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CLE Spear parts?
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CLE Spear parts?

If the electronics in CLE stops working, is it possible to use spear parts (shutter button etc.) from the XG slr or others? I read something about this long time ago.
Thanks for any answer.
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The CLE had the XG shutter button - that is the prominent (and wear prone) part where you can plug in the XG equivalent with minor tweaking. Beyond that, much of the similarities are only exploitable by a skilled service technician. Once you break down the shutter or electronics into their individual parts, about 90% of the small parts are common to them, but due to the difference in size, they do not share entire modular components beyond the already mentioned shutter button/time knob - module dimensions and solder point positions are different (and the CLE has a entirely different focusing and AE system in any case).

In a nutshell, a XG is a good source for small parts for the CLE, but it will not supply you with a drop in transport mechanism or shutter. But as far as the most common electronics failure (the wiper contacts under the time knob) is concerned, you would be lucky...
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Joel Matherson
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Originally Posted by fimbul View Post
If the electronics in CLE stops working, is it possible to use spear parts (shutter button etc.) from the XG slr or others? I read something about this long time ago.
Thanks for any answer.
Sorry but its not quite so. Basically the spare parts exchange is pretty much a myth. People get confused that because the XG-1 has a similar non metering manual system that they therefore must share the same internals but they do not. Given the CLE has a unique metering system and matching shutter in order to facilitate that there is virtually nothing interchangeable. The circuit boards of the CLE are singular and unique.

Also it isnt the button itself thats the cause of anything specifically known to go wrong with the CLE. A contact problem associated with the shutter speed dial contacts that see corrosion building up and confusing the cameras electronics that you get what is known as the dancing LED phenomenon. Can the whole shutter speed dial of an XG be fitted to a CLE as a replacement? Yes. Are the the same as a CLEs? No. I have only ever seen it done once but essentially the CLE shutter dial profile is exceptionally low. It sits perfectly flush with the top of the camera. And XG dial is much taller and if fitted to a CLE has a replacement it will sit a fair bit higher than the cameras top. It worked but the camera had become a bit of a Frankenstein.

That said if a CLE electronics go completely, rather than erratic, then its most likely the circuit board itself and terminal. (Unless you have a replacement one)
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