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  1. Why does Medium Format look so different to 35mm?
  2. Help with filter factors!
  3. Your favorite/best filter for B&W photography?
  4. Interesting Zeiss Article about Tessar Design
  5. 21mm lenses
  6. Close up lenses and MFD
  7. When you think 1:1 is fast....
  8. classic optical formula
  9. Cine Lenses - Cooke, Zeiss etc
  10. Acmaxx Lens Armor?
  11. Summitar and Thorium versa Uranium Prints
  12. Super Fast Super Wide is not for rangefinders?
  13. Filters on Single coated lenses
  14. retrofocus lenses and RFs...
  15. Rodenstock vs Schneider vs Pentax Loupes
  16. Lens condition
  17. Lens Coatings and Colour Response
  18. Is this flare?
  19. Does anyone still use shift lenses?
  20. Why use a fast 50mm?
  21. which 21mm cv viewfinder for accuracy?
  22. Post your images taken with a 19mm~21mm lens
  23. Is this Haze, Condensation, or Coating damage?
  24. recommend me a nice slide projector
  25. Crop factor wins again
  26. Why The Plague of Longitudnal CA
  27. Contax G 35mm planar vs Hexar AF lens
  28. "Aperture chameleons"
  29. Rainbow Imaging "Wide Band Fader" adjustable ND filter
  30. Must have software for lens geeks
  31. shooting f4 with misalligned rf
  32. lens mount question
  33. Focus chart for rangefinder cameras (just print and test)
  34. fast flare free 35s
  35. How Many Photons in a Photograph
  36. There's something about the 50mm FOV...
  37. Why convertable lenses (frt interchang / bak fixed)
  38. Lens contrast: does is many any difference?
  39. W/NW 90 mm Minolta Rokkor-M
  40. bronica RF645 lenses not sharp! (diffraction test)
  41. CV 15mm vs. Velvia 50
  42. so I tried to set my RF according to the Nokton 35 and...
  43. HELP! Haze in lens, should I return? Pics inside
  44. M3 with delaminated finder experiment
  45. importance of a lens shade
  46. Filter Question- Yellow and Polarizer
  47. Need help! FotoDiox adapters
  48. What is up with this lens?
  49. Uncoated lenses
  50. It's not sharp...or is it?
  51. Bokeh and wide open performance of Heliars, Planars, Tessars, Triotars
  52. Lens with Perfect Circular Diaphragm stop down
  53. Steinheil-Munchen lenses = dating by serial # ?
  54. The highest quality for cost 50mm's
  55. what are various RF registers?
  56. X ray lenses those Exotic 0.75 and 0.95s KOWA etc
  57. measuring lines / mm at film
  58. aperture blades at 35 mm and MF lenses
  59. F3.5 100mm Canon Lens Formula
  60. Favorite 40?
  61. Should I send this Canon 50/1.8 back
  62. Perspective Distortion of Telephoto Lenses across Formats?
  63. LTM->m mount adapter question
  64. Correcting Distortion
  65. What kind of wide angle lens is resistant to flare?
  66. shaeper
  67. Replacing an Aspherical Element?
  68. Sold 2 lenses, bought 2 lenses
  69. Carl Zeiss Jena 8.5cm Triotar - but what does it fit?
  70. why are f-stops 2, 2.8, 4, 5.6, 8, 11?
  71. Why get such a fast 50mm? 50mm f1.2 vs f1.4
  72. what is the deal with chromatic aberration?
  73. What am I looking at? and how do I find more... (image intense)
  74. controlling perspective with a 28mm
  75. Help with my lens
  76. Can this be fixed (Reasonably) ?
  77. Separation or haze - that's the question
  78. Stuck adapter or M mount ?
  79. What cameras use Series Filters?
  80. LSM (M39) lens on Leica M6
  81. Bubbles or Leica Glow ?
  82. Long Lenses and DOF
  83. low contrast vs high contrast lenses on B&W film
  84. The year is 1954....
  85. diopter question
  86. Leica Lens Making Video
  87. Turret viewfinders
  88. Need Help/Feedback Please: Rear Element-Can this be cleaned up?
  89. 40mm and a 50mm?
  90. focus shift - please explain it
  91. Lens focussing errors
  92. Viewfinders of film P&S cameras: normal vs big
  93. This question pre-supposes the existence of "Leica Glow."
  94. What FL for RF vs. SLR
  95. Zeiss and Schneider designs, same?
  96. Useing my analog lens on my digicam?Is an f2 better than an f4?
  97. Budget Glass Hall of Fame
  98. Tiffen filter why uncoated, any advatage?
  99. Lens decementing and coating damage problem
  100. How is shutter speed defined really?
  101. dust
  102. Mind your Focus Shift...
  103. Hood and filter question
  104. Fixing that old glass
  105. What's your favourite lens on the Nex-5n?
  106. Loose retaining rings in B+W filters
  107. Beginner with Pentax Loupe question
  108. Is this real?
  109. 1:1 Macro Lens on APS-C Sensor
  110. Want to try filters - need a 'for dummies'
  111. Fast old wides for DSLR
  112. Industar-50, Collapsible vs Rigid depth
  113. ferider-adapted smc pentax-m 50/1.4 ...
