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Voigtlander VC II Meter on Yashica Lynx 14e
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Voigtlander VC II Meter on Yashica Lynx 14e

This meter is just terrific.

But, the hot shoe position conflicts on the Lynx 14e. I need to raise the meter 1/4" or shift it to the right. Here's the situation; the meter sits too low and conflicts with the rewind knob.

Is there any gadget to do this? Or do I need to make something myself? (I'm aware of the VC II option to mount the shoe with alternate screw holes. That doesn't move it enough.)

I am willing to remove the meter to change film.

More: Same problem but not as bad on the Canon QL17 iii. VC ii meter fits perfectly on the Minolta Auto S2.
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