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  1. stupid M9/digital question
  2. Leica M9 - 4900 in the UK.
  3. When is earliest release on 9/9?
  4. the real question: when will RFF create an M9 section?
  5. Leica M9 Prices prediction
  6. M9 concerns.
  7. Very happy new M8 owner
  8. Rockwell and the 'M9 Concept', the big 'M9 losers', finder options
  9. M9
  10. M9 a la carte?
  11. Image corruption
  12. Would you buy M9 right away if the price is $6,999 - $7,500?
  13. Official prices on Pop Flash
  14. does it ring a bell?
  15. Upgrade promises
  16. X1 spec right from the marketing guy's desk
  17. Best M9 price in Europe?
  18. M9 on eBay
  19. M9 Sample pictures enclosed:
  20. M9: 16 or 14 bit?
  21. $6999 for the M9, what about M8 and M8.2 prices?
  22. Y'know, an X1 with an LTM mount
  23. M9 + 35mm Lux Asph Picture
  24. Leica M9 for the middle class
  25. M9 pictures from DNGs
  26. some odd things about this M9
  27. hear me out: different character from FF vs cropped?
  28. M9 in LA
  29. M9.. where is the quite shutter sound?
  30. 1 M8 & 1 M8.U - Which will fund the M9?
  31. Used Leica Lenses value increasing due to M9?
  32. M8 M8.2 prices getting lower already
  33. M10.....?
  34. Any chance of last M8 firmware upgrade?
  35. M9 = M8?
  36. X1 - any provision for a hood or filters?
  37. Leica CEO on M9 quality control & Leica's future
  38. M9: High ISO also Many Different Subjects/Environments
  39. Info: Good price for an Elmarit-m 90mm f2.8?
  40. M9 catalog photoshoot. What did you think of them?
  41. M9 will create depression at the Canon and Nikon booths at Photo Expo Plus
  42. M9 - after the fact...ZMd
  43. M8 or GF1???
  44. Review of M9
  45. Thinking of getting my first Leica, advice on lenses please
  46. Leica M9: Photographers Ditch Dslr Cameras. Amateur Photographer Uk!!!!
  47. Steven K Lee former CEO of Leica, where is he now?
  48. Is this the end of Leica as we know it?
  49. Time to change the category to "Leica M Digital"
  50. M9 review on Luminous Landscape
  51. M9 artificial light & low light metering samples
  52. Leica Lens Rebates How often? When?
  53. UV/IR Filters for M8 - Anyone use B+W?
  54. noctilux F1 "desert"
  55. CV 15mm Super Heliar and M9: Problems reported. Any hope of a fix?
  56. so how will the M9 do with IR?
