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Olympus 35 SP battery replacement
Old 11-21-2010   #1
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Olympus 35 SP battery replacement


Just got a mint Olympus 35 SP on the net and having it CLA'd. As far as the meter goes does the MR9 adapter with silver oxide 386 cell do what it is supposed to and exactly replicate the voltage of the old PX625 mercury battery? Will I have to get the meter recalibrated? thanks

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I use an MR9 adapter with my cameras, and it has a built in resister which steps down the voltage to 1.3 volts. Even if you get stuck using a 1.5 volt battery, you can usually compensate for the extra voltage by adjusting your ASA setting.

I will try out one of my SP cameras with both batteries and see if/how much difference there is between the two.
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Old 11-24-2010   #3
David Hughes
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And the Wein cells are 1.35v and seem perfect as a middle price replacement for the old mercury ones. I use them in several cameras including the Leica CL.

Regards, David
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John Hermanson
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The 386 battery is 1.55v silver oxide. The diode in the MR9 drops the battery voltage to the correct level. John
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My Canon GIII happily munching on Wein Cells....
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My Canon GIII happily munching on Wein Cells....

As did my Oly 35SP.... I think the number is Wein Cell MRB626, readily available on eBay at about $5 per. You get a twofer pack at this link:


When I know the camera is going to be sitting for a while, I pull the battery out and tape the air holes shut to prolong the battery life.

Correct voltage and flat voltage curve for the life of about 6-9 months.

I always have 2-3 in the drawer. Been using these for many years in my "used to use mercury 625 @1.35V" situations.

My GIII sitting right next to my monitor as I type this, with a big smile.

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