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Tom Abrahamsson of RapidWinder.com It is almost never that an inventor improves on a Leica product so that it is better than the original Leica product. Tom holds that distinction with his RapidWinder for Leica M rangefinders -- a bottom mounting baseplate trigger advance. In addition Tom manufacturers other Leica accessories such as his very popular Soft Release and MiniSoftRelease shutter releases. Tom is well known as one of the true Leica rangefinder experts, even by Leica. IMPORTANT READ THIS: CWE Forum hosts have moderation powers within their forum. Please observe copyright laws by not copying and posting their material elsewhere without permission.

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I followed Tom's daily walks through Vancouver through his daily photos on Flickr. I always thought of him as someone I would really like to meet one day, maybe on a trip out west. I'm sorry I'll never get the chance. My deepest condolences to Tuulikki and all Tom's friends and family.
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A Dear Man and Rangefinder Giant
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Waiting on Maitani
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A Dear Man and Rangefinder Giant

I learned of Tom's passing on the same or next day. As everyone else, I was shocked and saddened.

When Tom attended a LHSA meeting here in Rochester I was able to meet him and Tuulikki for a drink and a nice long chat, along with some other LHSA members. Kodak had not yet released TMY-2, but had given everyone at the event samples, and Tom gave me one of his rolls. His generosity was not surprising, but I was still surprised and very, very grateful.

In November I had purchased three softies from Tom & Tuulikki, and the email exchanges were as wonderful as speaking with them in person.

Tom will be greatly missed by thousands upon thousands.

Tom A at LHSA Rochester by Earl Dunbar, on Flickr
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Oof, my condolences to his family and friends..
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So sad. I have been traveling a lot and have not checked RFF for ages, so I had no idea. My condolences to Tuulikki & family.
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Harry Lime
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I just came across this thread and read the very, very sad news.

I never had the pleasure of meeting Tom in person, but knew him from the RFF and various other sites for many, many years. Tom was always extremely generous in sharing his knowledge and always a perfect and kind gentleman. I will always appreciate his kindness in sharing his seemingly endless knowledge (and patience) with some young and inexperienced 'kid' who fell in love with photography.

My condolences to his wife Tuulikki and the rest of his family. I'm certain he is headed to the big darkroom in the sky with a Leica and endless supply of Tri-X on hand.

Godspeed Tom, we'll miss you, but never forget you.
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I had the pleasure of meeting Tom in person a few years ago when he and Tuulikki visited Japan. We had a good chat over a dinner of Pizza at a nearby restaurant.

Tom was one of those rare and unique persons whose true life was more interesting than many a fiction writer could create for a film character. His passing is a loss, but at least he left the world with good memories (for himself, and for others), and a life well-lived.
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Was shocked to hear of his passing from another thread. My condolences to his family and friends. I've admired Tom prior to joining this community for his work and contributions. Love the idea of shooting a roll of Tri-X in his honor.
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Many of us will truly miss Tom and his amazing knowledge and kindness. Always willing to share what he knew I personally found him to be a wonderful man and resource. His advice to try the Beutler developer during my recent trials of a new film was amazingly prescient and I will always remember his willingness to share.

Rest in peace Tom. You were truly a friend and mentor to many. Thank you.
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Sad news. Condolences to family. RIP

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Bob Rotoloni
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I knew Tom for many years. Spent time with him in Vancouver, Tokyo, Vienna and Paris. Always a gentleman and always made me laugh.
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Travis L.
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I posted this in the Camera and Coffee thread, but it's just as relevant here.
Tom and I taking a much needed beer and pipe break at the LHSA meeting in Louisville 2008.
It's a day I'll never forget.

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Good Man
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Good Man

I have not logged on much, so sorry to see this, from everyone, he was a good, talented and generous man-- hope that can be said for all of us.

We mourn for ourselves--

Regards, John Fleshin
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I am sorry to hear of Tom's passing, his extremely knowledgeable insight into everything camera and photography will be missed.

I had a chance to interact with him (via email) a few years ago when I was a new member of this community and I can't forget how cordial he was in his response to a few of my "stupid" newbie questions. I could feel the excitement that he displayed while talking about cameras.

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I was saddened to hear of Tom's passing. I can well recall reading his contributions and learning so much from them. When I use my rapid winder and soft release I will remember him! My condolences to his family and friends.

Sincerely, Richard
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Originally Posted by Bob Rotoloni View Post
I knew Tom for many years. Spent time with him in Vancouver, Tokyo, Vienna and Paris. Always a gentleman and always made me laugh.
Bob, so good to see you on the RFF, sorry it is this sad occasion. I keep seeing Tom's posts on the RFF and can't believe he is gone.

For those who don't know -- Bob is the publisher of the Nikon Historical Society Journal, and author of the definitive Nikon Rangefinder books.
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Only now did I hear about Tom's passing and really am shocked.
I am so sad for his family and close friends.

Rest in peace Tom, you were a great guy, such a friendly and good natured man, never afraid of a helping someone out with his knowledge.
I will miss him.
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