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Comments by: JHutchins - 02-22-17 12:29 PM  
Photographer: lynnb

Nicely done
Comments by: JHutchins - 02-22-17 12:27 PM  
Photographer: Ko.Fe.
No, no, it was a great idea! There isn't much that's quite as pretty as ice
Comments by: JHutchins - 02-22-17 12:26 PM  
Photographer: JHutchins
Comments by: JHutchins - 02-22-17 12:26 PM  
Photographer: JHutchins
Thanks -- that really was meant to be the theme of this session. After a bad marriage that undermined her sense of her own attractiveness she'd started doing a series of self-portraits to sort of get comfortable with herself. We were talking about them and I suggested that given how angular her face was she might want to explore using shadows and that she could reveal herself more, really, with shadows so that's what we were trying to do.
Comments by: JHutchins - 02-22-17 12:03 PM  
Photographer: JHutchins
Thanks. It's maybe interesting that the other one you liked was the very first shot of the session and this was three hours later -- not the very last shot but next to last. And that definitely made a difference -- I've never really done this before. I mean, I've done portraits but only just three or four minutes with the subject and a few frames. This is the first time I've ever done a long session with one person stretching over hours where we explored all sorts of ideas. And it was the same for her. It was a strange and intensely intimate experience for me and I think that made a difference to the last few photos.
Comments by: Doug - 02-22-17 10:34 AM  
Photographer: Rangefinder 35
Lovely colors!
Comments by: Doug - 02-22-17 10:33 AM  
Photographer: Ko.Fe.
Hmmm, turning on that sprinkler in freezing weather wasn't such a good idea!
Comments by: Doug - 02-22-17 10:32 AM  
Photographer: lynnb
He's got you pegged! Good dog...
Comments by: Doug - 02-22-17 10:28 AM  
Photographer: Doug
Thanks! A "riot of color"?
Comments by: Doug - 02-22-17 10:27 AM  
Photographer: bushwick1234
Expression of dismay?
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