-29-09  01:50 am
Praktica L Mirror return snagPrasanna10-28-09  10:52 pm
Question about Canon A-series lens actuationCooltouch10-28-09  09:57 am
Contax 2Barnum10-28-09  08:54 am
Zenit 3M flash contactSaschab10-28-09  01:45 am
Rollei XF 35Reiner10-27-09  08:07 am
Praktica Mat Meter CalibrationPrasanna10-25-09  07:20 pm
Scale of difficulty to CLA old RF camerasFallisphoto10-25-09  05:42 pm
Dualflex IV LensGuesskoenig12 10-25-09  03:36 pm
How to remove corrosion from brass screws?Marty10-25-09  04:33 am
Zeiss Pacolar 1.5/50 ReassemblyMikeguyver10-25-09  03:25 am
Konika Auto Reflex A film advance lever stuckGez10-24-09  11:17 am
Fed 2 shutter tensioningPrasanna10-24-09  07:12 am
Praktica Super TL 1000Prasanna10-24-09  02:05 am
Very DIrty SLR MirrorPrasanna10-23-09  09:23 pm
Biotar 58mm F2Martinsmith9910-23-09  09:37 am
Nikon FM: dirty viewfinderCooltouch10-22-09  10:38 pm
Source for small screws and springs?R_a_feldman10-22-09  10:20 am
Praktica FX 2 - How to remove the shutter speed dial?Prasanna10-22-09  08:10 am
Praktica Ltl Prasanna10-22-09  07:45 am
Praktica FX2 shutter problemPrasanna10-22-09  07:12 am
Zeiss Ikon Telma: broken shutter?Nickon5110-21-09  04:19 am
What softens Agfa Grease? Glenn43 10-20-09  02:30 pm
Canon 200mm f2.8 FD focus adjustment needed.Bojan10-19-09  04:17 pm
My Minolta x-300 has only one shutter speedNirk10-19-09  12:18 am
Minolta rangefinder curtainEleitz10-18-09  04:35 pm
Seagull Phenix 205 HELP !Blaz3810 10-18-09  07:14 am
Lunasix 3 dismount film-speed setting discCoachman10-18-09  04:25 am
Rollei SL35 E full aperture meteringShingoshi10-18-09  03:31 am
Projector Stopped Spinning. Vintage 8mm Projector Need Help.Glenn10-17-09  11:39 am
Pentax K1000 - Galvanometer?Jenna_alive10-16-09  07:34 am
Opening the Zeiss Cocarette back portPapco_instruments10-15-09  08:21 pm
Repair a zenit 3mJon_goodman10-15-09  06:42 pm
Metering not workingLucas10-15-09  08:27 am
Help repairing a Yashica Zoomate 120SE battery doorGlenn10-14-09  01:00 pm
Nikon FM2: Light meter is hecticHai10-13-09  11:24 am
Repair help Canon EF 28-80mm f/2.8-4 L USMGlenn10-12-09  11:23 am
Konica SLR remote control socketFinnegan10-12-09  10:01 am
Polaroid 180 Tominon 114mm Lens / How do I remove the front element? Reflexcamera10-12-09  07:45 am
Canon AF35ML stuck ASA ringCooltouch10-11-09  03:37 pm
Hi-matic E shutter problemVidgamer10-11-09  08:46 am
Nikon Series E 100mm 1:2.8Tom_cheshire10-10-09  07:41 am
Colour Ultron 50/1.8 M42 stiff focus ringTom_cheshire10-10-09  07:32 am
Lens zoom JammedMndean10-09-09  08:37 am
Zorki 4 Slow SpeedsFabio10-09-09  01:22 am
Rolleicord Va film counter problemSdnk200110-08-09  10:30 am
Petri Color 35 scale focusing issue...Spanner10-08-09  03:58 am
Konica Auto 3 / C35 FD battery connectionsCharlie10-08-09  02:35 am
XE-7 Mirror Stick UPNewminfan10-08-09  01:57 am
Old F-1 (2nd version) battery check switchCooltouch10-07-09  04:41 pm
Minolta x700 Shutter Curtain ProblemBatemapa10-07-09  09:45 am
My Mamiya Sekor's back won't open!Mndean10-06-09  04:25 pm
Yashica Electro 35 GSN: nonfunctioning bulb settingKjohn5710-06-09  12:27 pm
Nikon FM2 overexposing by 1 stop+Gez10-06-09  11:02 am
Minolta x-700 repairMndean10-05-09  06:38 pm
Kodak Retina Reflex IV questionRainbowgoldfox18 10-05-09  05:00 pm
Asahiflex IIA shutter adjustmentAford10-05-09  10:25 am
Contax 139 shutter problemMarcoventurini10-04-09  05:22 am
Screw ring on winder lever - Zenit 3MFabio10-01-09  09:10 pm
