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Comments by: brainwood - 01-21-17 11:14 AM  
Photographer: Brad Bireley
The shot Holgas where invited for- love it
Comments by: j.scooter - 01-21-17 11:07 AM  
Photographer: mcfingon
I totally agree with Robert. Really well done!
Comments by: chambrenoire - 01-21-17 11:04 AM  
Photographer: chambrenoire
Thanks again for the nice comments! I really like it too
Comments by: Brad Bireley - 01-21-17 10:03 AM  
Photographer: Brad Bireley
Thanks guys!
Comments by: Brad Bireley - 01-21-17 10:03 AM  
Photographer: Brad Bireley
Thanks Greg! I don't think I'll run out of them to photographed. Most of the ones I've photographed are within 25 miles of my home. There are 100's of miles of State Forest roads here in NC PA that I need to get out on once the ice melts off of them!
Comments by: gb hill - 01-21-17 8:45 AM  
Photographer: Brad Bireley
You never will run out of these hunt camps to photograph will you? I like the small windows. Whats left of the siding looks like asbestos. Reminds me a bit of my late grandma's house. No the asbestos on her house didn't kill her & neither did all the snuff she dipped.
Comments by: Michel.Roth - 01-21-17 8:36 AM  
Photographer: Michel.Roth
Thanks a lot guys
Comments by: gb hill - 01-21-17 8:36 AM  
Photographer: Brad Bireley
Comments by: Mlehrman - 01-21-17 7:40 AM  
Photographer: Brad Bireley
Comments by: Pentode - 01-21-17 6:18 AM  
Photographer: bushwick1234
I just came across this photo and knew it was in the 30s before I read the comments. A wonderful reminder of NYC's lost districts. Great shot.
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