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Vivian Maier Contest Prize: Rolleiflex T
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Vivian Maier Contest Prize: Rolleiflex T


I hope you've all enjoyed the holidays and got some exciting new gear to play with. I've been meaning to post this for a week or so but have a had a busy new year so far.

I received the prize for the Vivian Maier contest just in time to open on Christmas day, thanks to Stephen generously shipping it all the way to Australia. Having only just acquired my first Rollei ('cord Va) a few months ago (with which I took the winning self-portrait on my second roll of 120mm) it was quite bizarre to be receiving a second one already!

At first sight I was blown away by the condition of the body and the fact that it came with a near-pristine original case too. The first thing to do, of course, is to open the hood which has those beautiful folding sides, and the screen is as clear as day.

Then it hit me that everything looks completely different to the 'cord, namely the film crank, shutter release and exposure controls. I started slowly exploring everything and firing the shutter, until suddenly it stopped working and I thought I'd broken it ...but I realised I'd accidently nudged the shutter lock on! The crank makes me nervous compared to the 'cord's cocking system, but I believe it'll be easier to get used to once I load up some film.

I'm simply in awe of Frank & Heidecke for their incredible craftsmanship and how they can have such a variety of mechanics through different bodies but still be so polished on every one. I have to admit, one of my favorite things is the way the front of the case twists and detaches from two of the metal feet on the bottom - ingenious! They are truly beautiful pieces of history.

I'm currently working on a New Topographics-style body of work in a small Australian town I'm temporarily living in. I work a lot of hours in a country pub and despite the 40C/104F temperatures, the Sun just hasn't been shining on my days off to get out and shoot that high-contrast look I'm after with the new Rollei yet, but I'll be sure to share some images from it as soon as I can. For now, I've attached some iPhone photos of the camera itself so you can see how stunning it is.

I'd also like to add that I'm so thankful that this has entered my world thanks to Stephen and those that voted for my image here at RFF. As I've mentioned in previous posts, Maier was the one who inspired me to get a Rollei and start shooting medium format and I took the self-portrait in honour of her self-portrait with the T - It's somehow gone full-circle and the same model has landed in my lap. So I hope you all know how stoked I am.

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It's beautiful Ellen - congratulations! Looking forward greatly to seeing pictures from your new project - be sure to start a thread for it!

warmest (but not 40C warmest, thank goodness),
RFF Gallery
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Congratulations thats a beautiful camera enjoy.
Just some old cameras.
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Erik van Straten
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That is a very nice camera. I am always confused about the different models of the Rolleiflex. I thought that the model "T" was grey.

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Western Australia
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Congratulations Ellen. I hope you enjoy the new Rollei and continue taking photos in the spirit of Vivian. If you work at a country pub you may have some characters to take pics of on location. Late afternoon light can be good in the Oz summer.
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Congratulations, Ellen. I love TLRs and I have a Rolleiflex T, myself. I have gotten some really nice images with it.

Enjoy your new camera!

- Murray
Still shooting film: Medium Format with assorted TLRs; 35mm with manual-focus Minolta SLRs and a Canonet.
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Leica II is The One
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Congratulations Ellen on a prize well-earned!

It was a fun contest and there were many great entries, I'm happy there were so many voters who agreed that your self portrait should win.

Here's to the many more great pictures the Rolleiflex will get you!

Now, out into the snow here to take the dog for a walk...
www.johanniels.com | flickr | instagram
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Congratulations Ellen! Keep on shooting. ;-)
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robert blu
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It's a beautiful camera Ellen and I'm sure in your hands will deliver special photos!
hope to see something form your new project!
have a nice year, ciao

Remember: today is the Day !
from Ruth Bernhard recipe for a long and happy life

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My RFF photos and my albums on RFF
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Richard G
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Congratulations. Didn't realize you were in Australia. Good luck with your project. That's a very beautiful camera.
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Mark C
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I had a T briefly and really liked it. The pictures you posted from the Rolleicord were very nice. You seem to have a natural ability with the TLR so I hope the T will inspire you even more.

I really liked the Rollei a while back and have still have quite a bit of Verichrome Pan stockpiled from the last batch Kodak made, but I lost my TLR mojo somewhere along the line. I was inspired again by the Vivian Maier pictures and story from when those first started appearing, but haven't managed to get back in the TLR groove yet, and see surprisingly few people who do. Maybe when the weather turns here in a few months. We have sun, but -12 C; I'll trade you weather. I should take this as a chance to get my Rollei serviced.

In addition to your winning self portrait, I really liked your alpaca and llama picture.
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Head Bartender
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I'm happy that the Rollei arrived safely and you like it.

It fits you to a T .... couldn't resist.

Put your Rollei to good use and make Vivian proud of you!

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Well deserved! Congrats! You will get used to it in no time
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gb hill
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You deserved to win & hope to see what you create with such a lovely camera. Good light with the project & can I have some of that summer heat. Down to near 4 f tonight.
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In a week when the forum has lost a valued founding member, Ellen's' heartfelt thank you to the rest of us was welcomed. Her winning photo was truly inspired by Vivian Maier and I'm looking forward to more of her work. Congratulations, Ellen and welcome to the forum.
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Richard G
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It is not the meek that inherit the earth, it is the young. Great to have Ellen here and well done for adding such a nice post and thanking those who voted for her, and Stephen and RFF, and generously adding some photos. Rules are rules and her win is in accord with the rules. As to the winning entry: there were no strict criteria. I picked that one of all the girls around the $2 dollar treasures. VM might have taken that. But she did also take a lot of selfies.
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genius and moron
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Shoot well Ellen, and congratulations.
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