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Originally Posted by coelacanth View Post
Chris. I remember you felt Color-Skopar 35mm you got from me was too crisp too contrasty. I sold the lens for the same reason, but Ive got another one for the time being and thinking about C-Biogon.

How does C-biogon compare with Color-Skopar? It's hard to see this from scans on computer display, you know? Probably you haven't got time to print yet, but looking forward to your opinion.

The C-Biogon is contrastier than the 35mm Summicron version IV that I had before but not as contrasty as the 35 Color Skopar. Its about the same as the current 50mm Summicron, which I have, so I think the 35 C-Biogon and the 50mm Summicron go great together. The C-Biogon has less light falloff at the edges than the Color-Skopar too, which is nice. Overall I like the C-Biogon a lot more than the Color-Skopar.
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