Leica M6 view finder fogging Johnmaloof10-01-09  04:47 pm
SRT200, stuck lens?Leetheslacker09-30-09  03:05 am
Contax/KievTop50609-30-09  02:18 am
Baldamatic III Shutter DisassemblyHai09-28-09  06:35 am
Canon F1N HEEEELP !!!!!Markkal09-28-09  03:55 am
Nikon FM10 advance knob is stuckHovaness09-27-09  04:22 pm
Rollei XF 35, just for fun...Fallisphoto09-27-09  09:18 am
SRT 101 & 200Harlee09-26-09  06:23 pm
Putting back the focusing knob of a Yashica Mat LM?Triggerhappy09-26-09  06:30 am
Contaflex 1 cleaningDenny09-24-09  04:23 pm
MINOLTA X-370NRlc09-24-09  02:33 pm
Another Canonet issue (and a strange one)Waynemel09-24-09  12:15 pm
Canon FD135mm 1:2.5 S.C. help needed Glenn09-24-09  05:43 am
OM2 shutter !Olympfix09-23-09  09:24 pm
Canon TL shutter and mirror hangsGez09-23-09  04:28 am
Film advance jammed on Pentax KMAllenrob09-22-09  05:06 pm
Polaroid 250 rangefinder adjustingMattboston09-22-09  03:00 pm
MD-4 motor drive draining batteriesGlenn09-22-09  12:09 pm
Minolta x700 shutter not operatingMsiegel35 09-22-09  03:36 am
Leica M5 - rangefinder problemJaap11 09-21-09  09:22 am
Ricoh 520m CdsWaynemel09-19-09  03:53 pm
Nikon MD-2 sick?Cooltouch09-18-09  02:45 pm
Sunpak Auto 433D FlashRlc09-18-09  12:13 pm
Removing front lens of Yashica Electro GTJajaboston09-18-09  07:43 am
Periflex lens focus too closeJohnnyh10 09-16-09  05:16 am
Canonet 28 take-up spool problemWaynemel09-16-09  04:07 am
Conversion of Leica M lenses to LTM screwthread....Rick_oleson09-14-09  12:45 pm
Dented filter ring repair on Lynx 14Rlc09-14-09  12:38 pm
Canon FTB(n) focusing screenGez09-14-09  04:20 am
Canon New F1 rewind problemKohsa09-13-09  09:20 pm
Disassembling the shutter assembly on a CanonetStevenoble09-13-09  11:02 am
Ambi Silette - Lens, dismantleCrummo09-11-09  05:08 am
Pentaprism mirror coatingRick_oleson09-10-09  06:02 pm
Contaflex I lensJon_goodman09-10-09  04:26 pm
Yashica Electro X slr problemFinnegan09-10-09  07:25 am
Fujica V2Agapitoj09-08-09  04:26 pm
Canon fd 100-200 f5.6 repairGlenn09-08-09  02:56 pm
I have founf a webpage about RF cameraHanskerensky09-07-09  11:53 am
Vitessa(Barn Doors,early) Rewind jammedJohnnyh09-07-09  06:21 am
Ricoh KR-Super II - jammedGazolba09-06-09  10:50 pm
Canon new FD 35 f2 front element internal cleaningMartyp09-06-09  02:46 am
Dirty Canon T50 Lens?Triggerhappy09-06-09  02:25 am
Sea & Sea Motormarine II Battery Cover StuckElwrongo09-05-09  05:07 am
Minolta SR-1 Top CoverDanielb5909-05-09  12:56 am
Old Canon 7 light meter inaccurate?Hanskerensky09-04-09  11:12 pm
Minolta XG1 out of focus after cleaning the focusing screenKovenkin09-04-09  08:33 pm
Contax TLA 30 flashNigelr09-04-09  03:03 pm
Help Opening Back of CameraRick_oleson09-04-09  04:49 am
Ilex Acme Shutter bladesNickon5109-03-09  06:23 pm
Yashica MG-1Bossman09-03-09  06:02 pm
Winder Tom_cheshire09-03-09  11:27 am
Seeking catadioptric lens experience Rick_oleson11 08-31-09  01:34 am
Petri 7s, stuck shutter?Dmcrite3308-30-09  02:10 pm
Olympus Trip 35 questionWaynemel08-30-09  12:37 pm
Nikon S shutter width?Proteus61708-29-09  09:16 am
Canon T90 eyecupPopkorn52008-29-09  06:54 am
Yashica TL Super.. worth it?Nayubogen08-28-09  08:18 pm
World first - Reynold's wrap fp shutterJon_goodman08-28-09  06:58 pm
UltrasoundNickon5111 08-28-09  05:42 pm
Nikon F front name plateJorgef200208-28-09  09:34 am
Hi-Matic 9 aperture selector repair?Nickon5113 08-28-09  02:18 am
Flexaret 7 wind on interlockWalkersj08-28-09  12:15 am
