Leica 90mm T-E-M vs T-E?
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Leica 90mm T-E-M vs T-E?

I'm looking to buy a 90mm 2.8 for my M3 and M9 and currently, I don't want to spend more than $900 for it.
I would like to get a Tele-Elmarit-M but it seems a little hard to find one under 900 currently, however I'm seeing lots of Tele-Elmarit
How does the T-E perform on the M9 and is it worth getting one or should I keep looking on a T-E-M?
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I had the 90mm Tele Elmarit, short "fat" version, and used it on film and an M8 and M9, and the lens performed great.
Can't speak for the Tele Elmarit-M, though I wanted one, could never justify the price over the shorter "fat" version.
I think KEH gets them in BGN condition around $900 though.

Heres a shot from the Tele Elmarit on film.
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I remember a test beiing done by Erwin Puts for the Dutch magazine " Camera Beurs", and his top 4 of Leica 90mm 1:2,8's was:

I had (and sold)a Elmarit 90mm-really loved the lens-but used it not enough...
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I guess you've checked Keh. They have TE-Ms in your price range and Elmarit-Ms for about 1150.

I use the latter on film and it is nothing short of amazing. If one doesn't need f2 (and who does on digital with a 90mm lens?) then the E-M is probably the best lens for the money. That said the TE-M is much smaller.
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I'm mainly looking on the Tele-Elmarit-M as it's smaller and lighter than the Elmarit-M
there's an UG condition TE-M on KEH for $400, I wish I could check it out but returning it from Canada if I didn't like it would be a waste of time and money.
I think I have my mind set on a TE-M and will be making the purchase this friday.

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Good decision on seeking a TEM. It's my preferred M-mount 90mm for a variety of reasons.
I would caution you regarding the potential etching issues a small portion of TEMs have.
Personally I'd physically inspect the lens before handing over my money.
Although KEH has a great return policy, I'd still want to avoid a return if it came to it.

I almost forgot - DO get a proper hood. It can flare quite a bit wide open. YMMV.
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I had the TEM and wish I hadn't sold it. It was barely bigger than my 50 cron (the version with the built-in hood) and gave lovely results. If the raison d'être of the RF system is small, light, and discrete, then the TEM is ideal.
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FWIW, the most recent four pics uploaded to my Gallery here (Fall foliage) use the 90 T-E (fat) that I bought new in 1968... $196 then! Seems to perform well on the M240. If this is the least of the Leica 2.8/90's, the others must be truly phenomenal!

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I am just in love with the rendering from my 90mm Elmarit-M. That lens gave me my first "Ah-Ha" moment with Leica glass. WRT price, I think this lens is one of the better values in Leica lenses.

I just uploaded this shot of a building in Denver to the gallery. It's on Velvia 100 using my M6 with 90 Elmarit-M. I feel there is a molten quality to contrasting edges with this lens. You can click on this image to see the bigger copy in my gallery.

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