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Comments by: Richard G - 06-23-17 4:50 PM  
Photographer: Baby of Macon
What Doug said.
Comments by: bushwick1234 - 06-23-17 2:33 PM  
Photographer: dotur
Prost, Ivan!
Comments by: Doug - 06-23-17 1:20 PM  
Photographer: Baby of Macon
Faceless portrait! I like the graphics.
Comments by: raid - 06-23-17 1:14 PM  
Photographer: Baby of Macon
What a wonderful image. Well done.
Comments by: Doug - 06-23-17 12:57 PM  
Photographer: bushwick1234
Simple composition with adequate context, we can see the story.
Comments by: Doug - 06-23-17 12:44 PM  
Photographer: Harry Caul
The upsweep of the limbs and float device connect with the joyful expression!
Comments by: Doug - 06-23-17 12:31 PM  
Photographer: Doug
True, fewer cars on the streets, but they do get tangled up with a mix of old cars, motor or pedal bike taxis, scooters, pedestrians, bicyclists, passenger trucks and buses! Pics coming soon to illustrate some of this in Trinidad.
Comments by: Doug - 06-23-17 12:25 PM  
Photographer: Doug
Thanks guys, it's interesting to see different living styles.
Comments by: Doug - 06-23-17 12:20 PM  
Photographer: Doug
Thanks... ah, young love!
Comments by: PaulCooper - 06-23-17 11:18 AM  
Photographer: Doug
Love this one. The view through the iron work, makes it look almost like painted glass, Now, if you only had a human figure there...
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