Please help mePaj08-27-09  11:38 am
Olympus XA - slow shutterChenard08-27-09  08:04 am
Yashica lynx 14Tom_cheshire08-27-09  04:10 am
Tripod socketsBossman08-26-09  07:52 pm
Lead solder available in UKFredster08-26-09  05:37 am
Pentax ME Super Shutter ProblemJan08-25-09  04:39 pm
Yashica Tl-Super slow speed mechanismNayubogen08-24-09  08:06 pm
Canon Canonlite ED Flash unit not firingTom_cheshire08-24-09  07:39 am
Voigtlander Vito CLR rangefinder adjustmentM_currie08-23-09  03:43 pm
Rolleiflex 3.5 Planar...Where's my shutter?Tom_cheshire08-23-09  10:32 am
Konica III ProblemDmcrite3308-22-09  12:09 pm
Canon F-1 bottom coversGlenn08-22-09  06:26 am
Any soldering advice for Canonet battery holder?Deckeda08-21-09  07:05 am
Clutch ring for Distagon 40 CFGersur08-20-09  09:58 pm
Medis Rangefinder AttachmentNitsua32108-19-09  12:19 pm
Rollei 35 parts ?Harojs08-18-09  08:07 pm
Trying to get into the K1000 prismEthostech08-18-09  03:09 am
Can't see anything through the viewfinder.Tom_cheshire08-17-09  01:30 pm
Whcih one is the easier fix? (Canon AV1 slrs x2)Gez08-17-09  09:46 am
Olympus OM lens release buttonOlympraf08-17-09  12:18 am
Minolta Srt202 shoots at 1/500Rick_oleson08-16-09  04:58 pm
Help me disassembly Yashica 35CC lens for cleaningDunghn2808-16-09  01:51 am
MinoxBarnum08-16-09  01:28 am
Replacing Spotmatic SP focus screen - HELP!Esphotos08-15-09  04:01 pm
DakotaGlenn08-15-09  03:43 pm
Edixa slow speed shutter problemsPaj08-14-09  10:52 pm
Olympus OM4T shutter issuePopkorn52008-14-09  05:45 pm
Yashica FR-1 top cover removalPopkorn52010 08-14-09  05:40 pm
Tempor shutterFallisphoto08-14-09  04:52 pm
Me super meteringPaj08-14-09  09:26 am
Where to get 35mm and 120 film developed?Johnmaloof08-12-09  07:31 pm
Rollei 35 - How to clean view finder?Johnmaloof08-12-09  07:20 pm
Samoca 35 LEBernhard_prins08-12-09  09:32 am
Olympus 35 RC Stuck Shutter ReleaseTom_cheshire08-12-09  06:43 am
Ricoh 35 ZF top removalBossman08-12-09  06:26 am
Pentax ME super apertureWim_abbeloos08-12-09  05:57 am
Ricoh singlex ll broken film advance leverMikel08-11-09  03:57 pm
Rogonar-S disassemblyOtioed08-11-09  10:19 am
675 zinc air batteries 1.4 voltRick_oleson08-11-09  01:23 am
Minor Lens Repair IssueJsd08-10-09  05:37 pm
Service Manuals Available FREEDenny08-10-09  04:22 pm
Fujita 66/Kalimar Reflex/Haco 666 Cloth Shutter SeparatedRick_oleson08-10-09  03:21 pm
Argus C3 questionMsiegel08-10-09  12:19 am
Canonet QL17 NightmareCasual_collector08-09-09  02:34 pm
Olympus 35 spn vertical rangefinder adjustRffan08-09-09  12:58 pm
Mamiya m 65mm lensJaikishan08-08-09  08:29 pm
Hi-matic F service manual wantedMonopix08-08-09  11:04 am
Minolta SRT 101Harlee13 08-07-09  05:13 pm
Q. on power supply for Polaroid 203 IDTom_cheshire08-07-09  02:14 pm
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Rollieflex 3,5 Light seal leak - how to fix?Tom_cheshire08-06-09  01:24 pm
Contax RTS ii - wind lever mechanism (shutter ?) jammedGoblin08-06-09  10:32 am
Medalist IMike_kovacs08-06-09  05:03 am
Pentax K1000 ProblemMonopix08-05-09  07:51 am
Stuck focus on Ansco VikingTom_cheshire08-04-09  02:33 pm
Canon FTb QL: Film advance and frame counter repairGlenn08-04-09  12:18 pm
Canon AV-1 Focus screen help!!!Mredphoto08-02-09  11:11 pm
Lubital Lens DisassemblyT6nn08-02-09  03:51 am
What is this and what is it worth???Tom_cheshire08-01-09  02:25 pm
Nikon FE Shutter stuck open! Rick_oleson07-31-09  01:32 am
