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  1. Why have you sold your M9
  2. Leica-R 28mm Schneider Super-Angulon PC on an M9?
  3. M9 for 5100.00
  4. Would you buy M8 with cracked LCD
  5. New M9 Sensor Dust
  6. show your well worn m8's, do they exist and where
  7. Native ISO's on M9?
  8. Canvey Island (with Leica M8.2)
  9. Fewer shipwrecks must be a good thing?
  10. Luigi Half Case/Thumbs up users
  11. M9 basic lightroom conversion
  12. Zeiss 21 finder, can you use the whole thing to frame 15mm?
  13. What was the First Lens that you used on the M9?
  14. How necessary are the IR filters, really?
  15. Luigi case review!
  16. Which soft-release for my M8?
  17. M8 And Three Lenses Found....!
  18. M9... Black or Steel Grey?
  19. Thumb Up cause problems on your M8 or M9?
  20. M8 and Auto-ISO
  21. M8 crop factor...
  22. Off Camera Wireless Flash Trigger Advice
  23. MS Optical Perar 35/3.5 Super triplet help... from actual owners.
  24. Too good to be true?
  25. Anyone using converted Contax G lenses on their digital RF?
  26. Fellow friends: which tele lens for my M8 do you recommend?
  27. Well I have done it
  28. Good M9 price at Vistek?
  29. Anybody got their M-Hexanons 6-bit coded?
  30. Zeiss 25mm coding problems
  31. elmarit compatibility with m8
  32. Visio III on an M8.2
  33. Thinking about buying a second hand M8
  34. In Love Again - Leica M8 in Philippines
  35. 6-bit coding of 35/f1.4 Summilux 11860 and 135/f4.0 Tele-Elmar
  36. Polarizer & IR Cut filters on M8
  37. Leica m8 & Cron 28 Asph: Copenhague and Malmø
  38. Random M9 Questions
  39. Rollei 40mm F/2.8 HFT on a Leica M8
  40. Which 28mm would you suggest for the M8?
  41. Photo retrieval software for SD card
  42. M9 jpegs?
  43. Delkin Chargers
  44. Leica M8 and Vietnam
  45. can't find user M8
  46. Searching for a compatibility list
  47. M9 Card Unreadable
  48. New Firmware Coming for M8 & M9
  49. Another Sunday in the Zoco
  50. Best 21mm for M8 (coding...)
  51. official coding thread
  52. M9 IR vs M8
  53. Somehow I bought an M9 today
  54. My first leica shot :) M8U
  55. A few shots of Malaga Street.
  56. M8/M9 IQ vs. D300/D700
  57. A rattle noise coming from inside the leica m9 or M8?
  58. IR cut filter on M9
  59. Which Noctilux version...
  60. M8 dust under/between display!?
  61. Please turn M8 'Protect' button into 'ISO' button. POLL.
  62. M9 and CV 90/3.5 Lanphar
  63. LeicaGoodies Sling strap is awesome!
  64. Brand New M8 Anti Panda
  65. Buying an M9
  66. Which 35mm's to keep with M9?
  67. Photographer VIDEO Profile: Craig Semetko on the M9/MP and his work
  68. M8/M8.2/M9 infrared shooters...
  69. SpiderHolster -- Probably stressful, yes?
  70. M8.2 shutter not recocking
  71. Margaret Atwood with M9 and Canon 50/1.2
  72. High ISO on M9 better than m8.2?
  73. Buying at M9 duty free
  74. Found iPad app to develop DNG files
  75. Exif Data on 6-Bit Coded Lenses
  76. For My M8: Jupiter 3? I love the look of this lens, especially for the price!
  77. Hexanon 50mm 2.4 collapsible on a M8
  78. Summilux pre-ASPH on the M9????
  79. M9 Titanium Style growing on me. I am beginning to like it.
  80. Nokton 50mm/f1.1 Review on the Leica M9
  81. Switching from Ultron to Biogon? (Battle of the 35mm)
  82. M8/M9: If you had to just pick 2 lenses, which ones?
  83. Anyone reattach their LCD cover?
  84. Sunday morning: a serie
