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Hardware / Computers / Drives / etc This is the place to discuss the hardware to keep your digital pics more than just memories.

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Originally Posted by RichC View Post
Lots of moaning! <eye roll>


And what's wrong with auto-updates? ....

Case in point (and a warning to those still using Windows XP): Windows XP is obsolete - it came out in 2002, and Microsoft stopped support 2 years ago (including updates to fix security breaches). So, not only won't a lot of current programs and hardware work but you're far more likely to become infected with viruses and malware. It's no accident that of all the versions of Windows, XP is by far the most riddled with viruses and worms: in one recent instance, 50% of the computers powering a major attack were running XP (http://www.zdnet.com/article/windows...l-these-years/)!

There's lots wrong with auto updates. I can't tell you how many times I had to have my IT staff back out a MicroSoft update that had serious problems. Even after testing them there were many problems that took some time to manifest themselves and had to be backed out.

As to XP there are lots of 3rd parties still supporting it and providing security updates. AVG & Zemana still support XP with effective security products. And Microsoft still puts out a patch or two for XP. The last security patch for XP put out by Microsfoft was on Sep 22 2015.

I have a lot of SCSI hardware & recording interfaces/hardware that will not run under Vista or later so I stay on XP SP3. It would take over $4,000 to upgrade my hardware to Windows 7/8 compatible harware and for a couple of items there is no upgrade.

The people that get viruses under XP are the same ones who get them under Win 7 & Win 8. They don't run any AV software or update it, they click on any link, they open any attachment, they don't run a firewall, and they visit malware sites. As a retired IT person I have spent hours cleaning up Windows 7 machines for friends & family that are far less secure than my XP machines. I run a firewall for my home network and enforce security rules. Windows XP is not obsolete; Microsoft can't make any money supporting it so they spread FUD and try to sell you a new OS. Well, it is obsolete from a REVENUE perspective but it still works just fine.
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