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Nikon RF This forum is dedicated to Nikon Rangefinders: the Nikon One, Nikon M, Nikon S, Nikon S2, Nikon SP, Nikon S3, Nikon S4, and Nikon S3M, Nikon S3 2000, Nikon SP 2005. Plus the ONLY production camera ever made in Nikon Rangefinder mount WITH TTL metering ... the Voigtlander Bessa R2S.

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Old 12-09-2016   #41
Larry Cloetta
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I sold a perfect, unblemished S3 2000 with a Leicatime half case here around a year ago for $650, so there are deals out there.
Somebody here sold a complete S3 2000 kit with the millennium nikkor 50 for around $1200 or so, which was an even better deal. I think I will go drink a bottle of Southern Comfort now to help me forget the fact I didn't buy that when I had the chance.
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My M5s need red dots!
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Crazy price for an S3 2000 reissue.
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My Leica M4-2 Blog and/or
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Now selling Nikon RF gear
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Originally Posted by NIKON KIU View Post
I just saw this.


$748.00 from Japan, plus shipping.

How about that?

Price keeps going lower.

Ok price for body only, but not bargain priced. I have seen 'em that cheap locally several times with a Millennium lens attached.

Lemonsha used camera shop in Ginza has a body only in stock for 80,000 yen ($693).

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I bought my S3 Milllenium (inc. 50mm lens) from Japan for $1250, but it came without the box. I love it even more than my M3 (which had a complete overhaul). As someone earlier said - it is the long focus throw which makes it easier to focus. The lens is superb.

The knurled knob for focusing is rough on the fingers, so I usually turn the whole lens with my left hand.
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.......sometimes i thinks
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I was bitten by the Nikon Rf bug when I went to Japan last year.
Came home with a chrome SP/50mm f1.4 and a S3 2000/50mm f1.4.

Ended up selling the SP and lens and the S3 2000 body only as I manage to purchase a black SP 2005 in a trade + $$.

So now I have a black SP 2005 and its 35mm f1.8 lens and also the millennium nikkor 50mm f1.4. Such a beautiful kit if I may say so myself!

Having said all that.....i am still having some trouble getting used to it though. Changing the aperture is tricky as the lens/focus spins with it. Definitely more comfortable shooting with my Leica M's

Now i don't know whether to keep the nikon and continue to persist with trying to use it or sell it........ as beautiful as the camera is, I am finding hard to justify keeping it as a trophy

First world problem.... I know
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I paid 825 for my S3 2000 in 2014. It came with a non-kit Nikkor-S. Seems a lot now but back in 2014 it seemed reasonable.
Happiness is a flat negative.

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