Fuji ST 601Harlee11 07-30-09  06:10 pm
First Kiev 88 TTL Prism alternative battery.Southman8107-29-09  05:56 pm
Contax IIa slow speedsFredster07-29-09  05:08 pm
Autowinder lubricationTom_cheshire07-29-09  04:30 pm
Pentax ZX-5 loads film, but blinks "E"Bettersense07-29-09  12:43 pm
Canon fd 35-105Fettspeck07-29-09  10:13 am
Ilex Ame PhotosNickon5107-28-09  11:17 pm
Configuration of lever at top of Compound shutterNickon5107-28-09  10:44 pm
Very urgentFiftyfifty10 07-28-09  09:50 pm
Yashica-Mat Focusing ProblemTom_cheshire07-28-09  02:18 pm
Nikon f2 shutter repairRollei35guy07-28-09  01:00 am
Nikon F2 Mirror AdjustmentRollei35guy07-28-09  12:55 am
Loading film into Welta PerleRick_oleson07-26-09  06:54 pm
Pentax (Super A) Program wind leverAtlantis1707-26-09  02:39 pm
Kiev 4 rewind button removalFredster11 07-26-09  10:55 am
Opening front of the lensHarryrag07-26-09  09:36 am
Agfa Optima stuck shutter problemBob895407-24-09  08:43 am
Leica IIIa sprocket rollerKunopher07-23-09  02:22 pm
Canonet front lens element cleaned with acetic acid.John_s07-23-09  11:20 am
Rolleiflek 6x6 K4ABrianshaw11 07-22-09  05:50 pm
Seikosha shutter cleaning and lubricating -- a small trickMarkus07-22-09  01:31 pm
Fujica ax-3Thomasw107-22-09  05:00 am
Olympus om1 camera problem...help!Olympfix07-21-09  04:53 pm
Selenium photo celsRon_g07-21-09  01:28 am
Minolta Xg-1 MirrorGez07-21-09  12:36 am
Canon Canonet slow shutter.Chaffinch07-20-09  08:28 pm
Canonet, film speed setting suddenly weirdDiwolf07-20-09  10:37 am
Tamron twin Tele lensWjc07-19-09  12:58 pm
Olympus Om-1 speed ring cordRick_oleson07-19-09  03:59 am
Ricoh Diacord frame spacing very narrowMarkus07-18-09  09:36 pm
CZJ biometar 80/2.8Vk4tnt07-18-09  05:19 pm
Material of Olympus 35 RC top and bottom platesRick_oleson07-18-09  12:13 pm
Canon AE1 shutter buttonGlenn07-18-09  11:42 am
Canonet self-timer stuckKarl07-18-09  01:48 am
Olympus OM-1 timer leverCamerafixer07-17-09  05:13 pm
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2nd curtain of my M3...Cweg07-16-09  07:39 am
Diagnosing a light meter problem in Olympus OM-1Bossman07-15-09  07:43 pm
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Koni OmegaFilm BackGeowelch07-14-09  11:46 am
Minolta SRT 101Harlee07-14-09  10:08 am
PaX M2 rangefinder cover removal.Dannl07-13-09  07:32 pm
Minolta XD7 light meter Reading badly, works on auto.Musther07-13-09  05:58 pm
Rolleiflex 2.8c top won't openTom_cheshire07-13-09  05:56 am
Canon p shutter 15/30 -> 1 / 0.5 secMinikomi07-13-09  02:49 am
Rollei 35 - How do I change the focus ring to show ft?Johnmaloof07-12-09  11:31 am
Canon F-1 - general repair & cleaning help neededWhitneyg07-12-09  09:50 am
Argus C4 strips sprocket holesRick_oleson07-12-09  07:31 am
OM-1n advance lever stuck/jammed-!!??Olympfix07-11-09  01:56 pm
Tokina 80-200mm f2.8 how to take apart?Robertro07-11-09  12:00 pm
Chomatrinix Kiev 6? = Kiev 88Southman8107-10-09  04:33 pm
Iloca IIa shutter stuck open (Prontor-S lens)Nickon5107-09-09  09:52 pm
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75/3.5 CZJ Tessar disassembly...Jpd10 07-08-09  03:58 pm
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Canon AE1 - lower mirror shattered - how to repair?Rick_oleson07-07-09  02:58 pm
Canon FTb not stopping aperture downCanuck_curt07-07-09  01:24 pm
Nikon F2 depth of field preview buttonFredster07-05-09  09:58 pm
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Kodak Brownie 8 mm from 1951-ishChiccolini07-04-09  08:41 am
