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Huck Finn 02-22-2006 16:26

I have asked our esteemed moderator to put a sticky on this post so that it will automatically show up at the top of the list on the Zeiss Ikon forum. While many of us may know of Mike Elek's Zeiss Ikon blog, our membership is growing all the time. So, for new members - & any oldtimers who aren't aware of it - here is the url for Mike's blog in which he record his continuing journey with the Zeiss Ikon:


Let me add a "thank you" to Mike for providing this service. "Thank you's" are the only benefit he receives from doing this.

Huck Finn

yossarian 02-22-2006 17:00

I spent about 20 minutes sampling Mike's blog just now. Whether you have the hope or plan of owning this camera or, like me, can only dream about it, see what
he has done here. This is exemplary work, and I must thank Mike for creating it
and HuckFinn for bringing it to my attention.


kram 02-23-2006 13:57

Mike's ZI blog is the best camera blog I have come across. High lighting its presence is a good thing.

Huck Finn 03-04-2006 06:52

I have written a fairly lengthy technical piece to summarize & save the research about the ZI that I have posted from time to time. Mike Elek has graciously agreed to post this on his blog website so that it can have a home. I have called the article "Inside the Zeiss Ikon" & it can be accessed under "Other Comments" on the home page or in "Other Views" on the ZI Blog page. I expect that Mike would welcome contributions from others. The url is http://elekm.net/zeiss_ikon.

Thanks to Mazurka for encouraging me to do this. :)


ZeissFan 03-04-2006 07:55

Absolutely. If anyone wants to send me comments on the camera, please contact me.

XXXGRAPENUTSXXX 03-04-2006 08:06

I'll be perfectly Honest Here......I haven't seen that many photos on that blog that are superb....Shot after shot of Mundane stuff. Start shooting some photos that are Class A. After all....you have a Class A Camera.....Let's see some "great" shots now. Enough with the Mundane.....Anyone else agree?

grantray 03-04-2006 10:06

What the f#ck kind of comment is that to make?!?

vincentbenoit 03-04-2006 10:14


Originally Posted by XXXGRAPENUTSXXX
I'll be perfectly Honest Here......I haven't seen that many photos on that blog that are superb....Shot after shot of Mundane stuff. Start shooting some photos that are Class A. After all....you have a Class A Camera.....Let's see some "great" shots now. Enough with the Mundane.....Anyone else agree?

No need to own a Zeiss Ikon to take great photos... and conversely.


XXXGRAPENUTSXXX 03-04-2006 11:37

Relax Buddy Boy

Originally Posted by grantray
What the f#ck kind of comment is that to make?!?

I'm Expressing my honest opinion.....Go take a look at those shots. They are DOF Studies....Sharpness Studies...etc; et al. I'm merrely suggesting some different shots....

Don't get bent out of shape. Why don't you kick back; Light up a Cohiba...sip a whisky and just Chilllll.

XXXGRAPENUTSXXX 03-04-2006 11:40

PS!!! Grantray. The only "F" word I like is Fahrvegnugen

ZeissFan 03-04-2006 13:13

hey whatever man. that's why i'm not world-reknown. i never lay claim to being an art photographer -- just shooting what i like

not your cup of tea? that's cool. never met you - never will, so no big deal

Socke 03-04-2006 13:28

Mike, your blog makes me want a ZI, too. And Hucks contribution seems to be what people missed in Erwin Puts review of the ZI.

Trius 03-04-2006 13:29

Grapenuts: I think the point of the blog at this point is that Mike's getting used to the cameras and lenses as gear. And the camera was away for 5 weeks for an adjustment of the rangefinder.

Add to that, Mike has a full-time job as a photo editor, so it's not like the blog is his main activity. He even mentioned recently that his schedule changed, so he has a lot less time during good light to get out and make pictures; it's winter where he lives, ya know.

Some of us are just glad he's thoughtful and meticulous in his review of the camera, and appreciate it.

Enjoy your Cohiba.

XXXGRAPENUTSXXX 03-04-2006 14:45

I love the Blog Too....I visit it usually once a week.......And I even have it on my favorites...It's a great site.

Mazurka 03-04-2006 14:46

Never feed the you-know-what!
You should know by now what they look like. Don't bite, guys! I know you can do it! :p

Many thanks to Huck who has obviously devoted much time and effort over my humble suggestion! :) I haven't the chance to read your monograph but I'm sure it will complement ZeissFan's blog (itself also good work) very well.

ZeissFan 03-04-2006 17:13

Actually, I work as one of several editors for a Web site (www.post-gazette.com). During the day, I generally process photos that go up on the site, rebuild the home page and do a lot of advance work, plus edit work of others.

I create head shots for the head shot library that I created for us and pull down and process wire photos that will run on the weekend.

I probably read and write more in a day than most people do in a month.