  57. Leica M9 and TTL Flash
  58. How deep are you in ? : M9 cost to already invested M Lens costs
  59. Leica M9
  60. New member seeking advice
  61. M9 and its high ISO quality
  62. Coding Summicron-c 40mm for use with M8
  63. A couple of M8 questions
  64. Leica M9... Legendary vs Nothing
  65. M8 Lens Code for Zeiss Biogon C 35/2.8
  66. Leica employees & Stephen K Lee
  67. M8 + 50mm Nokton 1.1 + 9/11 Remembrance
  68. So David is the owner of that legendary hair do
  69. M9 Must Watch Video: Luminous Landscape M9 Being Made At Leica Plant
  70. Weekend with the M8
  71. Message for all M8/8.2 owners
  72. Leica M9 Assembly
  73. M9 Launch Event Singapore
  74. live view more useful on M9 than on dSLR
  75. M9 black dot?
  76. M8.2 question...
  77. M9 & Non-Leica Lenses??
  78. Stephan Daniel Video: M9 Product Manager Interviewed
  79. How much are you willing to pay for a M8?
  80. M8 shots after 09.09.09
  81. M8 used as a filmscanner :-)
  82. Setting The Record Straight
  83. Did anyone try m9 with 50mm f/1.1 nokton?
  84. M9 + 50mm summilux or 35mm nokton & 75mm summicron?
  85. 6 bit conversions
  86. Typos in recently-released Leica-M documentation?
  87. How about a video of the making of M9 parts in Portugal
  88. Rare pair: Kodak DCS and Leica M9
  89. Sales numbers for M9?
  90. The M9 and "block busting"
  91. Removing scratch mark on M8 top plate, how?
  92. Anyone use a Cannon 35mm 1.5 on the M8
  93. Save $93,000 on the M9
  94. M8/M9 users that have an Epson 3800. Your impressions?
  95. M9 color aliasing
  96. Leica M9
  97. Most reliable memory card for M8
  98. Design cues and Leica's future
  99. D700 vs. M9, high iso.
  100. Place to view M9/Leica in Los Angeles?
  101. New market price for used M8.2
  102. M9 Noise - another thread!
  103. 6-bit Code for Leica Telyt 135mm f/3.4 APO?
  104. Visoflex users that are considering an M9?
  105. M8/M9/M Users: Leica Lens 3D quality vs. Japanese lenses
  106. Quick question re: Contax TLA100 flash cord
  107. M9 - love at first light
  108. Series VII UV filter for 24 f1.4 'lux ?
  109. Wedding Photography with the M9 and Nokton 1.1
  110. M9, sealed or handled?
  111. quick m9 question - lens setting
  112. That sinking Dollar feeling again! M9 prices?
  113. Leica M9 + 0.95 at ISO 640 and ISO 160
  114. CV 40/1.4 framelines
  115. Will M9 be on the cover of the new photo magazines this fall?
  116. Possibility of converting a M8 to a B&W camera.
  117. Stolen M8 and lenses. What now?
  118. M9 + Leica Lens Kit Questions?
  119. New book - Cuba (M8)
  120. Dust on my M9 sensor already.
  121. Has the M9 killed the Leica film camera?
  122. M8 + 35 + LTM-M adapter
  123. Panasonic G1 with MFT/Leica M adapter
  124. The purchase dilemma.
  125. M9 availability
  126. M9 Review...
  127. M8 Refurbished on Ebay? And used M8 or new M9, what is the better value?
  128. Leica M9 or Hassey CFV-39 digital back
  129. Please tell me. Is the M8 any good?
  130. M8 release?
  131. buy used m8u or m8+biogon28mm
  132. NYC and an M8 in the rain images
  133. Switching from R-D1 to M8
  134. Voigtlaender on an M8
  135. NYC & M8 Night shots
  136. Very interesting auction on ebay
  137. Info: LHSA buy and sell at Seattle meeting?
  138. Just got a M8, banding question
  139. Pixel Peeping Madness!!! What the M8 made me realize.
  140. What happens shooting lenses with UV/IR in place on M9??
  141. M8 Prices
  142. Love that Heliar!
  143. Old lenses on M9
  144. Should I sell my Hasselblad Kit to fund a used M8 and LX3?
  145. Will the new X1 have better quality than the old M8?
  146. A couple IR shots...
  147. R-D1 x M8 highlights & blue channel sensitivity: can somebody explain this?
  148. M-Hexanon 50mm f2 back focusing on M8
  149. M8 and Humidity
  150. How much should an M8.2 sell for...
  151. Need For Speed! Summilux or the Sumicron + Noise Ninja?
  152. M8 and EV Compensation Question
  153. Best hard drive method for data backup for M8/M9
  154. M8 in UK
  155. 35 Lux Vs 50 Lux for my shooting style.. .. (reposting in the right forum)