Rolleiflek 6x6 K4ARick_oleson07-03-09  06:28 pm
Nikon FE Rewind knob broke can't open backRick_oleson07-03-09  03:14 pm
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Canon FTb with stuck film doorEthostech07-02-09  04:16 am
F4 electrical problemsFiftyfifty07-01-09  11:01 pm
Loose Prewar collapsable Jena 50 f:2 for ContaxFredster07-01-09  10:01 pm
Minolta XD11, XD7 spares sourceBossman06-30-09  06:42 pm
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HELP Mamiya 645 Super mirror problemsBrkl06-29-09  01:35 pm
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Replace SLR MirrorBossman06-28-09  08:35 pm
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Kiron-made Vivitar 75-150mm f3.8 reassembly questionKiron_kid06-28-09  07:01 am
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Nikkor 20mm f1:2.8Bossman13 06-25-09  08:27 pm
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How to further decrease Leica M rangefinder "gain"?T6nn06-24-09  07:17 am
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Topcon RE Auto (Uni) cleaningJohn_shriver06-23-09  05:21 pm
Websites/Resources for Vintage Camera Parts... any help is greatly ...Chiccolini06-23-09  03:10 pm
Fungus+Leicaflex prisms... swap? clean?Dragunov06-23-09  11:46 am
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Dismantling m-mount leica summaron 3.5cm Glenn06-22-09  09:08 am
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Olympus Zuiko 300mm f4.5 lens repairRobertro06-21-09  02:46 pm
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Stumped by Copal MXV shutter in YashicaHarryrag06-20-09  02:24 am
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Ricoh KR-10 Super, mirror and shutter stuckBossman06-18-09  07:31 pm
Om2n shutter speed problem. Bossman06-18-09  07:05 pm
Nikon EM Meter problemReborn706-18-09  01:52 pm
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The "right" humidity level to keep cameras around?Brianshaw06-18-09  05:57 am
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Rollop PartsTiffsea06-17-09  07:14 pm
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Light leak detector for MF foldersIshmael06-17-09  04:28 am
Konica T3n Meter Repair / Replacement?Gez06-17-09  01:47 am
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Minolta xd11 sticks in up positionMndean06-16-09  10:23 am
Can Anyone here Date This?Stephenl06-15-09  05:35 pm
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Newton's rings between partly separated lens elementsCasual_collector12 06-15-09  01:19 pm
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Argus TLR, EF seriesRick_oleson06-14-09  07:33 pm
Canon TX Battery CoverRick_oleson06-14-09  06:39 pm
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What kind of screwdriver is this ?Sapata06-11-09  01:59 pm
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Learning to disassemble and clean lensesJon_goodman15 06-05-09  07:47 pm
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Valve oil vs Spindle Oil, which is better?Mikel22 06-01-09  06:21 pm
Canon AF35M Gbrad06-01-09  09:23 am
Fujica 35MLBomobob06-01-09  04:29 am
Solvents for cleaningKkl12200214 05-31-09  01:15 am
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First time lens test questionRick_oleson05-30-09  07:47 pm
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Sealant paint (?) for Voigtlander Vitessa-T shutter mount coneArnoldharris05-30-09  03:23 pm
