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120 / 220 film RF's 120 / 220 format rangefinders including Fuji, Koni-Omega, Mamiya Press, Linhof 6x7/6x9 cameras, Mamiya 6/7 among others, but excluding the 120 folders and the Voigtlander 667 cameras that have their own forums.

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Cheap medium format film RF?
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Cheap medium format film RF?

I was recently looking at some of the slides I took with a Mamiya 7ii & 65mm kit I used to own, and the image quality is just soooo good. I'm kicking myself now for selling that kit. I thought about buying the same setup again, but prices on Mamiya 7 gear have gone crazy since being discontinued, so unfortunately that's out of the question.

So I'm wondering is there any other 120 film RFs out there that would offer similar image quality and shooting experience to a Mamiya 7ii and 65mm lens, but that won't break the bank? I'm thinking around $500 or so. I'm ok with anything from 6x6 to 6x9 and I'd prefer a lens equivalent to 35mm on 135 film (can be fixed or interchangeable). Oh, and the lighter the better, though I realise that may be a tall ask for a medium format camera.
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The Fuji 690 or 680 or 670 will fit you bill. Sure they are big, but no more cumbersome than a Mamiya 7. The image quality will astound you. You can get a Fuji 690 III in Japan for $500. Just keep your eyes open. I had three and wish I had kept one. Just outstanding. Check RFF thread 6x9 only thread. There are alot of Fuji shots there to whet your appetite.
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The Fuji's are awesome. I was gonna suggest the GS645s but it's 645 vs 6x6 or bigger. The lens is super sharp though. Tiny and light too.
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I agree that Fuji is probably the only answer in your price range, unless you want to try out a folder. I too regret selling my M7! Amazed how much the prices have gone up.

Don't ignore 645- the negs can be fantastic and Fuji made great ones and are affordable. 645 is great for making prints as well; uses more of the paper.

I had a Fuji 690ii and don't regret selling it. Compared to the M7 it was a heavy, loud beast! And no meter. Lovely pictures, though.
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Many on another forum I frequent as a Hasselblad user are convinced by Bronica where the glass is shown to be of comparable quality other than the notable Zeiss Hasselblad stand outs.
That is supported elsewhere as well:http://theonlinephotographer.typepad...um-format.html
Of course I am well aware this was posted in a RF section and that this suggestion may be unacceptable for totally understandable reasons.
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nothing beats another mamiya. i went through the same process trying the fuji which does not have a lock on shutter and i ended up wasting film bc it triggers inside the bag or hanging. mamiya 6 is a bit cheaper and works the same. a bronica rf645 or a fuji 645 is closer than the 6x9 cameras.
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Jon, I opted for a GW690III standard 90mm version because they were/are bang for the buck in 120 RF land. Maybe compared to Mamiya but prices alone make it rather unfair and not so valid, IMO.
I think you can very easily get a GSW690 for that price in Japan, even locally. Mine was from Yokohama.

Originally Posted by benlees View Post
I agree that Fuji is probably the only answer in your price range, unless you want to try out a folder. I too regret selling my M7! Amazed how much the prices have gone up.

I had a Fuji 690ii and don't regret selling it. Compared to the M7 it was a heavy, loud beast! And no meter. Lovely pictures, though.
According to specs (quick google) the M7 is 1210 g with the 80mm and the GW690III is 1460g, not that far off actually. I do think that the size of the Fuji, and the different grip, may add heft though. A Nikon F5 with a small prime gets in the ballpark too.

It is large, but actually not that bad thinking about 6x9 and all the stuff involved. However it can often feel quite a bit too much to carry.

Prices never were very low. I recall there was a Mamiya 7II kit listed on the classifields for 400 (yes, yes) but norm prices never below the 1000 mark, 2 years ago or so.

I'd have to try using the GW690 with a VC meter on top. Much cheaper than a M7, GF670 or so.

Then the 645's which I have not been able to try. Fuji's lineup was quite rationalized because at times I find myself thinking I could have a 645 along the GW690. I'd love to be in Japan for the used camera scene.
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I like and own Texas Leicas. I own both a GL690 and GM670. The 100/3.5 are cheap but remarkable. Tessar lens design and when shot wide open and close what bokeh.

The 100/3.5 on 6x9 is like a 40 mm FOV.

These cameras are rather durable and abundant in Japan. Not lightweight though.

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This may sound like heresy , but the Mockba 5 is rather nice ! And if you don't have a Mamiya 7 slide right beside one from the Mockba 5 you may be favorably impressed ! I own the Mamiya 7 , Fujica Gl690 and Mockba 5 , and I'd say the Russian folder has many redeeming virtues . After Xmas , this may be a good thing ! Peter
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If you don't mind having a left handed screwdriver, I have a Moskva 5 that could do with a new home/a bit more use?
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Steve M.
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I guess big is relative. My Fuji rangefinder was in the huge category. Unless you want to lug something even bigger and heavier like a 6x6 SLR (a Hassy is not THAT big, sorta, but it is probably not $500 either) my preference would be for a Rolleiflex, or even an inexpensive Autocord, and just live w/ the small difference between a 65mm lens and a 75mm. An Autocord gives comparable image quality to anything in MF.

For that kind of money you copuld buy a 6x9 Voigtlander RF w/ a Heliar lens, but a knob wind, red window folder is slow to shoot at times, and I am not sure of the lens equivalent.
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i would just get a fuji gs645s if you can stomach 6x4.5.
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