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View Poll Results: Smart phones
Yes 117 65.36%
No 62 34.64%
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Old 06-03-2013   #81
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Peter_wrote: is offline
Join Date: Mar 2012
Posts: 496
i dont need a smartphone.

but i just bought an old pda at the thrift store, a psion 5mx pro. and i would like a modern version of it.

a real, pocketable computer with a keyboard. where you can completely decide by yourself what to do or install on it, using ordinary batteries, and having a passiv lighted bw screen.
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Old 06-04-2013   #82
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thegman is offline
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Originally Posted by Keith View Post
I seriously suspect that when my current phone plan expires I'l go back to normal phone ... if they still exist that is!
They still exist, Nokia make extremely basic phones, or slightly basic phones. I decided to get a slightly basic model, one of the Asha models, and I really like it. Good battery life, simple to to use, a keyboard as well as touchscreen.

I've been through loads of smartphones, trying to find one I like, but I just don't like any of them really. I used to love palmtops, like PalmPilot, Psion, Newton etc. but the magic is not just gone in modern smartphones, it's buried 6 feet down with concrete poured on top.

I love my computers, but can't find any love for any of the modern smartphones.
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Old 06-04-2013   #83
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ferider's Avatar
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My most important iPhone apps are:

- ForumRunner
- Light Meter
- Maps
- WhatsUp (free messaging with my daughters overseas)

So yes. By now, it would be difficult to live without these. Or conversely, require schlepping around 2 additional devices, at least.

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Old 06-04-2013   #84
Invisible Cities
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I find them fun and helpful a lot of the time, my world wouldn't crumble if I had to go by without them though.

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Old 06-04-2013   #85
Accidental Photographer
Darthfeeble's Avatar
Darthfeeble is online now
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I'm not, they are, I hate that in a device.
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Old 06-04-2013   #86
Jan Van Laethem
Nikkor. What else?
Jan Van Laethem is offline
Join Date: Nov 2007
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I don't have a smart phone and don't need one. Just a normal phone will do, you know, the kind that you use to make and receive calls. Period.

Besides, what is so "smart" about a "smart phone" anyway ?

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Old 06-04-2013   #87
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funkydog is offline
Join Date: Jan 2007
Posts: 224
My smartphone is mainly for connecting to RFF and also for looking at camera pr0n on Ebay. I hate it when people call and want to talk.
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Old 06-04-2013   #88
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Originally Posted by funkydog View Post
My smartphone is mainly for connecting to RFF and also for looking at camera pr0n on Ebay. I hate it when people call and want to talk.
Put all incoming calls into the blacklist ;-)
Buy film,not megapixels!
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Old 06-04-2013   #89
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jarski is offline
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Posts: 2,175
used ignore smartphone cameras, but recently started to think that best camera is the one thats in your hand. no regular camera can beat that.
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Old 06-04-2013   #90
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Why in the world would you NOT like your smartphone?

If you don't like the smartphone camera, don't use it, but holy smokes...we can now carry more stuff in our pocket than we used to have on PCs !!!

I love my cameras but I couldn't get through the day without my iphone!!!
Tom O'Connell

“Dogs are friendly animals. They are very much like people with hair. But they don’t complain and don’t ask for money or a copy of the print.”
- Elliott Erwitt
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