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back alley's In The Bag Joe's quest for the ultimate Camera Bag! So many bags .. so little time ...

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Brian Atherton
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Originally Posted by Rob-F View Post
A few years ago the carry-on travel size was 22 x 14 x 9. I knew they were talking about reducing it to 21" instead of 22." I gather from Joe's post that this has now happened? Or can you still carry on a 22" bag within the USA?
Check out the link below:


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Originally Posted by Bob Michaels View Post
My suggestion is always avoid black or dark blue luggage. So often I am looking at 150 bags of which 140 are black or dark blue.
Then there is that orange two wheel roller and that yellow duffel bag which are mine and stank out from the rest.
That's exactly why I chose my hideous green color Travel Pro carry on.
When I am forced to check my bag it really stands out at baggage claim.

FWIW discounted Travel Pro luggage is available on Amazon and eBay.
IIRC I paid around $75 delivered for mine, brand new.

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My view
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Originally Posted by Brian Atherton View Post
Check out the link below:

very handy site
Akiva S.


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We can always easily spot our bags on the carousel (or being dragged away by someone else!) by the distinctive colorful embroidered patches... tropical fish, sailboats, etc... My wife's bags are red (with patches) but then some other travelers have red bags too.
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Rimowa Salsa polycarbonate. These have no internal frames so you get all of the interior volume, have color that goes all the way through (so if you want, you can polish/sand out scratches - but why bother?!), and are pretty much indestructible. They weigh about 2lb empty for the 20" version.
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fad gadget
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I second the polycarbonate.

Antler makes some nice reasonably priced poly, you can often get it on sale at The Bay.
I travel to London four times a year and had it for 7 years now, still in perfect nik.
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All our crew cases were Samsonite, still are. I had one that was in constant use 5 days out of 9 for 11 years. when I handed it back it still worked including the locks, catches and wheels like it was new. For 4 wheelers look at American Tourister bags which are made by Samsonite. My wife has a couple, small and large and they are great value and last better than other brands. The plus side to Samsonite is the warranty and parts availability.
For my diving and walkabout trips I use a North Face duffle size Large which when needed can either go in the hold or be squashed down and fit the overheads.
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The bag I've used for years, including two trips to Indonesia and a bunch of cross country trips, is my Porter case:


The great thing about this bag is that it turns into a luggage cart. I've hauled lots of heavy equipment used for diving and underwater photography using this bag at the airport. When I pick up my bag(s) at the carousel, I stack my bag(s) on the cart and I'm good to go. No looking around for a cart to haul my luggage since my luggage IS the cart! The Porter Case fits into the overhead and is easy to roll around when you're not using it as a cart. It's somewhat expensive but worth every penny. I bought mine used so did not pay full retail.

For a checked bag, I bought a duffle bag at REI and have been very pleased with it. I usually put the duffle bag on my Porter Case when wheeling it around the airport.


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back alley
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looks tough enuf for lots of travelling...i think i might average a yearly trip, if that...
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