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Film vs Digital Discussions about the relative advantages and disadvantages of Film vs Digital are important as they can help us understand our choices as photographers. Each medium has strengths and weaknesses which can best be used in a given circumstance. While this makes for an interesting and useful discussion, DO NOT attack others who disagree with you. Forum rules are explained in the RFF FAQ linked at the top of each page.

View Poll Results: Which has more sex appeal: film or digital?
Film has more sex appeal 248 95.38%
Digital has more sex appeal 12 4.62%
Voters: 260. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 10-10-2014   #81
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From my experience, I must say that the ladies pick up with me when I am taking pics of landscape, street, using my Film cams...

They generally find my M3 outfit, with 90mm Elmar collapsible, as well as with my Summicron DR, wayyy more eye-catching than DSLRs...

On the other hand, they tend to say that the Black Chrome Leicas are much "sexier"... ( Why is it that Black colour lends sex-appeal to whatever it uses ? Think : cars, Cameras, Guns, Fashion clothes... ) when fitted with Black Metal lenses, or Metal-nose lenses like the canons FL, or some CVs

At least, this is my experience, in the seaside avenues of Rio de Janeiro..
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Old 11-21-2014   #82
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A few days ago in front of the entrance of the corncircle museum: opened the back of my F2 & dropped in a roll of Tri-X. The guide mentioned: "Uh - ya'r using a genuine Camera!?
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Old 06-06-2015   #83
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I dunno about digital vs film, but I can tell ya: lens caps are not sexy. Not a bit. Making a man or woman look interesting and engaging? Now, paisan, that'll do. There's a sexual revolution in your pocket, if'n ya wannit. Yer smartphone. It's got a camera on it, doncha know. And you can send a cool photo of what ever floats you to your intended. Like right now.
Guy, I know, LF photographer. Even older than me. His only crime would be to say no.
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Old 07-24-2015   #84
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It's got to be film, if only by default. Phones have made photography so ubiquitous that shooting with them is like breathing or walking down the street. Nothing could be more ordinary, and how could ordinary be sexy? Of course, it wouldn't look very appealing for me to try taking a selfie with my ETRS. The only thing sexy about photographic equipment is in the camera advertisements, especially old ones. There, film wins hands down.
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Old 07-27-2015   #85
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Which has more sex appeal D or F

Depends on what you're wearing
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Old 09-06-2015   #86
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Film guarantees a second date. She will want to see the pics once they are developed and printed. ) Plus, film Rolleis or Leicas are way sexier!
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Old 08-31-2016   #87
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Love this thread!!

Originally Posted by easyrider View Post
Film guarantees a second date. She will want to see the pics once they are developed and printed. ) Plus, film Rolleis or Leicas are way sexier!
If it wasn't for Leicas or my interest in Leicas, this guy (who's interest is also in Leicas) I'm hanging with wouldn't even talk to me right now. Thanks Leica

But I think film cameras are sexier. As a female, I think lugging around a DSLR doesn't make you cute at all. :P
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Old 09-18-2016   #88
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Digital for sure. Fuji X100. A magnet for young women. Ask if I'm shooting film. When they find out its digital they have a relieved look as though I'm not insane and keep right on asking questions.
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Old 09-18-2016   #89
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Originally Posted by Jdi View Post
Digital for sure. Fuji X100. A magnet for young women. Ask if I'm shooting film. When they find out its digital they have a relieved look as though I'm not insane and keep right on asking questions.
Sure, until you run out of juice
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Old 09-18-2016   #90
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Here's my most recent take on the subject:

I get asked WAY more about my cameras when I'm carrying old film gear than with a DSLR. Especially the medium format stuff, and the view cameras.

I figure it this way:

Digital is far more practical than film.

A Honda Odyssey is far more practical than a Lamborghini Aventador.

Practical is inversely proportional to sexy, therefore film is sexier.

Please, call me Erik.
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Old 12-15-2016   #91
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Now that's a great summary!
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Old 1 Week Ago   #92
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Originally Posted by Chris101 View Post
Yeah ... I don't really think I'd want to have sex with a camera. Being of a certain generation though, I suppose I should try it once first. Anybody got a 'how-to' article?
If you take the lens off you get an easy-to-reach hole. You shouldn't need much more help than that...

On second thoughts, if you're worried about pergnancy and have no condoms, you could always go through the back door...
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