How to expose Koni Omega 90mm shutter leaves?Rick_oleson05-30-09  02:27 pm
Compur Rapid Shutter speed sticking Zeiss Kenneth_james_martin05-30-09  05:18 am
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The Toothpaste ThingMaineiacbob05-29-09  03:51 am
Leica IIIF curtain replacementRick_oleson05-28-09  06:57 pm
Nikon FG + MD-14Church_st_photo05-28-09  10:46 am
Agfa PD16 Clipper Rosh05-28-09  06:50 am
Minolta Maxxum 7 (film) leakage currentPmg05-28-09  03:29 am
Where to get small metric screws/bolts?Tom_cheshire05-27-09  04:42 pm
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PerkeoMsiegel05-20-09  10:57 am
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XG-M won't work with flash.Mikel10 05-16-09  04:05 pm
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Anyone have an exploded view of a Mamiya C330?Paul_ron05-11-09  04:05 pm
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Nikkormat FTn -stuck lensM_currie05-05-09  03:45 pm
Canon FD 35mm/f2 - no infinity focusDsides05-05-09  03:40 pm
Nikon FM AdvanceSauli_särkkä05-05-09  10:47 am
Yashica ML 50mm / 1.7 lensGez05-05-09  10:06 am
90mm collapsible Elmar leather removal/replacementGez05-05-09  06:28 am
Mamiya C33 screw looseSucka7405-05-09  05:52 am
Minolta Hi-Matic 7SII aperture off problemKehshin05-04-09  12:02 pm
Seal replacement. Canonet 1.7 G-III.Church_st_photo05-04-09  11:43 am
Olympus 35 SP meter problemSauli_särkkä05-04-09  10:29 am
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Lens: OM 50mm f1.4 sticky apertureLeesobing05-04-09  03:09 am
Olympus OM-10 questionLeesobing05-04-09  03:07 am
Nikon "F" Top right plate with Nippon KogaguKobe08105-03-09  02:16 am
Olympus OM-1 Top/Bottom SwitchGez05-02-09  10:26 am
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Yashica Fx-70 Quartz ProblemMikel05-01-09  04:42 pm
Minolta SRT 202 ViewfinderDsides12 05-01-09  01:40 pm
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Minolta X300s top plate removal?Msiegel05-01-09  02:47 am
Extra Shutter Blade In Paxette Steve_s05-01-09  01:03 am
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Flexi-clamp ToolsBossman04-23-09  09:19 pm
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Problem with video camera Sauli_särkkä04-22-09  10:28 pm
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Yashica 635 Timer stuck?Stepheng04-21-09  02:25 pm
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Miranda Sensorex - shutter speed dial not working?Don04-21-09  08:42 am
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Sonnar 1:1.5 oil? separation?Rick_oleson04-18-09  05:34 pm
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Yashica GSN detent ball bearing - size?Jxbjxb04-14-09  07:47 pm
Mamiya RB67 Mirror Up ProblemsPaul_ron04-14-09  12:42 pm
Kiev-4A beamsplitter removalSauli_särkkä04-13-09  09:44 am
Olympus 35 RC frame counter + metering problemSauli_särkkä04-13-09  12:06 am
Canon A1 iso dial stuckFiftyfifty04-12-09  11:05 pm
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Minolta SRT super... new to camerasDanam04-12-09  02:21 pm
How To Ajust Minolta Light Meter Anyone?Stephenl04-11-09  08:35 pm
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Agfa Karat 36 RepairScott04-11-09  12:09 am
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Lens cleaning/polishing?Rick_oleson12 04-10-09  04:57 pm
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