I redesigned the home page over the summer: five weeks, no staff, no budget -- just me. I designed our Super Bowl promotions for the home page and Steelers page in one day. I designed the PM Business report in one hour. Little tricks I learn at work are put onto my site. And things I create for my site often are used at work.

I write Word VB macros to streamline my own work. I also use Word's Autotext function extensively. I have Word macros that create HTML tables. I've done countdown timers, <IFRAME> slideshows and a small amount of Javascript work.

I can work circles around most people on this planet, and I know it.

Photography is a hobby and a way to relax. I generally take most of my photos these days on my four-block walk into work from the bus or a 15-20 minute out of office break that I take each day. Not much time for creativity, but it's a nice break and it's my time.

My original plan was to be a news photographer, but I lacked the confidence (and apparently the talent) to do it way back when. So I'm on the news side. But that's fine. I've worked at nine newspapers in three states and three countries. In my life, I've lived in 23 different places (a different place every two years) and have visited 13 countries -- give or take a couple. I've lived a pretty damn good life so far. Didn't make it to Egypt, India aor Thailand, which I really wanted to do. But I still have time.

So one person's comments don't really mean that much in the grand scheme of life. It's a lot like the guy who cuts you off in traffic. You get pissed for a moment, but you won't remember him in 10 minutes, because in your entire life, it was two seconds. There are more important things.

Doug 03-04-2006 17:17

This may be a weird viewpoint, but I'd prefer to read others' experiences and information right here in RFF. I don't really have the time or inclination to read someone's weblog or diary. An informative website is different from a blog, in my view. There are a lot of great reference websites out there, and always room for a few more on interesting topics like the new Z-I.

back alley 03-04-2006 17:24

i wish i could maintain that kind of perspective mike.
i try and am succesfull part of the time but i get impacted too easily sometimes and then react without enough thought instead of respond with more thought.

i have a bit more hope for success after reading how you deal with it.


XXXGRAPENUTSXXX 03-04-2006 17:58

Mike Elek....You're a good Man....I'm just trying to say that you should try some other shots.....with your Class A Camera. Make Carl Zeiss Proud.....You've got the talent

XXXGRAPENUTSXXX 03-04-2006 18:01

you can have a little space on your web site; Call it "Grapenuts" This will be where some of your favorite shots will be located. Your favorite shot out of every roll perhaps.

Trius 03-04-2006 18:30

Mike: I honour your work, your effort and your accomplishments. The use of Mickeysoft is a bit disturbing, though ... :p

Grape: Class reply, I agree Mike is capable of producing some great shots with what appears to be a classic in hte making ... it's just a timing thing.

OT: Visited the Atget exhibit at Eastman house today, albumen prints. Not only were those prints (along with more contemporary silver geltain prints by Chris Rauschenberg) wonderful, but when you walk into the exhibit hall there is period Parisian music playing. Wow, it just transported me. I had a pretty stressful morning prior to getting to GEH, so the exhibit respite was just wonderful.


Charlie 03-21-2006 18:48

Mike & Huck,

First off, many thanks to Mike and Huck for their comments on the ZI. After months of sitting on the fence, I ordered a ZI and 28mm from popflash.photo last week. First impressions are nothing but great. I don't want to echo what everybody else has written but the camera seems made for someone who wears glasses and likes to shoot with a 28. Easy to focus and easy to frame a shot. The designers took great pains to build a camera that is simply a joy to use. Took it to Oaklawn Park, a thoroughbred race track in Hot Springs, Arkansas, over the weekend and shot a roll of people shots on Fuji 800 film. Can't wait to process the film!



Huck Finn 03-22-2006 03:39

If you think you like it now, Charlie, you'll like it even more as time goes on. I spent the weekend with friends of mine in Vermont. She is a professioanl photographer & immediately wanted to look at the ZI when she saw me taking some shots. She immediately put it up to her eye. She couldn't believe how bright the finder is & how easy it is to see with it. By the way she never expressed any interest in things like the color of the camera, perceived build quality, etc. She just wanted to know how good it is at taking pictures. Enjoy!


billsr 04-10-2006 21:33

Hey, Grapenuts!
xxxGrapenutsxxx, Just try taking some stunning pictures in beautiful Downtown Pittsburgh in the dead of Winter and let us know how you make out. I think Mike Elek has done some remarkable work, considering the working environment! Bill

shadowfox 10-27-2006 10:39

Hi Mike,

Thanks for introducing me to the difference b/w Zeiss and Leica cameras (i'm newbie to rangefinder and my first one is the mini-mighty Olympus XA :)

I like the Kodak Gold 200 set, but the bokeh on the Basketball Hoop shot is kinda 'pattern'-ish, i was surprise looking at it, I thought 'wow... if that's what that expensive camera produces...' but then I look at the Rusty Fence shot, and I like that one a lot.

So good job, one thing that street photography has taught me is to look for good things even in the most ordinary scenes captured on film.

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