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Originally Posted by flyingpalm View Post
This baby just came back.

Lens looks like a paintjob but i'm afraid not very perfect.....
and the camera has a very strange kind of brassing....
When day is done......

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Usage brassing is near impossible to replicate as it's so irregular. This looks like it's been aged a little. The problem with ageing a repaint is that the brass underneath is always too bright and shiny for the age of the camera that's usually painted ie m2,3 and 4's.
I've only ever seen 2 lenses painted that looked original and they were done by an ex Wetlar employee.
This still looks nice though.
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The lens and camera are both re-painted.
Even it looks exactly like the original, they are still re-painted, no doubt about that.
Lenses come and go

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People, don't "brass" your rig with sandpaper or a nail file. We can tell. Brass it by using the hell out of it. By product: you might become a great photographer.
Akiva S.

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still using FiLm...
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Originally Posted by flyingpalm View Post
This baby just came back.

Originally Posted by JHP View Post

LOVE them BOTH... Beautiful
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Originally Posted by cw1812 View Post
[IMG]IMG_0031 by CW LEE, on Flickr[/IMG]

My M3 finally come back to home

[IMG]M3 by CW LEE, on Flickr[/IMG]
l absolutely love this shot of your M3, love the angle and the fact l had to scroll down ubtil l got to the camera
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For some reason this is one of my most viewed pictures on flickr. Possibly because of the lens attached.

Leica M3 DS (1957) & Voigtlander Nokton Classic 40mm f1.4 by Philip McAllister, on Flickr
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Originally Posted by underlord View Post
For some reason this is one of my most viewed pictures on flickr. Possibly because of the lens attached.
Aesthetically speaking those Zeiss / Voigtländer lenses with the bright chrome hood bayonet do look well balanced on the chrome bodies - more so than on black bodies unless the hood is attached.
Very versatile fast compact lens the 40 Nokton - it took me a while to get beyond all the internet pros and cons ... and just try one ; glad I did - I really like it.
It's the weird colour scheme that freaks me. Every time you try to operate one of these weird black controls, which are labeled in black on a black background, a small black light lights up black to let you know you've done it.
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Originally Posted by menos View Post
modded Leica M7 with wartime 5cm f1.5 CZJ LTM:

L1002204-Leica S2--for_flickr by teknopunk.com, on Flickr
Ahhhhh the Rotring 600 (mine is black and brassing nicely)
We abandon them daily in the wasteland of the past. Because even though I have told you that I am walking to remember, this isn’t completely true - we must embark also on journeys of forgetting. - Paul Salopek

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