  85. I did it: M8 gone, M9 arrived
  86. Strange request?
  87. M8/9 owners: Show us your 50mm Jupiter 3 bokeh!
  88. Margate with Leica M8
  89. In Search of Codes
  90. Street shots with M8 with 28 cron asph (6 bit)
  91. M8/9 users: How well does the Contax to Leica adapter work for you?
  92. M8.2 value increaseing a bit recently?
  93. Canon 100/2 on M9
  94. CV 15mm f4.5 on an M8
  95. My M8 has a new lens: A Jupiter 3 Kiev/Contax mount.
  96. Holy Week Madrid
  97. M8 as a dedicated B&W camera
  98. Leica M9 with a Pair of Noktons
  99. Quick Question re 50 DR
  100. Had my first encounter...
  101. M9 experience day at Leica Mayfair.
  102. Holy Week in the suburb
  103. Help me choose a 35mm !
  104. For M9... 50 lux v2 or cron v5 ?
  105. Summitar Help
  106. People on Bali and Lombok with Summicron-C 40mm
  107. Some IR with M8
  108. Leica i9
  109. New user of M8
  110. Ltm 6-bit
  111. Taking the plunge !
  112. M8/M9 owners: Show us some 35mm f1.2 Nokton Bokeh
  113. Leica 28mm Elmarit-M ASPH Loose / Play?
  114. Where is the serial number on the M8.2
  115. Thinking about buying M8
  116. migrating to m9...
  117. The First Digital Leica
  118. M8 Jupiter 3 problems
  119. How to clean an IR cut filter?
  120. My 1 week old M9 crash :(
  121. Awesome bag for rangefinder kit!
  122. US M9 warranty?
  123. M9 Framing error ?
  124. bnib m8
  125. Summilux 50mm problem at infinity?
  126. Fill flash with M9 - Help!
  127. Canon or Hexanon 50mm?
  128. Leica M8 - battery life
  129. Used M8 how many shutter actuations.
  130. M9/Summilux OR M8/Noctilux
  131. Artic Butterfly ???
  132. ''*Frakenrig''
  133. value of Elmarit-M 28mm v1
  134. M8.2 Hi-ISO: Hey! It's not so bad!
  135. Are we finally there?
  136. Leica M9, High ISO 2500 and 1250
  137. Leica 135mm on an M8
  138. City Fair Madrid/ Spain
  139. don't you think its time?
  140. Fastest / Most reliable SD Card for M9?
  141. sell complete Nikon Kit for M9 and Lens ?
  142. M8 good enough?
  143. M9-P or Digital MP hasn't been posted yet?
  144. Coder Kit
  145. Low Contrast 50mm Lenses for M9
  146. Why I added M9 to gear
  147. Leica 28mm f/2 Summicron focuses past infinity?
  148. Some M9 snaps
  149. Are these spots flare?
  150. More M9 NYC snaps
  151. Which Arctic Butterfly model?
  152. Possible simple fix for Leica M8 magenta black
  153. M9 and Broncolor in Ethiopia. (2 images)
  154. Why does the shutter speed display so blurry?
  155. m9 titan framelines window...
  156. Waiting for Obama (M9)
  157. Got my M-Coder kit
  158. More Manhattan snaps (M9)
  159. Pixelated images
  160. Lost Leica M8 and Summicron 28mm in taxi, Brighton UK
  161. M8 with 40mm lens / framelines.
  162. What's a "Half Genuine Leather Leica Case" M9 - Ebay
  163. VC 75mm F/2.5 review and images!!!
  164. Leica rangefinder patch
  165. Hanoi Chic - some M8 shots in Hanoi
  166. Optimum cost vs. benefit M8 memory card speed
  167. 24mm Lens on M8/M8.2 with eyeglasses
  168. Cornerfix Profile for Voigtländer 15mm M39 and M8
  169. M8 battery question
  170. Calgary snaps
  171. super angulon nervous
  172. M8 in NZ
  173. HDR High Dynamic Range pictures
  174. Show me your Leica with half case?
  175. Budget Flash for M9
  176. How to get a Summilux 50mm F1.4 ASPH regular price?
  177. M9 & Hektor 5cm f2.5-First shots!
  178. has lousy high ISO prevented what fast M lenses can really do?
