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Comments by: tigerphil - 03-25-17 2:38 PM  
Photographer: Joao
Agree with Richard. Much more to this one than two chairs
Comments by: barnwulf - 03-25-17 2:27 PM  
Photographer: tigerphil
Very nice Phil. It has a dream like quality to it. - jim
Comments by: Doug - 03-25-17 1:34 PM  
Photographer: Robert.M
Some curious discrepancy between his casual dress and the fancy accommodations...
Comments by: Doug - 03-25-17 1:31 PM  
Photographer: Mark Schretlen
I'm struck immediately by the semi-symmetrical elements, nice pairing.
Comments by: Doug - 03-25-17 1:28 PM  
Photographer: lynnb
Yes, it appears the nature of this meeting is being worked out...
Comments by: Doug - 03-25-17 1:26 PM  
Photographer: Doug
Comments by: Doug - 03-25-17 1:24 PM  
Photographer: Doug
They started off with this serious story-dance, then went on to happier times.
Comments by: Ko.Fe. - 03-25-17 11:14 AM  
Photographer: jon_flanders
And again!
Comments by: brainwood - 03-25-17 11:05 AM  
Photographer: tigerphil
Wonderful quality to this image, a real glow about it
Comments by: Joao - 03-25-17 9:25 AM  
Photographer: Joao
Thank you p. giannakis, lynnb, Richard G and functus.
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