  114. Review: ferider modified Pentax 50/1.4 in M-mount adapter
  115. developments in autofocus technology
  116. FSU LTM need adjustment for M mount?
  117. Filters
  118. How to Calculate Crop Factor, F-Stops, and Equivalent Lenses
  119. Avenon/Kobalux 21mm pouch?
  120. How far away is infinity? (optically speaking, of course)
  121. Some lenses tested on a Chinese website
  122. Will having camera in gym locker affect lens? Moisture?
  123. 'C' mount lenses
  124. Why is 24/25mm better than 28mm?
  125. Does your Summicron focus-shift?
  126. Flat lens offers distortion free images
  127. What did you do with your high end enlarging lenses?
  128. Fader ND filters
  129. How to figure out flange focal distance? [Focomat 2c]
  130. 15mm vs. 21mm
  131. What if
  132. fotodiox adaptors for EOS EF-M mount
  133. What's better than Autofocus and manual focus?
  134. so How Different/Similar is a Leica R Lens to an M
  135. Which 50mm!?!?!
  136. Do you mix and match your lens brands?
  137. Lens wisdom of the day (the century)
  138. Barry Lyndon Zeiss 0.7/50 write-up
  139. 50mm with character?
  140. why do elements seperate?
  141. why can't you evaluate flare and bokeh in the viewfinder?
  142. Helicoid 13-17mm to short.
  143. What to do with hazy lenses
  144. Lenses for Curved Screen Projection
  145. Does it make sense to replace single 35 with 28 + 50?
  146. ID this mount?
  147. Focus accuracy on film vs. digital
  148. focus shift basic question
  149. Best 21mm lens for infrared photography
  150. 'Front cell' vs 'unit' focussing
  151. Differences in lens characteristics and performance
  152. Elmar Vs. Tessar or why did the Tessar conquer the world?
  153. 40mm lenses: why are they so small?
  154. DIY 35mm lens test on Fuji, Summilux and Summicron
  155. A fuzzy question
  156. Cooke Triplet lens - any for M's
  157. Film lenses and mirrorless digital
  158. sonnars and focus shift
  159. Low Contrast Lens:High Contrast Scene?
  160. Fast Sonnar Clone Shootout - Canon, Jupiter, Nikkor
  161. Radioactive lenses and Geiger counter
  162. Tessar (type and triplet) front element focusing - focus shift
  163. Determining Lens Hood Dimensions
  164. The making of a custom lens mount
  165. how to check for vignetting (from hood/filters)
  166. Front cell focusing revisited
  167. Can I see "bad" bokeh...
  168. has anyone converted their Hexar AF lens to M-mount?
  169. Stepless aperture lenses
  170. Kubrick exhibition at LA County Museum
  171. Soft or Sharp
  172. What lens type causes the "circular" blur/bokeh?
  173. f/22 & f/32?
  174. What dipoter do I need?
  175. Do you try to match signatures with your lens kits?
  176. Crop question....
  177. uv/ir on film cameras?
  178. Petzval Lens
  179. Extending Eye Relief
  180. BBC: The Perfect Lens
  181. Make a correction table for your rangefinder.
  182. Impact of aperture on distortion. I don't get it!
  183. Agonizing about lenses: 4 friends in their 50s
  184. Lens Internal Crack (Delamination)
  185. 35/1.4 shootout - Nokton MC vs SC vs Summilux FLE vs Canon LTM
  186. Colour vs B&W: why is there any difference?
  187. DIY Lens Testing Help
  188. "Rendering" vs Sharpness
  189. Film and digital resolution compared
  190. Best 50mm for f8-f16
  191. About aperture and shutter.
  192. 21mm vs 25mm distortion on a 1.5 crop factor sensor
  193. Vignetting: Is it a dirty word?
  194. Sony Lens Designer Discusses FE Design
  195. Summicron 35mm v4 vs. Asph
  196. Sony Curved FF Sensor
  197. What is going on here? Chromatic Ab? Flare? (Tessar photo attached)
  198. "Who killed infinity focus"
  199. Why is f/2 dimmer than f/2.8 on a Zuiko lens?
  200. Does the glass matter?
  201. the right cement for doublets
  202. "Old" lenses difference for b/w film scans and prints.
  203. Is dust bad?
  204. Speaking about design, what does close to zero distortion imply?
  205. Rangefinder equivalent base length for critical focus
  206. How drastically protected are old lenses' designs?
  207. & normal Pentax K mount lenses compared for bokeh.
  208. Is there a filter that will "create" B+W images on color film?
  209. Is the Rokkor M 90 a scaled down Tele Elmarit?
  210. Bubbles in lens element
  211. Auxiliary Lenses for fixed lens cameras?