  179. Can I see some wide open shots from a M9 w/ 28/2.8 Elmarit ASPH?
  180. M8 with CV15 M-mount in South Vietnam
  181. Lloyd wrote a letter to Leica AG...
  182. My Biggles and Gimlet Collection
  183. New Firmware 1.162 for M9 released!
  184. Buying an M8 - shutter actuations
  185. My newest video: Tunisie libre
  186. Fast AF Rangefinder, possible?
  187. Problems with image quality of sensor M9
  188. Upcoming M Speical Editions
  189. Got a call from my dad..
  190. Are all black M8s and M9s black paint?
  191. Some shots with the M8
  192. Geil !
  193. M9-p
  194. M9-p, its official now
  195. Summicron 35mm pre-asph
  196. Leicas plan for 2012 Photokina
  197. Breakthrough Sensor may impact ALL future cameras (M digital?)
  198. Breakthrough Sensor may impact ALL future cameras (M digital?)
  199. Nokton 50mm 1.5 vs Zeiss Planar 50mm f2
  200. M8 Firmware 2.014 released
  201. M9-P: That was quick...
  202. Colors of Paris - 8x 1024px | M8.2 | M9 | 35/1.4 | 50/1 | 135/3.4
  203. Pet Cemetery
  204. M8 coding / cyan drift with 12mm Voigtlander
  205. Video #spanishrevolution
  206. Image quality comparison of M9 vs D700
  207. Getting the M9 itch again... somene talk me out of it.
  208. Confused about metz 34 cs-2 digital flash on M8
  209. "Sporting a similar build to the nostalgic, retro cam chassis of the Fujifilm X100...
  210. DIY leica M8 pinhole
  211. Which old lenses can,t be used on M8?
  212. M8 arrived today, what now?
  213. Any word on the new Voigtlander 35 1.2?? Where is it?
  214. M Coder Wheel for coding NON Leica Lenses
  215. Another one of those "I've got a Leica" threads...
  216. Firmware 2.014 - "Optimization of internal processes"
  217. Bella Napoli with M8
  218. Zeiss 25mm or 28mm on an M9?
  219. A Request of an M8 Owner
  220. M8 black and white high iso v Fuji X100 and film
  221. Firmware 2.014 tried
  222. Do you shoot RAW or jpg with your M9?
  223. Zeiss 21 f2.8 or 25 f2.8 on M9
  224. Heliar 12mm II blur only on right edge of M8
  225. Lost your M9 and two lenses?
  226. MP or M9 ... Help me Decide!
  227. Does M9 have live view ?
  228. can an M9 be tethered ?
  229. M8 dng files - can someone send me some?
  230. Lightroom and shutter actuations
  231. MS Optical Perar 3.5/35 question
  232. Final lens I promise (maybe)
  233. 21mm Super Angulon 3.4 and M8
  234. M9 described as EVIL and REFLEX.. kind of insult ?
  235. M8.2 and Zeiss 21mm in Centro Dir. Napoli
  236. One 50mm for M9
  237. How quiet is the M9?
  238. Good resource for M8 image examples?
  239. Brand Spankin New Black Leica M9-P
  240. First Day with Leica M9
  241. Photography in Sao Paulo
  242. Leica Elmarit 21mm pre asph on M9 or
  243. New Leica mirrorless camera coming
  244. Fair price for the following lenses?
  245. M9 Street photograph in St Pancras
  246. Is Leica for me?
  247. Cost of Leica M8 total sensor replacement?
  248. 35 Cron ASPH on the M8
  249. How difficult is it to focus a 75mm summarit on an m8 / m8.2
  250. Screen-less fantasy M9 project, comments are welcome and appreciated!