  156. Which E-SLR to use besides my M8?
  157. I just touched an M9 - CV lenses?
  158. New M8 user with freezing problem
  159. Advice please re Leitz Summicron 50mm DR Lens
  160. M8 files sharper than M9 files?
  161. Which 35mm for the M8
  162. HU: M8 for $1800 in SF Bay Area
  163. Lens suggestions for close focussing on M8
  164. Photo Design Studio closes its doors
  165. Leica M9 just arrived....lens question
  166. Erwin Puts part 5 of M9 review
  167. Recent M8 price on eBay... US $1,089.00
  168. Like catching a falling knife...
  169. I got published! (or: How to finance my M9..)
  170. Want to buy Leica M8, but a bit scared to do so...
  171. The M9 and which Hasselblad kit?
  172. Separate Forum for M9?
  173. Disillusioned new M8 owner
  174. Storage container for Hard Drive (Photo Storage for my M8)
  175. My first street project. "Bangkok 2009"
  176. Extracting and Dragging M8 Files into another file or drive OSX latest version
  177. Gone digital again!!!
  178. My M8 is here.
  179. Handheld light meter
  180. Did I Hear Clearly?
  181. Full Frame M8 with Panasonic sensor? Leica Rumors site?
  182. Petition Leitz for Firmware Upgrade to M8/M8.2
  183. My new Pre Asph Summilux
  184. Focus/compose with fast lenses newbie
  185. Strange purple blotch from M8 pictures
  186. M9/M8 users: Opinions on 50mm Nokton f1.1 vs Noctilux f1.0?
  187. Digital M: tool or toy?
  188. M9 makes cover of Amateur Photographer Magazine UK
  189. M8 - Baseplate problem
  190. Leica M8 Color Profile and Adobe Photoshop CS4
  191. New M8 user, here are some pics with the VC 50mm f1.1
  192. HDRI Photography
  193. My Day At The Drag Races With The Leica M8 ~ Billetproof 2009 Lakeland, Florida
  194. Leica M9 at Photo Plus Expo and other Impressions about digital
  195. Photographing the Dalai Lama
  196. Has anyone seen this picture?
  197. M8: another should I buy thread?
  198. Best vest or belt solution for M8/M9
  199. New M8 owner - cyan corners + other questions :)
  200. What lenses to keep...
  201. Test lenses with M8
  202. M9 Limited Edition engraved with Leica on top plate on Leica Rumors Web Site!!!
  203. Has anyone seen these picture before?
  204. Spare M8 battery recomendations
  205. Even with an M9 Ken Rockwell never changes
  206. Summilux 50 1.4 Asph vs. Noctilux 0.95 Asph vs. Noctilux 1 on M8
  207. M 8 in Limbo ?
  208. Photos of Grey M9 on beach?
  209. Photos of Slate Blue cameraleather on chrome M8 or Grey M9 from back?
  210. Flash system for Leica M8?
  211. software
  212. IR/UV filters M8 from B+W
  213. M8/9 M-grip?
  214. No More Black Dot Leicas!
  215. How do all of you finance your future/present M9 purchase?
  216. M9 Save user profile problem
  217. Are You NOT Using Coded Lenses On Your M8, M8.2 ?
  218. Just bought an M8 - Software Problem!
  219. M8 or Zeiss Ikon?
  220. 'Drawing' of leica's 35 1.4 asph and 24 2.8?
  221. M9 Lenses
  222. Hu-m8
  223. LEICA M9 samples
  224. Noctilux question
  225. M8.2 question... on price.
  226. Pictures from my Glasgow trip, M8.
  227. CLA fo M8?
  228. Erwin Puts on Leica M9 Part 7
  229. Hmm...where (do you think) is my M8?
  230. M9 processor "brain" too slow?
  231. convert color to B&W for M8
  232. M9 file size?
  233. 43mm UV/IR B&W Filter - Chrome Ring Only?
  234. M8 doesn't like to be worked hard
  235. M9 Battery Life
  236. Power Pack option for M8/9?
  237. R U happy with Leica cameras? Poll
  238. Used M9 anyone? Only $10,000!
  239. Likea Leica?
  240. Cannot load Capture One
  241. Best third party battery and charger for m8?
  242. M8 acuations..How do I find how many?
  243. Remotely firing the M8
  244. Post processing old school.
  245. M9 fabrication
  246. Sweet deal on a black m8.2
  247. M8 vs. M9: Apples and Oranges?
  248. Arctic Butterfly
  249. Black or Silver? Poll
  250. Old Leica 50 1.4 on M8