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Comments by: lynnb - 05-24-17 8:24 PM  
Photographer: jusxusfanatic
Certainly a unique approach to framing with a TLR
Comments by: raid - 05-24-17 12:06 PM  
Photographer: PaulCooper
Is this sandstone? Beautiful.
Comments by: dotur - 05-24-17 8:29 AM  
Photographer: dotur
Thanks, Kostya!
Comments by: Ko.Fe. - 05-24-17 8:14 AM  
Photographer: dotur
Only now I get it
Comments by: Ko.Fe. - 05-24-17 8:13 AM  
Photographer: dotur
Comes as symbolic with British flag.
Comments by: dotur - 05-23-17 10:00 PM  
Photographer: dotur
Thanks, Doug!
Comments by: Doug - 05-23-17 6:42 PM  
Photographer: dotur
Great catch!
Comments by: Doug - 05-23-17 6:41 PM  
Photographer: dotur
Hmmm, various figures to examine!
Comments by: randolph45 - 05-23-17 6:40 PM  
Photographer: jcrutcher
Saw something similar in Calif. A natural gas powered pickup with a clogged relief valve over-expanded the tank on a hot day resulting in rupture of the tank.No fire,but the frame rails of the truck were flattened to the ground under the tank location O--|__|--O like this.
Comments by: Doug - 05-23-17 6:39 PM  
Photographer: PaulCooper
Interesting textures and color changes...
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