Lanyard for GR?
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Lanyard for GR?

Hey all,

thinking of buying this lanyard for my ricoh.

Was wondering if you all use one? I'm thinking of it, but am feeling it may get annoying regarding the pocketability and quick shooting aspect of the camera?
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I use the wrist strap that came with the GR which seems roughly the same size as the one in your link. I don't find it effects the pocketability of the camera and it is small and unassuming when it is on my wrist and it gives a sense of security that I won't drop the camera.

It is however very awkward when you meet someone and they want to shake yor hand. It happened at least five times last night. With strap attached to my right wrist I held the camera with my left hand and shook with my right. Very Sauve.... Lol
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I bought a pack of these for a bunch of my compacts, including the GR. I'm very, very happy so far.
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I love these olympus straps. Super light and strong. I put them on everything that takes a wrist strap, even things that aren't cameras.
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I also use the wrist strap that came with the camera. It's handy while shooting and it can be ignored when carrying the camera in a pocket when not engaging in photography. I don't leave it attached to my wrist all the time.

I think the straps shown by the OP in the Amazon link will work nicely. Many wrist straps are too large and become a nuisance when trying to pocket the camera but these look to be a good, useful size.
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I use this one:
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Anyone used the Olympus strap with a heavier camera like an M9?
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