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Lord of Broken Toys
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Welcome to the dark slide, er side! I am way behind, my work waits for me. But I must sell all my other cameras first. Slow slogging. Anybody want to buy a Petri Racer?

Best Regards,

Bill Mattocks
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modification for lens of different focal length
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home on the rangefinder
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modification for lens of different focal length

This seems like a good time to display a way to modify the focusing linkage for those who want to use a replacement lens of a different focal length than the original one. The camera on the left has the bellows extension linkage in the original configuration. The camera on the right has been modified for use with a lens of a shorter focal length. Both cameras are set to infinity. Modifications to the camera on the right: The lensboard was removed from the struts and material was removed from the top to allow mounting of a better lens and shutter. A pc flash connector was also added to the lensboard at this time and later electrically connected the the flash contacts of the shutter. The new lens had a focal length of 90mm as opposed to 114mm. With the orginal set up, the bellows would not retract enough to focus at infinity with the new lens. The struts were shortened by removing material at the outboard end. The pivot point was also changed on the lens board. I temporarily installed a groundglass at the film plane and the lens was focused at infinity with the struts diconnected from the lensboard. New holes were drilled in the lensboard and modified strut ends, to retain the assembly at this position. The focus scale was then recalibrated for this modified linkage. A viewfinder off a Polaroid J66 was installed and oriented to match the groundglass image.
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Lord of Broken Toys
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That is some really intricate and detailed work! I'm in awe, I doubt my attempt will much more than a hatchet-job - I'll be lucky if it doesn't leak light. But I'm inspired by watching it.

Best Regards,

Bill Mattocks
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One of the machine shop programs running right now where I work is producing "scrap" aluminum plates that are 1/4"x6.25"x7.25". When I saw them it occurred to me that they were about right for the outside dimensions of the adapter plate I would need to make to mount the Omega film back/groundglass assembly to the camera body. And it would be free. They have a 3/4" hole near the center of the plate but that section would be milled away anyway.

But it ain't gonna' work. I just measured the Omega back and although I could make a plate that would just slip inside the back for a light seal there would not be enough material to make the sliding lock mounting system I want to use on the project. I want to leave the Omega back free to use with both cameras so the mount system has to be non permanent.


I don't have the 250 yet so I don't know if the surfaces that are left after cutting away the back are sturdy enough to mount a locking system on them instead. Or if that is even possible.

Come on U.S.P.S.
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Is anyone still working on their Polaroid 4x5 conversions? I've only just recently dipped my curious toes into the LF world and went from looking up a Toyo 45CF (shudder) to playing with a Crown Graphic and then to finding out about a certain Mr. Littman and his circus, to now coming back here and finding there are users making their own Polaroid 4x5 conversions.

Needless to say, I'm looking to buy one. I am a street / portrait shooter with not much need for architectural / landscape tilt/shift/swing movements so one of these would be perfect for me. Any options other than Razzle or Eastcamtechs?

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